Love Conquers All

Marriage is a legal institution between two people to become husband and wife. Basically, It’s a celebration of moments, love and togetherness. However, there must have been a lot of hurdles crossed before this eventually comes to play and this piece of writing has been put together to point at the religion aspect of it and will like you all to sit back and relax, strap your sit belts and journey with me as we look at the possibilities of the coming together of a christian brother and a Muslim sister, who are both dedicated to their respective religion to become husband and wife.

To kick start this engine, I will like us to know that no matter how hard we try to run away from the truth, the fact still remains that Christians and Muslims are one even though we have our different beliefs and ways of doing things and I’ll keep sticking it out to you all because we all were created by the same God and of a common goal, regardless. Allah is God and so is Yisa, Jesus so why the favoritism? The same way the Muslims bow their heads in prayers is the same way the celestial churches do and what if there’s a difference in how the protestants or even the Christians and Muslims in general go about serving their creator, the fact still remains that we all acknowledge and serve one special God and that I believe supersede all.

It is just sad how we all tend to discriminate against one another and to this effect, the coming together of a Muslim and a Christian to live happily under one roof may seem quite difficult to achieve but definitely not impossible. However, I’ve seen a lot of Muslim sisters giving up their religious background and beliefs to become one with a christian brother, embracing his religion and dedicating her whole life to what it stands for, all in the name of love but I’ve not seen or heard of a christian brother giving up all of that to be joined with a Muslim sister to practice Islam and even though I will like to talk more on that but I guess that is a topic for another day.

Apparently, just as there are people who have dedicated their entire life to the practice of Christianity and are worthy of been called Christians, so are there people who are just ordinary church goers and lip coated heaven worshipers and I’m afraid this same scenario plays out in our mosques too, but I’m not here to point fingers to that regard, after all the gospel didn’t say you ‘MUST’ serve Jesus or Mohammed depending on what direction you’re looking from, it only says you’ll be saved through him ‘IF’ you do, it’s a matter of choice, really.

There are different levels of dedication regarding our religious race on earth as I hurriedly pointed out in the last paragraph and would have loved to take a minute or two to quickly straighten that out because with God, it’s either you’re hot or cold, there’s no place within but then of course as I already said, that’s a topic for another day because I’m here to talk about two dedicated individuals, who understands the concepts and have chosen to stay hot, although on a different religious platform and we would be looking at the possibilities of them coming together against all odds to be joined as one in holy matrimony.

Well, it seems like a pretty hard task to achieve considering the fact that they are both dedicated worshipers of their various religion but I know it’s not impossible as anything is possible with love and one just needs to keep his fingers crossed and allow the mystery unravel itself. You know, love conquers all and it’s accomplish-able but on a condition that speaks volume and that is the measure of love they share. Only true love can withstand all the drama that comes with it, otherwise they will soon fade away like a pair of colored shirt washed with bleach and memories of them tossed into the thin air and blown away to be seen no more… Click Link To Continue Reading

Words By Solomon Kolawole Falaiye: Visit My Blog To Read More

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