The magic art of moving on


It feels like there is something heavy on your chest, something that distracts your piece of mind. There is no other feeling like that – what could I have done differently? Was it all my fault? What if I never met those people?

Memories. Pleasant ones turned into ones you want to forget. Forever. Whenever you see that person on your Facebook feed you feel like you have travelled back in time.

Why is that we meet certain people in life that make us question our self-worth? Why do they point out things about our bodies we never noticed before? WHY do they try to make us insecure and WHY do best friends turn into complete strangers?

It is pretty simple – imagine a certain person who has hurt you and ask yourself why are they no longer a part of your life. Yes, you know the answer damn well.

Or maybe you are in a position you are still holding onto someone who shouldn’t really be there? Is that person making you happy OR are can you just not let go of all the memories? Or perhaps, you can’t imagine a life without them. Yes, this is usually the big one. But I promise, I really do – since the moment they are gone, it is a start of something new and beautiful. The start of a new, better version of you.

Holding onto negative memories and people is like carrying dead weight – it makes the journey harder.

Growing up, my mum always made sure I am polite and kind to others, so I have carried this quality with me as long as I remember. The other thing I have learned is that people like to take advantage of that and unfortunately, you are the one who ends up being hurt. You end up in the same situation all over again and you can’t get your head around the reasons why.

Let me tell you the most important thing you have to realise – almost always it is NOT YOU, but them. No, this is not a blame game but just truth. They like to make you a bad person out of the guilt and their disgraceful actions towards you. As long as you stay true to yourself – do not feel upset, because only you know what happened, regardless how they portray you.

So what now?

I had an amazing day with loved ones today and I decided to have even a better day by removing the ‘dead weight’ I just mentioned. So I deleted almost 300 Facebook ”friends”, hundreds on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too. Within years, I gathered almost thousand friends just on Facebook, but ironically, ending up with only 5 real ones. Yes, 5 is all I need.

You are probably wondering – what is the significance of this? It is just social media. But do you ever end up following people who have done you madly wrong or taken you for granted? Do you REALLY want to know what is going on in their lives and like their happy statuses/galleries after the way they treated you?

Removing the guy who said you look ugly in that party, removing that ”best friend” who made out with your boyfriend just the next day after your cried on her shoulder about him and removing all those who always pretended to be your friends but left when the opportunity came. They all HAVE TO GO.

It is worth it

Your journey is about you – do not let ANYONE kill your spark, ever. If something or someone is holding you back from being happy – you know what to do, you know where to start.

It may seem like a silly or small thing to do, but it made such a difference in terms of how I feel. Anyone I didn’t feel good about – they had to go. They are NOT worth even a second of my time anymore, they lost their chance or they just lost my trust.


Overall, this whole ‘magic art of moving on’ has made me reflect on my past choices and situations for one last time before I completely throw them out. Yeah, I literally feel like I have just taken out the trash on a Thursday morning. It might not be so easy for everyone, BUT it is a great starting point. Because the only person who you truly can rely on is yourself. Even though you feel like your best friend or partner is your world – you can’t give people all your trust. Or you can get hurt – it all comes down to your own choice.

Please, believe in yourself and you will be able to achieve everything. Just want it bad enough.


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