49+ Best Martial Arts Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational martial arts quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

Famous Martial Arts Quotes

Boards don’t hit back. — Bruce Lee

Every talent must unfold itself in fighting. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Under conditions of peace the warlike man attacks himself. — Friedrich Nietzsche

I’ve been learning martial arts since I was 8 years old. — Jet Li

No one has the right to beat you. — Ronda Rousey

I remember coming across some DVDs of the UFC and so I started watching that and became a fan of it. It was a little boring because of all the grabbing and holding and I fast-forwarded through a lot of it, but I still watched because I like martial arts. — Robbie Lawler

Do nothing which is of no use. — Miyamoto Musashi

Gain confidence and you banish fear. — Ed Parker

Take what’s useful, discard what is not. — Bruce Lee

To understand your fear is the beginning of really seeing. — Bruce Lee

I love doing action; I love doing martial arts. There’s almost something balletic about it. — Michelle Ryan

Do not let circumstances control you. You change your circumstances. — Jackie Chan

Knowing is not enough, You must apply — Bruce Lee

I would like to be in a superhero movie where I do martial arts. — Dakota Goyo

Those who are possessed by nothing possess everything. — Morihei Ueshiba

Martial art has always been my first love. — Akshay Kumar

I discovered martial arts . . . — Dolph Lundgren

I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan. — Jackie Chan

I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only 16. — Jet Li

I only want my work to make people happy. — Jackie Chan

I’m a martial arts buff, so anything martial arts. — Noah Hathaway

When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work. — Thomas A. Edison

When you are learning about a martial art, it is about respect. — Jackie Chan

It is difficult to understand the universe if you only study one planet — Miyamoto Musashi

I do mixed martial arts, mainly kickboxing. — Gail Porter

I always loved the idea of learning martial arts, but it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I really started doing it and taking up karate. — Kelly Hu

Never depart from the way of martial arts. — Miyamoto Musashi

I haven’t placed any limits on myself — Randy Couture

Karate is for life, not points. — David Walker

What is true stillness? Stillness in movement. — Bruce Lee

The truth is outside of all fixed patterns. — Bruce Lee

Courage is being afraid, but then doing what you have to do anyway. — Rudy Giuliani

I’ve always been huge into martial arts. — Michael Steger

Anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way — Chuck Norris

Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile. — Abu Bakr

I’ve come from nowhere, and I’m not shy to go back. — Jason Statham

If you change the rules on what controls you… you will change the rules on what you can control. — Guy Ritchie

I’ve always been interested in martial arts. — Tracy Spiridakos

I am not teaching you anything. I just help you to explore yourself. — Bruce Lee

If you think a thing is impossible,you’ll only make it impossible. — Bruce Lee

But even in my darkest days I had faith it would turn around. — Steve Harvey

I dislike death, however, there are some things I dislike more than death. Therefore, there are times when I will not avoid danger. — Mencius

A true champion can adapt to anything. — Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

If mere mechanical efficiency can make everyone a martial artist, then all is well. Unfortunately, combat, like freedom, is something that can not be preconceived. — Bruce Lee

Optimism is a faith that leads to success. — Bruce Lee

There’s a whole, that is a whole subgenre within martial arts cinema. The supernatural martial arts movie. Particularly within Asian cinema. — Scott Derrickson

I’m a trained martial artist. My parents were both martial artists. — Lynn Collins

We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again. — Nathanael Greene

Obey the principles without being bound by them. — Bruce Lee

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