15+ Best Matsuo Basho Poems You Need To Read

Matsuo Bashō, born 松尾 金作, then Matsuo Chūemon Munefusa, was the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan.

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Famous Matsuo Basho Poems


The summer grasses
All that remains
Of brave soldiers dreams

On Buddha’s Deathday

On Buddha’s deathday,
wrinkled tough old hands pray –
the prayer beads’ sound

The Morning Glories

The morning glories
bloom, securing the gate
in the old fence

Husking Rice

husking rice
a child squints up
to view the moon

The She Cat

The she cat –
Grown thin
From love and barley.

Sleep On Horseback

Sleep on horseback,
The far moon in a continuing dream,
Steam of roasting tea.

How Wild The Sea Is

How wild the sea is,
and over Sado Island,
the River of Heaven

The Clouds Come And Go

The clouds come and go,
providing a rest for all
the moon viewers

From Time To Time

From time to time
The clouds give rest
To the moon beholders.

With A Warbler

With a warbler for
a soul, it sleeps peacefully,
this mountain willo

Temple Bells Die Out

Temple bells die out.
The fragrant blossoms remain.
A perfect evening!

Cedar umbrellas

Cedar umbrellas, off
to Mount Yoshimo for
the cherry blossoms.

By the old temple

By the old temple,
peach blossoms;
a man treading rice.

Now the swinging bridge

Now the swinging bridge
is quieted with creepers
like our tendrilled life

All the day long

All the day long-
yet not long enough for the skylark,
singing, singing.