75+ Best Mess Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational mess quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

Famous Mess Quotes

One thing I always tell players is that there are three bad things: Nothing good happens after midnight, nothing good happens when you’re around guns unless you’re going hunting, and you don’t want to mess around with women that you don’t know because a lot of times, bad things happen. Nick Saban

You must admit I have a right to live in a pigsty if I want. Diana Wynne Jones

I used to eat a whole chicken, every day, for lunch. I did that for four years. But it got tiring go to the store, buy it, eat it. It’s a mess. Adam Driver

My life before him was so simple and decided, now after him It’s just After. Anna Todd

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly. Andy Rooney

Often it feels like I am breathing today only because a few years back I had no idea which nerve to cut. Sanhita Baruah

This world is full of conflicts and full of things that cannot be reconciled. But there are moments when we can reconcile and embrace the whole mess, and that’s what I mean by Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen

Excuse the mess, but we live here. Roseanne Barr

You don’t have to live a lie. Living a lie will mess you up. It will send you into depression. It will warp your values. Gilbert Baker

All those clean, fresh starts had made me forget what it was like, until now, to be messy and honest and out of control. To be real. Sarah Dessen

Yes, it’s a man’s world, but that’s all right because they’re making a total mess of it. We’re chipping away at their control, taking the parts we want. Some women think it’s a difficult task, but it’s not. Cher

No matter how valuable you are and your ideas, fools will certainly play both of you down, so exclude yourselves from the inflammatory environs of fools. Michael Bassey Johnson

I don’t think that I’m broken at all. I no longer think that I’m a mess. I just think I’m a deeply feeling person in a messy world. Glennon Doyle Melton

You’ll get through this. It won’t be painless. It won’t be quick. But God will use this mess for good. In the meantime don’t be foolish or naïve. But don’t despair either. With God’s help you will get through this. Max Lucado

I’ve heard people say that God is the gift of desperation, and there’s a lot to be said for having really reached a bottom where you’ve run out of any more good ideas or plans for everybody else’s behavior; or how to save and fix and rescue; or just get out of a huge mess, possibly of your own creation. Anne Lamott

The girls said she was too cynical about love, but how could you not be? On the surface, relations between men and women were all soft kisses and white gowns and hand-holding. But underneath they were a scary, complicated, ugly mess, just waiting to rise to the surface. J. Courtney Sullivan

It is unfortunately true that our generation and that of your parents have left you with a big mess that will now be yours to clean up wars, budget challenges, pollution, global warming, battles of health care, natural disasters. They’re all there for you. We’re willing those to you. Are you ready? John Morgridge

Well if that’s the kind of pride you’re talking about, you can bet your ass, I’m going to mess with it. Tite Kubo

Excuse the mess but we live here. Roseanne Barr

The opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. Certainty is missing the point entirely. Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns. Faith also means reaching deeply within, for the sense one was born with, the sense, for example, to go for a walk. Anne Lamott

The model of the human habitat dictated by zoning is a formless, soul less, centerless, demoralizing mess. It bankrupts families and townships. It disables whole classes of decent, normal citizens. It ruins the air we breathe. It corrupts and deadens our spirit. James Howard Kunstler

There was something unmistakably exultant about the mess that Rosa had made. Her bedroom studio was at once the canvas, journal, museum, and midden of her life. She did not decorate it; she infused it. Michael Chabon

If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out? Will Rogers

Others can’t always define your true identity. They see what they want to see but beyond your mess, God sees the beauty He created and still thinks it’s good! Chinonye J. Chidolue

Life is difficult for everyone; everyone has bad days. Everyone has trouble in their life, because it doesn’t matter how rich you are Sickness and trouble and worry and love, these things will mess with you at every level of life. Domhnall Gleeson

Her mind is a mess, and she has no intention of cleaning today. Alfa H

The meaning of life. The wasted years of life. The poor choices of life. God answers the mess of life with one Word grace. Max Lucado

Eric understands that the world is rarely the way it is supposed to be. And he knows that, given the chance, we don’t have to wait for someone to make messes of our lives. We do a good enough job, ourselves. Jodi Picoult

Spirituality is not a formula; it is not a test. It is a relationship. Spirituality is not about competency; it is about intimacy. Spirituality is not about perfection; it is about connection. The way of the spiritual life begins where we are now in the mess of our lives. Mike Yaconelli

It’s good to leave your room süper messy when you’re away. Whoever tries to break into your room will thought it has already been ransacked. Douglas Adams

Another fine mess you’ve gotten me into. Stan Laurel

I like working among creative clutter. It gives me a sense of activity and achievement. Fennel Hudson

College isn’t in everyone’s hearts. I am living proof, though, that school doesn’t mess up your plans. It gives you more experiences to write about. J. Cole

Neatness makes me feel like I have to be on my best behavior. Clutter is my natural habitat. Maggie Stiefvater

I think you have to let go of this idea that you can be precious about everything, and let it be the abstract mess that it is. Ryan Reynolds

Don’t blame God for your mess. Anthony T. Hincks

There’s certain lines you just don’t cross. You know the one thing that will get a man out of pocket is when you mess with his children. Damon Dash

Our mess, our marvel. Abhijit Naskar

I reserve the right to be a mess and completely unlikable. Viola Davis

If you really want to mess a person up, you sleep deprive them. Steven Magee

I am a bit of a bad boy. I have tattoos and I mess around. That’s part of my image, so it’s cool. Zayn Malik

But, as his father had said It doesn’t matter if you make a mess. It matters that you fix it. Ben Philippe

When the world becomes a massive mess with nobody at the helm, it’s time for artists to make their mark. Joni Mitchell

Right now, we’re soft. You, me, the whole Western world. We’re the result of growing up in unprecedented comfort and stability. It’s the kids of today that’ll have to make the world of tomorrow work. And they’re going to inherit a mess. Andy Weir

People have to realize that just because you’re a Christian, it doesn’t mean that you’re perfect, because every once in a while everyone stumbles. Living by faith is about when you do mess up, getting back up, brushing yourself off, and keep trying to improve where you mess up or where you have temptation. Tim Tebow

There is beauty even in the ugliest mess, and it’s the artist’s job to find it. Charlotte Eriksson

When there’s a death consequence, when you are doing things that if you mess up you die, I like the way it causes my senses to peak. I can see more clearly. You can think much faster. You hear at a different level. Dean Potter

You’re the ache and the ruin, the mess I fell into without hesitation. Nitya Prakash

All it takes is one drink to mess with the way you drive it clouds your judgment and slows your reflexes. Don’t take any chances. It just isn’t worth it. Paris Hilton

If you really want to mess someone up, you sleep deprive them. Steven Magee

I went through a period when I was rebellious and a mess of a person. Austin Butler

Mankind is a mess. But messes are made to be cleaned up. Craig D. Lounsbrough

Cleanliness is very important. If you let kids make a total mess in the kitchen and then leave, you’re not really teaching them anything. Emeril Lagasse

Some see it as selfishness or fussiness, nonetheless, it is less of a mess i guess. Alain Bremond Torrent

Status quo, you know, is Latin for the mess we’re in. Ronald Reagan

He’ll see right through the perfect mess that you are, and once he does, don’t come crying to me. Krystalle Bianca

That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into. Oliver Hardy

Thrive in the chaos. Shine in the mess. Rock in the discomfort. Display an insanity of a beyond belief heroism. Hiral Nagda

Some foreigners with full bellies and nothing better to do engage in finger-pointing at us. First, China does not export revolution; second, it does not export famine and poverty; and third, it does not mess around with you. So what else is there to say? Xi Jinping

I felt blank dismay, instant fear for myself. I did not want to be involved in any mess of Priscilla’s. I did not even want to have to be sorry for Priscilla. Iris Murdoch

In limits, there is freedom. Creativity thrives within structure. Creating safe havens where our children are allowed to dream, play, make a mess and, yes, clean it up, we teach them respect for themselves and others. Julia Cameron

As he allowed the water to run over his hands, he stared through the window momentarily and hoped he could clean up this mess before morning. Jason Medina

The word philosophy sounds high minded, but it simply means the love of wisdom. If you love something, you don’t just read about it; you hug it, you mess with it, you play with it, you argue with it. Hugh Jackman

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly. Savor and enjoy the moment. Merry Christmas! Nitya Prakash

Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. Neil Gaiman

Don’t expect to gain a crowd when you have messed up in life. Tshikororo Mashudu

Money was always on my mind when I was growing up. So I was always wondering how we were going to afford this and that. Acting seemed to be a shortcut out of the mess. Leonardo DiCaprio

Never mess a person around that has the ability to shut down the biologically toxic Space industry. Steven Magee

Don’t use all or nothing thinking. Take each day as its own day, and don’t worry about it if you mess up one day. The most important thing you can do is just get back up on the horse. Henry Cloud

When there is no way out, the only way out is in. Aashu Kandoi

What’s right about America is that although we have a mess of problems, we have great capacity intellect and resources to do some thing about them. Henry Ford

If you can’t mess with them, them be with them. M.Rehan Behleem

I couldn’t wait until I grew up. I used to look at my mom’s stockings and put them on with her high heels and mess with my hair. Florence Griffith Joyner

Winning ignites a self-conscious awareness that others are watching. It’s a lot easier to move under the radar when no one knows you and no one is paying attention. You can mess up and be rough and get dirty because no one even knows you’re there. But as soon as you start to win, and others start to notice, you’re suddenly aware that you’re being observed. You’re being judged. You worry that others will discover your flaws and weaknesses, and you start hiding your true personality. Tim S. Grover