99+ Best Mess Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational mess quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

Famous Mess Quotes

I paint stupid things; that’s what I do. I can’t think of anything more boring than a really beautiful thing. You have to mess it up. There has to be something a little kinky to keep their attention. — Billy Al Bengston

One day I looked in the mirror, and I wasn’t happy. If you’re not feeling good mentally, emotionally and physically, you’re just a mess – and that’s the point I felt like. It was a change in attitude and a shift in lifestyle. There’s no crazy diet; I train six days a week, and I eat really well. — Ricki-Lee Coulter

I’m thankful to get the opportunity to direct. I hope I don’t mess it up. — Mark Harmon

We’re not going to mess with it. He’s pitched enough. — Ron Gardenhire

Cubanas are very strong women. So don’t mess with us, don’t take us for granted! — Natalie Martinez

Some of the more popular life-centers for teens include Friends, Stuff, Enemies, Self, and Work. They each have their good points, but they are all incomplete in one way or another, and they’ll mess you up if you center your life on any one of them to the exclusion of the others. — Sean Covey

We know he has a big job. He’s got to get the calls, give them to us and line us up. But we still like to mess with him. Like, after awhile, we get tired and we don’t want to huddle anymore. He’ll get mad and start fussing at everybody. — Leroy Hill

I’m such a Type A personality – when it comes to a road trip, I plan my food so far in advance. I roll hard with a cooler. I don’t mess around. I want to avoid ending up eating fast food. I try to stay away from that. — Justin Timberlake

I was a real mess at school. I got a bit of a reputation for being the weird girl: the girl who’d go silent randomly and just kind of write down replies to people’s questions in a book. — Helen Oyeyemi

Why is it that although it takes us years to get into our messes, we expect God to get us out of them in a few days? — Joyce Meyer

Artificial sweeteners may trigger cravings for other sweet foods. When your body is not fed nutrients, it asks again and again for more food, triggering heavy-duty cravings for fattening, sugary foods. Artificial sweeteners also mess with your metabolism. — Suzanne Somers

With a genre like film noir, everyone has these assumptions and expectations. And once all of those things are in place, that’s when you can really start to twist it about and mess around with it. — Lana Wachowski

We tried to approach this as though there’s never been a Superman movie before, but at the same time respecting the canon and mythology. There are the pillars that you have to respect, and I’m not about to break them. But it is fun for me to bend them and mess with them. — Zack Snyder

We are beginning to see a fundamental outrage at the whole interconnected mess of a system: at energy companies who record massive profits, yet allow pensioners to struggle to stay warm in winter; at CEOs who can earn up to a 1,000 times the salary of their average worker; and soon, any day now, at those politicians who allowed this to happen. — Noreena Hertz

Presidents tend to tinker, you know, and mess everything up. — Pat Paulsen

People are so used to eating terrible pancakes, no matter how you mess up, they’re going to be great. And if you make fresh orange juice, they’ll be over the moon. — Ruth Reichl

I’m unfinished. I’m unfixed. And the reality is that’s where God meets me is in the mess of my life, in the unfixedness, in the brokenness. I thought he did the opposite, he got rid of all that stuff. But if you read the Bible, if you look at it at all, constantly he was showing up in people’s lives at the worst possible time of their life. — Mike Yaconelli

I am failing as a woman. I am failing as a feminist. To freely accept the feminist label would not be fair to good feminists. If I am, indeed, a feminist, I am a rather bad one. I am a mess of contradictions. — Roxane Gay

You can’t buy back your respect; you can’t buy back your career. You only get one, so I don’t want to mess that up. — Shia LaBeouf

My mother wasn’t controlling at all. She was a stabilizing force who grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. Now it’s the big circle game. Taking care of her is a great blessing for me. I’ll tuck her into bed, kiss her on the cheek, wipe up the mess on her blouse from whatever she spilled. — Christine Ebersole

Wood is dirty and nasty. I didn’t want to mess with it in the house. — Bill Ryan

I take my hair, and I just play with it. I’ll just take my hand, I’ll mess with the front, and then I’ll just pat it on the back, and that’s it. I promise you, I don’t use hair spray, I don’t go crazy with products. I just wake up, flip it, and boom, I go bowling. — Blake Jenner

Anytime you’re away from your home filming, it messes with your head. — Jennifer Lawrence

We want it. We feel hungry. But sometimes we mess ourselves up. — Isaiah Swann

You better not mess with chimps. They are much stronger than humans. — Jane Goodall

Around my own friends, I like to mess around. — Robert Duvall

No matter how powerful our political and religious leaders think they are, they are as dust before the immense and implacable forces of history and progress. I just hope that they don’t make too much of a mess or take too many more people down with them. — Alan Moore

We have sold our birthright of freedom and justice for a mess of national security. — William Sloane Coffin

Politicians – in both political parties – spend too much money. And they forget to focus on what matters most: fixing the economic mess they created and putting people back to work. — Brad Wenstrup

I’m just fiercely protective. It’s like, that’s my lair and nobody messes with my lair. — Whitney Houston

You want to do good things, and once you’ve done a couple of good things in a row, you think ‘Well gee, let’s not mess this up.’ But I am lucky at this point that I have something I really love to do, and it completely holds my attention. I never feel frustrated by it. — Jerry Seinfeld

It’s time to impeach the president and get a man in there to get us out of this mess. — Bruce Springsteen

The reason Ford is in this mess is product, product, product. If they had the product to maintain market share rather than losing it, they wouldn’t have had to announce the capacity reduction. — Dave Healy

I just love the sheer mess of New York. — Carter Burwell

In animation, no one gets to see your face, so you can really mess up with your voice like I did ‘ParaNorman;’ I was a bully in that, which was so much fun to do. In ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ I’m a little Viking character. So, it’s kind of exciting to play these roles that you normally wouldn’t get to play in a live-action movie. — Christopher Mintz-Plasse

You have to just dive over the edge. You haven’t got time to mess about. — Ralph Fiennes

It is easy to be pessimistic. These are extraordinarily difficult times, and the collective psyche is teetering. But we are closer to righting the wrongs that got us into this economic mess than most of us believe. — Mark Zandi

People have to realize that just because you’re a Christian, it doesn’t mean that you’re perfect, because every once in a while everyone stumbles. Living by faith is about when you do mess up, getting back up, brushing yourself off, and keep trying to improve where you mess up or where you have temptation. — Tim Tebow

I sat down and wrote, ‘Are your emotions pure? Are they the stuff of heroes or the alloyed mess of the beaten? How do you stand in relation to the potato?’ And it was a lot of fun, and I kept going and woke up at some point in some horror that I had about 142 pages of this. — Padgett Powell

We’re going to have to clean the mess up. Somebody’s going to have to. We need to get our children out of harm’s way. Strategic withdrawal is where it’s at. — Michael White

A rock star is expected to act like a mess, sound like a mess and look like a mess. People don’t expect you to show up on time and be a professional. But when you’re a pop star, you have to do all that, look perfect and be a role model. — Tove Lo

When you’re recording, if you’re not really clean in your playing, it sounds like a mess. — Ritchie Blackmore

There are some people who have trouble recognizing a mess. — Bill Cosby

I like the freedom of podcasting. With podcasting you can really mess around with the form and the format. You can do as much time as you like without having to pause for commercials. — Adam Carolla

Before Christmas, I host a party for our kids and all their friends. We love to make a mess while decorating gingerbread houses. — Kourtney Kardashian

As long as the big banks are allowed to remain big, their political leverage over Washington will remain big. And as long as their political leverage remains big, the taxpayer and economic tab for the next mess they create will be big. — Robert Reich

Well, it takes all kinds to make a mess. — Benjamin Hoff

I’ve always envied people who compose music or paint, because they don’t have to be bothered with the sort of crude mess that language normally is, in everyday life and in the way we use it. — Franz Wright

I’m very conscious that I want the dance audience to respond and respect what I’m doing, so I’m always very true to the music and I honour the music in the way I see it – I don’t mess around with the music. — Matthew Bourne

We’re going to give them different looks. We might double at times, or we might play them straight up, or we might deny them the ball sometimes. We’ll keep changing it and try to mess up their rhythm a little bit. — Marshall Strickland

Women and men just aren’t that different. Oh, we’re different in some intriguing ways, and it can be fun to band together for all-gal or all-guy projects. But when it comes to the tragic mess Christ came to heal, we’re pretty much the same. — Frederica Mathewes-Green

‘The Dictator’ lands somewhere between wan Mel Brooks and good Adam Sandler, whose ‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan,’ about an Israeli Special Forces soldier at a hair salon, manages to strike better contrasts with vaguely similar culture differences – it’s a nuttier movie, too. — Wesley Morris

If you could drive straight down, into a tunnel bored through the crust of the planet, you’d hit this molten mess in about an hour. It’s called the asthenosphere – a sluggish sea, several hundred miles thick, on which floats the Earth’s cool epidermis – the so-called tectonic plates. — Seth Shostak

If someone messes with me, I’m going to mess with them. — Tom Sizemore

Yesterday, it was my birthday I hung one more year on the line I should be depressed My life’s a mess But I’m Having A Good Time… — Paul Simon

To put it mildly, the world is a mess — Madeleine Albright

We are also very interested in her ideas on immigration and her concept of possible employer sanctions. The Arizona Chamber is supporting measures to help small businesses comply with confusing federal immigration rules. We are opposed to new state-level sanctions that would further complicate the bewildering mess of current immigration laws. — Farrell Quinlan

That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into. — Oliver Hardy

In limits, there is freedom. Creativity thrives within structure. Creating safe havens where our children are allowed to dream, play, make a mess and, yes, clean it up, we teach them respect for themselves and others. — Julia Cameron

I don’t have time to beat myself up over my fallible nature. Instead I use my energy to learn from my past and let it inform my future. It’s time to own all of our glory, mistakes, mess and light and be gentle to ourselves. Let’s be kind to our spirits and celebrate the truth of our hearts. — Grace Gealey

My hockey is good, but my ice skating is terrible. It’s a bit of a mess to watch! — Margot Robbie

I’m Hispanic – don’t mess around with my coffee. Leave my beans alone. — Liz Torres

We were a mess for the first week or two. — Bob Wilson

When I got to 40 or so… I had the sense when I looked back over my life I would actually see a mess of decisions, a few of which I had thought about, some of which I had sort of stumbled on, and many that I had no control over whatsoever. — Kazuo Ishiguro

Zombies dont mess with other zombies. — Bill Murray

I bring to my life a certain amount of mess. — Francis Ford Coppola

I was in a terrible mess in my childhood. — Joyce Meyer

I used to take it personally when a casting director didn’t like me or I didn’t get picked for something. Now I realize you can’t do that. It’ll mess with your self-esteem. Don’t take rejection overly personally. If that doesn’t work out, there’s something else waiting for you. — Sierra McCormick

When you’ve got a player like Morris you are always in the game. What makes him so (good) is that he is not afraid to miss. You have guys that don’t want to take the shot because they are afraid they will mess up, but (Morris) is not. — Jim Dooley

You just make sure you don’t screw it up. It’s going to work as long as you don’t mess it up. Hopefully you have plenty of those moments in a big comedy. — Harold Ramis

Writing a novel is so hard, and there are so many problems that the last thing you’re thinking about is adapting this mess you have on your hands as a movie. You just want to get it to work as a novel. That’s your main focus. — Maria Semple

I went through a period when I was rebellious and a mess of a person. — Austin Butler

She was an enthusiastic painter of oils and watercolors. She was also very generous. I could mess with her paints and brushes all I wanted. On one condition: that I kept my brushes clean. The only art lesson my mother gave me was how to wash my brushes. — Barbara Cooney

Don’t use all-or-nothing thinking. Take each day as its own day, and don’t worry about it if you mess up one day. The most important thing you can do is just get back up on the horse. — Henry Cloud

Writing is how I find out what I believe and what I care most deeply about. It’s how I sort through the mess of daily experience and try to make sense of it – by stepping out of it for a while. Writing is how I train a searchlight into the darker corners of my self and the world, as I’m sure I’d never do otherwise. — Pico Iyer

There are several ways to mess up your life by fighting to make your calendar age match your felt age. I live in the Southwest, a part of the country with more than its share of fair skies, material wealth, and people who are trying not to be as old as they are. — Martha Beck

We are given 30 days to pack up three years of parts, tools and items. But we will at least have some control over our own space, rather than living from day to day, not knowing what efforts are being done behind the scenes to mess us up. — Paul Vasconi

When I’m winning, winning, winning with a certain way why would I mess with that? When I realised there was lot to be gained from failing in some people’s eyes, it made it all the more interesting! — Bob Mould

Human relations, I mess them up, and they let me down. — Juliana Hatfield

Sometimes you’ve got to make a mess before you clean it up. — Deb Caletti

The guys on ‘Game of Thrones’ trust me implicitly to take care of the action stuff. I don’t mess with their drama, but they allow me to come up with ideas like ‘Hey, what if the giant had a bow? And what if he shot some guy off the wall?’ With ‘Constantine,’ too, they really trust me to scare the audience. — Neil Marshall

I’m fascinated with the electronic devices that we can mess around with. — Gerry Mulligan

I don’t want people mistreating me. I found out when you’re vulnerable and your heart’s open, then people step on you. You’re really stupid for letting that happen. And the only way to counteract that is to be like Wolfman Jack. Because if you do nice, kind things for people, then how are they going to mess you over? — Wolfman Jack

We’re all screwed up. And the way Christians mess things up is we act like we’ve got it going on. And if we would just stay in that place of, ‘Hey, we’re all screwed up and but for the grace of God, none of us have a shot here.’ We need to have a sense of humor about it; that’s kind of the way I’ve always faced my comedy. — Jeff Foxworthy

I had the sense when I looked back over my life I would actually see a mess of decisions, a few of which I had thought about, some of which I had sort of stumbled on and many that I had no control over whatsoever. — Kazuo Ishiguro

The assumption is that your personal life has to be a mess to create, but how much chaos can you allow in before it takes over? — David Byrne

We both are kind of hurt, we both have a little blood. It’s funny. My dad told me you don’t want to mess with an animal that’s been hurt because they are dangerous. We need to get a win. We feel the pressure. We don’t want to be in this position anymore. — Aaron Kampman

I’m certainly not shy, but I like playing it because I love those characters that are incredibly confident but really still a mess. — Melissa McCarthy

We all remember the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the worst oil spill in U.S. history. What is less well known is that BP is claiming a 9.9 billion tax deduction on the money they had to spend cleaning up their own mess and paying for damages they caused. That is absurd. — Bernie Sanders

It’s funny how I use social media because I don’t use it to promote my restaurants that much. I use it for social issues and I think that’s what it’s for. I do a few things – I mess around with music a lot because that’s a passion of mine. If something strikes me and I want to share it, I do. — Tom Colicchio

In 1966, NASA took over in space, and it has been a bureaucratic mess ever since. — Chuck Yeager

Whatever we believe about how we got to be the extraordinary creatures we are today is far less important than bringing our intellect to bear on how do we get together now around the world and get out of the mess that we’ve made. That’s the key thing now. Never mind how we got to be who we are. — Jane Goodall

I feel like I could carry a movie or a show, and I’ll mess up here and there, and I’ll learn from those things. — Constance Wu

Our Fans are the best fans in the world , don’t mess with them — Chester Bennington

I especially love all the instruments of art: inks, pens, paintbrushes, watercolors and oils, fine papers and canvases, and although I love to mess around with these tools and objects, I have minimal artistic skills. — Sharon Creech

We’ve re-emphasized our concerns that this inquiry go from the bottom to the top and leave no stone unturned. It’s been a chaotic mess and what we’ve asked the IPCC to find out is how much of it is incompetence and negligence, including gross negligence, and how much of it may be something more sinister. — Gareth Peirce

The Hoff has become larger than life, so I can’t do anything small any more. If I mess up, it becomes big no matter what it is, so if I do something positive, it has to be equally big. — David Hasselhoff

Men mess up. Women create this big illusion in their head that the man they’re going to be with is going to be perfect. Nobody’s going to be perfect, and people are going to let you down. The only thing that you can hope for is someone that’s going to be honest with you. — Jessica White

I know when I’m getting ready to mess up, I’m going to do it full-on. — Sandra Bullock

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