My beautiful image

How I love you

In your total unreality

Filtered through

A hundred lenses

Of need and hope

Guilded with dreams

Moulded as a shield

Against fear

Against uncertainty

Never undervalue

Or underestimate

The rarity of safety

What precious lengths

Can be called upon

To secure this

So precious jewel

Was it offered

Or in imagination

Dreamed into existence

The pedestal

Was far to high

Unwieldy at best

An unfair ussumption

Necessary for protection

From precarious needs

An illusiary light

Amongst the shadows

It’s gone now

I cut it down

With a self destructive axe

Now the shadows come creeping

They always would

The air up there

Is far too rarified

For mortal consumption

Did the fall hurt?

Was it noticed

My apologies

It hardly matters now

© 14 minutes ago, Mandy hope poems • love poems • friendship poems • nature poems • pain poems


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