103+ Best Missed Opportunity Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Opportunity is an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something. Profoundly inspirational missed opportunity quotes will fire up your brain and encourage you to look at life differently while making you laugh.

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Famous Missed Opportunity Quotes

Getting off parole is like walking out them cells all over again. There was a lot of stuff I couldn’t do when I was on parole. I had a curfew, couldn’t go to certain cities, couldn’t be around certain people, and you miss out on a lot of opportunities. — Tee Grizzley

I didn’t want to be one of those women who wake up at 63 years old and realize they’ve missed the window of opportunity for marriage and children. — Alanis Morissette

We feel like if we miss a Sunday at church, that’s one thing, but we can’t miss an opportunity to help. — John Tesh

The opportunities that Gorbachev created for international relations have also been missed, perhaps even lost – here, however, primarily because of the United States. — Stephen Cohen

There’s a lot of talent out there that miss their opportunities, and I just hope that AJ Styles doesn’t waste his life in TNA. — Bret Hart

Sometimes, when you have an opportunity in your mind but you lose it because you have a contract with the club and you are an important player for that club, and you miss out on what could be your dream, sometimes it is not easy for a player. — Marco Silva

I’m sure there have been missed opportunities, with films I’ve turned down that went on to be successful, but everyone in the industry has had that happen. — Sean Pertwee

African-Americans who might have disagreed with candidate Obama’s left-of-center politics voted for him in 2008 because electing a candidate with brown skin was too historic an opportunity to miss. — Alveda King

For me, having the opportunity to go to college was very important. To miss out on an education is a loss. — Tyler Hamilton

We have to work towards free trade because otherwise we will miss out on many opportunities for cooperation, and relations amongst countries will become much more difficult. — Lee Hsien Loong

I think I could look back through the past few years at missed opportunities and stuff, but one thing I have learned is not to dwell on missed chances or times where you have failed. — Michael Chang

Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed. — Jennifer Lopez

While we stop to think, we often miss our opportunity. — Publilius Syrus

I would like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for giving me this wonderful opportunity to serve as Miss Golden Globe 2012. — Rainey Qualley

If you can’t be present when the time comes, then you may miss the opportunity. — Lewis Howes

I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the opportunity to make those three films that didn’t do well. They were really important to me, and the things I learned doing them were important to me. — Michael J. Fox

It’s the nature of the freelancer: you never know where you’re going to be. You get great opportunities, and you miss great opportunities all the time. — Lauren Ambrose

The reality is that we have missed a lot of opportunities in Iraq because of a failed policy. — Marty Meehan

I feel like a lot of women have been questioning their role in their workplaces and society, opportunities that they may have missed or haven’t spoken up for. — Miriam Shor

I don’t really have any regrets because if I choose not to do something there is usually a very good reason. Once I’ve made the decision I don’t view it as a missed opportunity, just a different path. — Andrew Lincoln

It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to race at home, so I wouldn’t miss it. — Lizzie Armitstead

What’s your routine after attending a networking event or meal? If your answer is, ‘I go home,’ you’re probably going to miss out on opportunities. — Lewis Howes

To the citizens of Israel, I say: we have passed difficult years, faced the most painful experiences and overcame them. The future lies before us. We are required to take difficult and controversial steps, but we must not miss the opportunity to try to achieve what we have wished for, for so many years: security, tranquillity and peace. — Ariel Sharon

I know not, sir, whether Bacon wrote the works of Shakespeare, but if he did not, it seems to me that he missed the opportunity of his life. — James M. Barrie

I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything. For the chance to work on these conservation issues, to serve my country, to work for this president, I’d do it all over again, every single minute. — Bruce Babbitt

Some of our important choices have a time line. If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone forever. Sometimes our doubts keep us from making a choice that involves change. Thus an opportunity may be missed. — James E. Faust

We’ve all got a black book of missed opportunities. — Jim Broadbent

What we hear now is great-sounding records with great-sounding grooves and loops. And the sound of these records is irresistible, but the craft of songwriting is just about over. That’s why, whenever I get an opportunity to do an album full of standards, I jump at it because I miss it. — Barry Manilow

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. — William Arthur Ward

I really love Philadelphia and all of the fans, my teammates, the front office, the organization, everybody. I know I’m going to miss them. I really appreciate everything we did together. On the other side, I am happy because I have a chance to go to the playoffs. Another opportunity, maybe, to go to the World Series. — Carlos Ruiz

We discussed the history of postwar Japan and how Japan had missed an opportunity to build a more functional democracy because of the focus on fighting communism driven in large part by the American occupation. — Joichi Ito

Under my leadership, the government will strive for peace and will not miss an opportunity to bring about regional change. — Benny Gantz

Acting is always something I thought I could do, and I thought I would be pretty good at it, but I thought that I missed the opportunity, that it was too late. — Greg Poehler

If the U.S. government tries to restrict or clamp down, that just means there will be many more bitcoin businesses in Hong Kong and Singapore, and all those Americans will miss out on all the opportunities. — Roger Ver

I learned to be on time because, otherwise, you could miss a major opportunity. Also, it’s important to live a balanced life, stay healthy, and not waste your money on things like $8 lattes. — Jaleel White

The men who miss success have two general alibis: ‘I’m not a genius’ is one; the other, ‘There aren’t the opportunities today there used to be.’ Neither excuse holds. The first is beside the point; the second is altogether wrong. — Charles M. Schwab

I’m in the government to make sure that if there’s an opportunity to make peace, it won’t be missed. — Ehud Barak

Don’t be afraid of missing opportunities. Behind every failure is an opportunity somebody wishes they had missed. — Lily Tomlin

There was such mass appeal for ‘Sharknado.’ It went over so well – not just here in the United States but globally – that it would be such a missed opportunity and a ripoff for the fans not to bring ‘Sharknado’ back. — Ian Ziering

If you continue to plow ahead in something that is OK, you will miss the opportunity to do something that is great. — Ruth Porat

Whoever has not experienced the pleasure of taking a young lady to her first game of ball should seize the first opportunity to do so. Her remarks about plays, her opinions of different players and the umpire, and the questions she will ask concerning the game, are all too funny to be missed. — John Montgomery Ward

Barack Obama hopes his famous health care victory will mark him as a transformative president. History, however, may judge it to have been his missed opportunity to be one. — George Will

I want to arrive at the possibility of peace with the Syrians, and when I believe that the conditions are right, I will not miss the opportunity. — Ehud Olmert

Tennis is basically a game where you try to create an opportunity for yourself to finish the point, because you can’t wait for the opponent to miss anymore. Well, if you create an opportunity and don’t take advantage of it, you let the opponent back to even, then you are just starting the point over, so you have to take advantage of them. — Ivan Lendl

Don’t get too comfortable with who you are at any given time – you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be. — Jon Bon Jovi

I missed so many opportunities along the way to do what I wanted to do because I didn’t have the confidence to tell myself, much less anybody else, ‘Yes, this is the business I wanted to be a part of’. — Regis Philbin

The history of the Internet is, in part, a series of opportunities missed: the major record labels let Apple take over the digital-music business; Blockbuster refused to buy Netflix for a mere fifty million dollars; Excite turned down the chance to acquire Google for less than a million dollars. — James Surowiecki

For a long time, I missed being in the courtroom every day. I missed trial work. It was so much a part of my life. It was what I did and who I was. But over the years, I did find the opportunity to realize my childhood dream of writing crime fiction. — Marcia Clark

I think the Miss Universe title not only gives me the opportunity to become a role model for Latina girls around the world, but to show that beauty isn’t just about the outside. — Gabriela Isler

When you spin a globe and point to a city and actually go to that city, you build an allowance of missed opportunities on the back end. — Sloane Crosley

Not every character that you play is going to be somebody that you like or love, but every character that you play has a story that is worth telling. If you’re not the person to tell it, that’s one thing. But if you don’t want to tell it because you are afraid of the unpopularity of the character, I view that as a missed opportunity. — Sterling K. Brown

For the pageants, it was my mother who got me involved in Miss America. It really gave me the opportunity to sing all around New Hampshire. And it was great when I was young, but looking back, it was also unbelievably stressful. — Jane Badler

I get very worried that people that are buying bitcoins don’t really understand what they’re participating in other than the headline stories that it keeps going higher and ‘I want to make sure I don’t miss this opportunity to make some money.’ — Kenneth C. Griffin

If we are paying attention to our lives, we’ll recognise those defining moments. The challenge for so many of us is that we are so deep into daily distractions and ‘being busy, busy’ that we miss out on those moments and opportunities that – if jumped on – would get our careers and personal lives to a whole new level of wow. — Robin S. Sharma

Our failed population-centric approach to Afghanistan has only led to missed opportunities, which is why Afghanistan depends on donors for 90% of government revenues. A smarter, trade-centric approach will boost Afghanistan’s long-run viability by weaning it off donor welfare dependency. — Erik Prince

When you can type a few words into a search engine and land on your topic – or when you can scan a Shakespeare play for specific words or symbols – what opportunities might you miss to expand your thinking in unexpected ways? — Christina Baker Kline

The trouble with opportunity is, it never announces when it comes. It’s only after it’s gone, you’d realize that you missed it. — Uday Kotak

There’s no doubt that position is a very important aspect of the game. But some players take this concept to the extreme and consequently miss opportunities when they refuse to play hands out of position. — Daniel Negreanu

After six wonderful years playing Emily Prentiss, I have decided it’s time for me to move on. As much as I will miss my ‘Criminal Minds’ family, I am excited about the future and other opportunities. — Paget Brewster

I have always loved clothes, and the opportunity to design my own line could not be missed. It’s a dream job. — Jasmine Guinness

I have to have an attitude of gratitude and not miss opportunities. — Urijah Faber

Self-esteem doesn’t come simply from dressing well, but they are both something we can control. It’s a missed opportunity when women say they don’t have the money, figure, etc., because style is such a way to help cultivate the way women feel about themselves. — Stacy London

When you experience a failure as a leader, don’t hide it – talk about it. Your missed opportunity will encourage others to take risks. — Naveen Jain

He missed an invaluable opportunity to hold his tongue. — Andrew Lang

I’ll never miss an opportunity to achieve peace. — Benny Gantz

Every day I would wake up and think, ‘Today is another missed opportunity to do something important.’ After enough days like this, you start feeling like you are getting old, even when you are relatively young. We are all natural entrepreneurs, and being manacled to a desk job is not for us. — Brian Chesky

In my case, my size is so small that if I want it but don’t buy it, I might miss the opportunity. — Marie Kondo

I was very surprised that they would ask a foreign actress to be Lady Macbeth, but I felt it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. Having the opportunity to play Shakespeare in English – that wouldn’t come twice. — Marion Cotillard

Perhaps one of the only positive pieces of advice that I was ever given was that supplied by an old courtier who observed: Only two rules really count. Never miss an opportunity to relieve yourself; never miss a chance to sit down and rest your feet. — Edward VIII

If you don’t pay attention and if your imagination isn’t pretty much engaged, you’re going to miss things and you’re going to miss opportunities for it to be as compelling and as creepy as it can be. — Bruce Greenwood

We never said the U.K. is in bad shape if it leaves the E.U.: we said the E.U. would miss a massive opportunity. Without the U.K., the E.U. may never be able to stand up against superpowers like China and the U.S. — Joe Kaeser

To get to world-class, don’t miss any opportunity to leverage the learning/insights/experiences of the people you meet. Because we really do become our conversations. — Robin S. Sharma

When a woman gets to 30, you ask her about having kids. I don’t mind – all my friends are settled with kids, so I can understand people asking, and I even get it from relatives, but I’d be a fool to miss these work opportunities. And there’s no time limit. One day I’ll find my prince, but at the minute, I’m enjoying kissing a few frogs. — Sheridan Smith

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

While America’s infrastructure needs are substantial, there is no reason to delay completion of the highway bill. Every day of delay means jobs lost, investment opportunities missed and growth sacrificed. — John Engler

Later in life there should not be any regrets. Sometimes you have children too early and regret it, ‘If I wouldn’t have, my career would have been different’ and sometimes when you don’t have, you miss that opportunity. — Farah Khan

Our Lord did not try to alter circumstances. He submitted to them. They shaped his life and eventually brought him to Calvary. I believe we miss opportunities and lovely secrets our Lord is waiting to teach us by not taking what comes. — Mother Maribel

The memories for the missed opportunities are stronger than for the ones I managed to get over the line in. — Stephen Hendry

Who wants to miss their opportunity of playing in a Major… A golfer’s career is all about it. The lesson I have learnt is that I will tee up for the Majors only when I am 100 percent fit. — Jeev Milkha Singh

I remember having crushes and longings, but there were all these missed opportunities or things that seemed like such a big deal, but you really don’t understand what the other person is going through. — Gia Coppola

I think a lot of people miss out on opportunities, they miss out on achieving their dream, and they miss out on doing what they love to do because they’re allowing something else, something outside of them and outside of God, to dictate what their life’s going to look like. — Kurt Warner

I never really look at life and worry about missed opportunities. — Clive Owen

The chance to be seen as a warm, witty guy is too good an opportunity for a politician to miss. — Robert Orben

I miss hunting and when I go home I always find an opportunity to go for a hunt again, out in the bush veldt. — Faf de Klerk

I watched a couple of really bad directors work, and I saw how they completely botched it up and missed the visual opportunities of the scene when we had put things in front of them as opportunities. Set pieces, props and so on. — James Cameron

I have an ocean of opportunities awaiting me and once I am back from Miss World, I want to explore whatever life has to offer. — Manushi Chhillar

When you see all the medals won by Team GB, you can just see how much it means to each and every athlete, so it just feel like it’s a little bit of a missed opportunity – but I’m only 23. I have just got to get on now and keep going. — Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Incidents of the past – a lost love, a missed opportunity – shape us and make us what we are. — Rana Daggubati

There’s a constant tension between the excitement of new people and security with one person. If you go with excitement, you create chaos; you hurt people. There’s jealousy, and it gets very messy. If you have security, it can be boring, and you die inside because of all the opportunities missed. — Alain de Botton

They missed a great opportunity to shut up. — Jacques Chirac

Let there be an end to the arrogance of the big powers who miss no opportunity to put the rights of the people in question. Africa’s absence from the club of those who have the right to veto is unjust and should be ended. — Thomas Sankara

When I’m traveling, I won’t miss an opportunity to try great pasta. — Meghan Markle

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. — Thomas A. Edison

History is nothing if not an epic tale of missed opportunities. — Graydon Carter

I’m a jazz musician, and I really wanted to not miss an opportunity to have the full connection to jazz. — Kurt Elling

As an adult, the obsessive dynamics of self-employment meant it was impossible for me to take a break. What would happen if I disappeared for a week or two? I would be forgotten. Forever. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would, doubtless, present itself – and I would miss the chance to seize it. — Sue Perkins

Youth is a period of missed opportunities. — Cyril Connolly

During my whole year as Miss America and afterward, I was calling agents, looking for advice and opportunities. When I was in New York or in Los Angeles doing different appearances, if I had time on my schedule, I tried to meet with executives. — Gretchen Carlson

A cup final is all about seizing the moment. You cannot put right a mistake or a missed opportunity the following week. — Paul Scholes

Many people may say that luck is important, but I think you create your own luck by working hard to ensure you don’t miss opportunities. — Ivan Glasenberg

The cost of the vaccine is truly minuscule when you think about the benefits you’re getting from an opportunity-cost standpoint. If you’re going to miss several days of work – and you will – with high fevers, body aches, nausea, and vomiting… you’re going to be losing out on a lot more money and productivity if you don’t get the flu shot. — Mikhail Varshavski

You can’t always say and do things and wait until the right moment, when everything is perfectly lined up. As women, I feel like we do that. I just see so many women take the back seat and wait until the right opportunity, and when you do that, you miss out on the best things. — Jessica Mendoza

My future plans are hazy, and I’ve yet to experience how much cartooning is in my blood and therefore how much I’ll miss it. But I have some other interests, especially in music, and I will probably take the opportunity to delve into those things more deeply. — Gary Larson