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So I have just got home from the movies after watching ‘Ben Hur’.  It was a great movie, very insightful and totally inspired me with the message of forgiveness!  A powerful admonition that Judah Ben Hur’s wife Nazanin was trying to get across to him when he was blinded by his revenge upon his adopted brother Messala.  A must see!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A valuable lesson learnt and a welcoming bonus given the main reason why I went to see Ben Hur, was to see my favourite actor… Morgan Freeman!

Have you ever felt a deep sense of connection to someone who doesn’t know you exist?  Someone you have never met your whole life and yet you feel like you’re a family?  Like everything he / she says is said directly to you?  And when he hurts or something awful happens to him (in the movie obviously) you ball your eyes out and have nightmares about it?  Well, that’s how I feel with Morgan!  I have so much respect for this man who is not only a phenomenal actor but a well-seasoned expert in life itself.

In light of the riots happening in America and the recent controversies with regards to the shootings of African Americans, I wanted to share with you why I fell in love with Morgan Freeman!  So, a few years ago I stumbled upon you tube clip which was aired in 2008 on CBS 60 minutes.  The legendary Mike Wallace of CBS News had conducted an interview on Morgan Freeman’s take on a ‘Black History Month’.  When asked about his thoughts, Morgan replied ‘It’s ridiculous!’ and when asked ‘why?’ he fired back with ‘Are you really going to relegate my History to a month?… What about yours?  What month is White Man’s Month?… I don’t want a black history month…Black History is American History!’  and as Mike Wallace goes to ask ‘So how do we get rid of racism?’ Morgan replies back with an ever so powerful answer ‘Let’s stop talking about it!  I’m going to stop calling you a White Man and you are going to stop calling me a Black Man…!’  When I saw that clip, I was touched with how powerful Morgans message was and how it spoke volumes about the solution of racial discrimination!  Which begs the question ‘Why is racism still acknowledged?  Why are we still distinguishing between Black, White & Brown People?

In the wake of the police shootings of African Americans, people have been quick to judge.  Quick to jump to racial discrimination, quick to retaliate and resort to violence.  But what about the other dozen shootings that occurred in the same month of white people and brown people?  What if we as coloured people are blowing this way out of proportion?  No, I am not defending those law enforcers who were in the wrong as they are to be reprimanded for their actions.  What I am merely saying is, we should probably step back and foresee the bigger picture.  That our anguished cries and protests could potentially build a strife that was never there in the first place.  We ourselves are initiating a potential racial disparity that our ancestors long ago fought to overcome.  Yes, I can only imagine what the families of these poor souls are going through and so they should fight!  But the fight should be theirs.  Fight for the injustice that has happened to their loved ones and Us as a nation should support by ensuring that the justice system does what it is supposed to do.  To bring Justice to those that have done wrong.   We should support all families who have lost loved one’s to ‘firearms’ through prayers, comfort, love, peace, providing a shoulder to cry on and guiding them through to Forgiveness!  But let us refrain from taking matters into our own hands!  As what good could we possibly achieve from a divided nation where there is no peace and unity amongst each other.  We can do something about it, let us stop the riots before a ripple effect builds a war that may become beyond our control.  Let us pray for the justice of those that have done wrong and for peace and comfort to all those who have lost their loved ones whether they were black, white or coloured! Because regardless of your race, we are all human beings and all our Lives matter!  So, let us take heed of Morgan Freeman’s advice on how we can prevent racial discrimination…’Let’s just stop talking about it!’

10 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman & Racial Discrimination…”

  1. I understand what he says. But that means we’re denying that the problem exists.
    At this point I feel that we should address it as it actually is getting worse.

    Just think about feminism and/or gender equality… if nobody stepped up and started a movement, do you think that there will be women CEO’s or Presidents? I know it may sound like I’m only speaking for women but it’s equality for both genders. I fight that what would be fair for a woman should be fair for a man, also. It is a human right! No discrimination is the road to WORLD PEACE.

    <3 BP

    • Hi Belle, thank you for your thoughts. Yes you are absolutely right ‘addressing’ the issues in this case of racism can help the cause. It is how we go about addressing the issue that requires focus. For example, the movement for Women’s rights I would believe did not require any riots or shootings to get the message across. It was the power of media and freedom of speech that contributed to women empowerment. But for the case of racial discrimination, what started from the shooting of a black man has caused a retaliation and the shooting of five white police officers (don’t quite have my facts right on the number of officers) but the ripple effect is something we should be weary of. But thanks all the same for an insightful comment 🙂

      • I do not condone violence. I understand what you mean about the ripple effect but we have no control over the behavior of others. There will always be those who will make things worse for the “cause”.

        Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  2. I love this: “Let’s just stop talking about it.” I couldn’t agree more. Like meditation…releasing the thoughts that consume us so we can press on with the things we’re meant to do. Thank you for sharing! <3 – Mira

  3. This is a very nuanced and difficult topic, and I don’t believe the answer is so singular. Not talking about racism does not prevent it from existing, I actually challenge that it silently gives permission. It’s kind of like not looking at something so that I don’t have to admit it is really happening, because after all, I didn’t see the occurrence with my own eyes. It is undeniable that white privilege exists in the US. Not talking about it does not make it go away. I agree that retaliation won’t likely lead to the outcome anyone wants, and at the same time, there are many disenfranchised people in the US, and their stories and hardship must be heard. We have to ask ourselves what it is like to be someone else. We have to extend empathy and understanding for all. Every human has a struggle. We cannot pretend racism is not present. It is time to shine the light in the dark corners of our society, and work together to create a place at the table for everyone.


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