My little princess is a royal circus all on her own!

My little lady, bless her busy bum can be a circus all on her own! She is so busy and just into everything, and she can chat your ear off. She is 3 so sometimes its gibberish that she has made up and then she also loves to chat about her bestie at school. She loves her bestie, he can do no wrong, its sweet, her 1st crush at the age of 3, wow they are getting young!!

Anyhoo, the other day I had to take my brave knight to his psychologist appointment and the plan was not to take little lady with us. As she is a busy bee. But there was a last minute change in plans and I had nowhere for her to go, husband person was working so she had to come with us. I had planned (like in all his other sessions) on sitting in the reception area reading last years magazines while brave knight was in psychs office, but this time was a little different.

Little lady unpacked all the toys in the waiting area, tipped over a pile of last years magazines and then tore a page out of one of them. She then got up and ran out the door into the road, its in a medical complex. When I caught up to her, and I’m not so into the whole running thing, she screamed her butt off because she didn’t want to wait in the waiting rooms for her brother.

Someday’s it feels like I’m trying to tame a wild horse it really does. Well I imagine this is what training a wild horse feels like, forcing a little human to do human things against her will. Like trying to put socks on a fish.

So we went back to the reception because his appointment is an hour long and well only 10 minutes had passed. The psych then called me in for a little chat and little lady came with me and as we passed the kitchen in the Dr’s rooms she ran in, opened the fridge and promptly announced that she wanted porridge! Like just totally made herself at home.

Now of course everyone is looking at us from the reception area, so I try to deal with it civilly. I tell her, no this is not our home, you can have porridge when we get home and it wont be much longer. Boy did she not want to hear that, she threw herself on the floor and kicked and screamed. Save me now.

So I finally get in to see the psych and she comes in and pulls me by the arm. Lets goooooo, lets goooooo, and slams the door a couple of times. OMW. Shame poor brave knight, no wonder he has issues.

Anyhoo, so when he was finished we apologized to everyone in the very silent waiting room for making such a noise, and we apologized to the receptionist for making a mess, and then as I was paying little lady decided to climb onto the receptionists desk and grab at her pens and sticky notes. Sigh.

I am soooo not skinny enough for this, I need at least 4 extra arms just to deal with this child, Haha.

Then yesterday we took her to see her new Pre-school where she will be starting next year, and she had such fun that when it was time to leave she wouldn’t. She screamed and kicked and screamed some more, and all the moms are saying, “ah sweet she doesn’t want to leave, that’s a good sign right?”. Ummm noooooo that’s not sweet, not sweet at all. She is like an octopus when she wants something, legs and arms all sprayed out and screaming (imagine her noise filling the room like an octopuses ink would in distress). And then of course this morning she didn’t want to go to her current school. Screamed and made a scene because she wants to go to the new one asap.

Sigh… I’m tired. Just tired. Even my tired is tired.

Anyone want her? Blond hair blue eyes, screams like a banshee? Free to good home! Haha I’m joking of course. Or am I?

[SIDE NOTE: totally joking as I love her with all my soul.]

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