A memory & a quick view on my realm

A memory

I remember my dad talking about peace. the peace that he had never seen, something utopic rather than realistic. All due to the fact that he was born in an area that is called middle east, more specifically… Kurdistan, which mentioning it caused thousand of innocent souls to die.

One day I asked him “Dad, how was your childhood?” he replied “I don’t know”. A very weird answer, isn’t it? how do you tell a kid that you don’t know how your childhood was? moreover, how is it possible to have no idea what to say about, to most of people, the happiest times life?

He said ” Aji, when I was your age, I was a clever kid at school. I was going to school everyday and doing great in my lessons. But, in our time, there was demon flying over our heads, a crow, a grim ripper… I think we call it war now days”

I was excited. A story about wars, battles, combats is coming on and to be honest, I was thinking that my father was going to be the private Ryan of the tale. But, I think he was another kind of a protagonist, the one who was trying to survive.

Then, I found out that the real story is way more different than “Saving private Ryan”. My dad was from the extras who are killed in the movie and no one cares about.

He told me “Son, I have never seen peace”. “But how?” I replied.  He told me a heart-wrenching story that a very few people can put their heads up and tell that they survived. Nevertheless, he never quit nor gave up on building a great life for me and my family.

My Realm

I want to ask a question her. First, Is providing peace a hard task? why does it seem so difficult to love and respect each other? and why and for what are we even fighting?

I would like to take you to a land of my own creation. In this land the trees are large with huge leaves, the soil has a refreshing scent. the mountains are high and snowy and the field are wide and green. In my land, there is no trace of Borders. The dictionary has a word less, and that word is “Hate”. In my land, everyone is different, yet no one is superior. In my land, the loving arms are always open and welcoming. The lands of my imagination recognises no rulers, kings, presidents or frontiers, however everybody is following the laws of love that was established by the ancestors. Furthermore, religion in my kingdom is love. Muhammed (pbuh), Jesus christ, Moses, Budha… etc are all great figures that eveybody respects. Despite your geography and culture.

How did you find my kingdom? can we create something similar?
I have unfathomable hate and detest for wars and crimes and their mechants.  I want to fight ignorance and spread love. I’m dreamin of a world free of conflict. If you are reading this, can you please start telling everyone to love? Are you willing to start a journey of fighting ignorance and spreading love with me? Because, I’m really fed up with all of this hate.
Please, let your answers be yes. Because,It seems like possible to me.


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I’m Aji, and this was a view of my realm.

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