This is my song to the Neverland.

A place were dreams and nightmares share the same diet plan.

A little goes to black people, I guess we all just dumb fans.

It’s easy to judge from a place of love but, man that’s kinda rough.

Love is a luxury when you part of the minority, I say life is tough.

I had a dream playing as a prince on that magical trip.

All the delights of a youth’s needs at my finger tips.

Never had two sh*ts to give for the cuckold.

My conscious was set, all I ever wanted to be was to be free & dance like Wack Jako.

Neverland never loved us, is there any other word I can use to cuss?

Out with fame, more with the pain, ain’t you tired of such and such?

I left my conscious and love in Neverland.

I guess the king took his keys with when he passed on to the ‘Otherland’.


Life matters.



Photo Credit: Cody Davis

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