161+ Best Networking Quotes: Exclusive Selection

When you learn how to network, you are always at the front of the line for new opportunities. Profoundly inspirational networking quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Networking Quotes

Will the social networking phenomenon lessen? I don’t think so. — Marissa Mayer

At first, social media was just about networking. But now that I have to network, I make sure that every platform makes money for me. You can do something on Facebook. — Karen Civil

I had so much fun in early days learning about networking, security, scalability and other geeky stuff. — Jan Koum

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I think women are really good at making friends and not good at networking. Men are good at networking and not necessarily making friends. That’s a gross generalization, but I think it holds in many ways. — Madeleine Albright

I was studying in Pune when I was asked to audition for ‘Navya’ through a social networking site. Once I landed the show, there’s been no looking back. — Shaheer Sheikh

In the earliest days, this was a project I worked on with great passion because I wanted to solve the Defense Department’s problem: it did not want proprietary networking and it didn’t want to be confined to a single network technology. — Vint Cerf

One of the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it’s making cold calls to strangers. Actually, it’s the people who already have strong trust relationships with you, who know you’re dedicated, smart, a team player, who can help you. — Reid Hoffman

Spirituality in Washington can be more of a – I don’t want to say it – but, a networking opportunity. Religion is often used opportunistically in the political conversation. — Mark Leibovich

With my wife Camille’s help, I took to social networking. I’m working with the computers. — Bill Cosby

I was networking every day from 21 to 28 years old. I sent 10 letters a day, which means I reached out to 3,000 people in a year. — Jesse Itzler

Mesh networking is an old idea. Oddly enough, the low-cost XO Laptop built by the ‘One Laptop Per Child’ organization – the so-called $100 laptop – was designed with built-in mesh networking. The idea with the XO machine was that many kids using those laptops would be out in rural areas without reliable Internet access. — Daniel Lyons

With the advent of Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites, genuine privacy can only be found by renting a private villa for a holiday. Hotels are now out of the question for my wife and I. — Robert Powell

Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence. — Lewis Howes

If you look at the evolution of games from console to Internet to mobile, and look at social networking from Web to mobile, everything is fragmenting. — Chris DeWolfe

I believe there definitely are good things about social networking. It’s a way for people to connect all around the world. — Lizzie Velasquez

Best results are often achieved well before you need a job, by consistently networking so that when you find yourself job-hunting you have a large network to work with. — Erik Qualman

Social networking is a big boon – I agree to it. — Neha Dhupia

Our vision is to, one day, connect all of Europe with our Hyperloop One system, networking the entire continent. — Shervin Pishevar

For the music business, social networking is brilliant. Just when you think it’s doom and gloom and you have to spend millions of pounds on marketing and this and that, you have this amazing thing now called fan power. The whole world is linked through a laptop. It’s amazing. And it’s free. I love it. It’s absolutely brilliant. — Simon Cowell

Some friends of mine bothered me for a long time about getting on the social networking pages. They were close friends that I liked to mess with, and I think that I kind of enjoyed for a while that it bothered them so much. Now they’ve just kind of given up. — John Hawkes

When thinking about how to deploy kind of professional and social networking into your business, it’s really not a question of if – it’s a question of when. — Reid Hoffman

Facebook is by far the largest of these social networking sites, and starting with its ill-fated Beacon service, privacy concerns have more than once been raised about how the ubiquitous social networking site handles its user data. — Michael Bennet

You look at the tremendous success of Facebook. To my mind there is not a lot of commerce going on in these social networking sites. eBay is a community anchored in commerce. It is a commerce site that built a community around it. What has not been proven is if the reverse can happen and people will go to community sites to do commerce. — Meg Whitman

My advice for folks on networking is give, give, give. You will later receive. But you are really planting these seeds. Some of them will die, and they won’t become anything. Many of them will take many, many years before they pay off for you if at all. — Sallie Krawcheck

One of the most powerful networking practices is to provide immediate value to a new connection. This means the moment you identify a way to help someone, take action. — Lewis Howes

It’s true that I love to connect with my fans on the social networking sites, but I try not to go overboard, ever. I just give people a peek into my mind space, but never bombard them with my tweets. — A. R. Rahman

One of the issues of social networking silos is that they have the data and I don’t. — Tim Berners-Lee

Augmented reality will drive all things like chat, social networking, photos, videos, organizing data, modeling, painting, motion capture, and visual programming. Every form of computing will be combined together and unified in a single platform. — Tim Sweeney

People started conceiving of their friends as networking tools, like, ‘Friend me so you can be friends with someone else,’ or, ‘The more people you know, the more networked you are.’ But we see real value in having a fun conversation with your friends. — Evan Spiegel

On social networking sites, we may expose ourselves, but we choose to do so. We are in control and, often wrongly, we do not feel we are giving away tradable data. — Julian Baggini

Search without Google is like social networking without Facebook: unimaginable. — Evgeny Morozov

I have a pretty active presence on social networking sites, and every day there are messages from so many young girls telling me that they are happy B-Town has curvy women like me. I feel you should be happy the way you are. Of course, fitness is important, but not to the extent of obsession! — Sonakshi Sinha

From a social networking point of view, Pakistan is not very far away. — Ian Lustick

With ‘The Social Network,’ I got into it at first because frankly I thought there was a cool courtroom drama to be had with the intellectual properties. And then what further drew me in was that the most extraordinary social networking device ever created was created by the world’s most antisocial person. I liked that story. — Aaron Sorkin

Any board executive can forget just how many people helped them get where they are. Those women who have got to the top need actively to ensure there is a pipeline of younger women, whether by networking or mentoring, who in turn are encouraging those below them. — Karren Brady

New security loopholes are constantly popping up because of wireless networking. The cat-and-mouse game between hackers and system administrators is still in full swing. — Kevin Mitnick

A good browser, apps, good camera, and fast networking in your smartphone is just expected today. — Thorsten Heins

Depending on the time I get, I do my share of social networking, listen to music, or play a video game. I love watching movies in theatres. — Allu Arjun

Don’t let a temporal way to connect be a poor substitute for an eternal way. Without first being connected vertically to God, all the social networking contacts in the world won’t be enough. — Robert A. Schuller

There’s a way to do networking that isn’t overly brown-nosing. — Jill Abramson

Of course, social networking is essential. The feedback helps me grow. And it’s a real stress buster. — Vijay Antony

A girl’s social networking profile is a persona she constructs, a photoshopped billboard on the information superhighway. It also offers a salve for the anxiety so many girls feel about relationships, providing the answers to burning social questions like, What do other people think of me? Do people like me? Am I normal? Am I popular? Am I cool? — Rachel Simmons

My Golden Rule of Networking is simple: Don’t keep score. — Harvey Mackay

I think social networking is absolutely here to stay. Now, whether or not the label will Facebook forever, depends in part, I think, on whether Facebook wants to try to be less proprietary, be more central to the operation of defining and stewarding identity online. — Jonathan Zittrain

Be present. Be meditative. Form real friendships. Stay away from business networking events or friendships where there is always an underlying business angle. — Naval Ravikant

Facebook succeeded because it was about real people having a presence on the Internet. There were all these other social networking sites people had, but they were all about fictional people. — Peter Thiel

While I strongly encourage my readers to take advantage of the Internet and social networking platforms to gain a greater understanding of their personal finances, it is extremely important to be safe, smart, and responsible when it comes to sharing, discussing, and managing your finances online. — Alexa Von Tobel

You have social networking, and you can do things efficiently without the might of a big label. — Boy George

The stock prices of networking equipment companies like Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks sometimes seem as if they are priced for perpetual success. — Alex Berenson

Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter should be urged to adhere to business practices that maximize the safety of activists using their platforms. — Rebecca MacKinnon

If you choose a market that already exists, say, networking equipment, you have to compete with an established company like Cisco. Even if your product is marginally better, Cisco can fudge it and outsell you. — Douglas Leone

What the Internet has done is made it easier to stay in touch with people, and social networking has helped me career-wise by helping me keep in touch with my fans. — James Wan

I get excited about what the Holy Spirit is doing now through all the people he is refining and raising up all over this planet. I love connections and relationship and networking but it must be led by the Spirit. — Daniel Smith

What’s your routine after attending a networking event or meal? If your answer is, ‘I go home,’ you’re probably going to miss out on opportunities. — Lewis Howes

There’s only so much you can do on a physical level trying to tour or pass out mixtapes. Although that matters, I realized that you can reach more people putting your music on Soundcloud and networking with blogs to write about you. It really comes back to the music and what you release. — G-Eazy

I believe strongly in writing groups such as Romance Writers Of America that offer support, information and networking. — Nora Roberts

My readers and my audiences have turned into my followers. They are more than interested in what I have to say in the subjects of sales, loyalty, attitude, networking, business social media, and becoming a trusted advisor. — Jeffrey Gitomer

The habit of doing more than you are paid for can benefit any business that sells a product or service. Learning and understanding the principle of the mastermind philosophy of networking can increase the value of your network and your net worth. — Clay Clark

Before the Internet, before BBSes and Fidonet and Usenet and LiveJournal and blogs and Facebook and Twitter, before the World Wide Web and hot-and-cold-online-everything, science fiction fandom had a long-lived, robust, well-debugged technology of social networking and virtual community. — Patrick Nielsen Hayden

The biggest innovation of all is social networking, and cellular technology is the facilitator for social networking. People are mobile; social networking is people, and the only way people connect with each other is wirelessly. — Martin Cooper

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr provide an unparalleled ability for people to stay connected in new and unique ways. — Michael Bennet

Whenever I talk to people who founded a company, I often like to ask the prehistory questions ‘When did you meet? How long have you been working before you started the company?’ A bad answer is, ‘We met at a networking event a week ago, and we started a company because we both want to be entrepreneurs.’ — Peter Thiel

I think anything which promotes heterogeneity on the Internet promotes stability. Diversity in services, service providers, and separating the layers of the networking stack are all important. — David Ulevitch

Anyone can use these sites – companies and colleges, teachers and students, young and old all make use of networking sites to connect with people electronically to share pictures, information, course work, and common interests. — Mike Fitzpatrick

Generally, social networking sites can be hugely promising and beneficial in opening new friendships and vistas and knowledge of the world, but they are also fraught with peril, when young people are reckless or headless. — Richard Blumenthal

While social media skills were once a ‘nice-to-have,’ accreditation in the space is becoming a requirement for many of these job titles. Hiring managers and job seekers are realizing that printing stacks of resumes is turning passe, and social media is rising as the new way of generating real-time networking opportunities. — Ryan Holmes

I think there are pros and cons to social networking, but on a social, personal level, it’s just not for me. — Colin Morgan

I started in time-sharing and networking with packet switching, which was the precursor to what became the Internet. Time-shared use on packet-switch networks, when you think about it, is the cloud. — Audrey MacLean

Despite all the hype about local or green food, the single biggest impediment to wider adoption is not research, programs, organizations, or networking. It is the demonizing and criminalizing of virtually all indigenous and heritage-based food practices. — Joel Salatin

I believe that social change has almost reached critical mass. So many people have undergone personal transformation that their effect on society is having a geometric – not arithmetic – impact. This coalescence of energies brings about meeting, networking, and a sophistication in communications that is unprecedented in history. — Marilyn Ferguson

Nature creates natural swarms. UNU uses networking technology and algorithms to take advantage of the knowledge, wisdom, and insights of a large group of people by allowing them to think as one. — Louis B. Rosenberg

Networking is extremely masculine. It’s a vulnerable thing to admit to, but even I experience feeling super insecure around certain masculine meetings. So, we put women in control. Women will make the first move on Bumble Bizz as well. — Whitney Wolfe Herd

There is no debate that social media is a great tool for networking with others in our industry. It can lead to friendships, support, and serendipitous connections with reviewers, agents, reporters, or editors. — M. J. Rose

I’m wary about this thing about being in the generation of social networking where people are like, ‘I am my musical taste.’ I am not just a collection of music. Or a collection of movies. I think that’s a thing that people romanticize: ‘Oh my God, she likes this band so she is a dream.’ — Zooey Deschanel

Create a website that expresses something about who you are that won’t fit into the template available to you on a social networking site. — Jaron Lanier

When you’re normally networking, it’s with men. And they claim they want to help you and work with you, but when it comes down to it, they want to go on dates. — Saweetie

Once the people of planet Earth are all hanging out together online in a virtual world without any borders, I think it could change social networking, entertainment and even politics. — Ernest Cline

I don’t think there are as many usability issues as there are tactical or strategic decisions related to whether incorporating social networking into your site is going to help or hurt. — Steve Krug

I really enjoy computer networking. — Matt Mullenweg

Brooklyn is where I primarily developed. I had an opportunity to make records and perform in clubs here and there, and I started networking with the right people in the right places. — Busta Rhymes

I live in England, so I take a lot of trains, and you can’t really go anywhere without somebody talking on their mobile phone behind you, forcing you to listen to their conversation. With the Internet, with texting, with networking sites, there’s already information everywhere. — Patrick Ness

Bollywood is a place which is completely free from caste, region and religion. Some people might work in the industry with the help of networking but I feel is that it’s your artistic competence that gets you work in industry. — Vijay Krishna Acharya

I think exploring the Internet’s – and the Web’s – ability to facilitate personal linkages is remarkable; and expect to see additional social networking applications and services emerge. — Vint Cerf

Social networking inspires me a lot and how we are related and connected to each other. — Nicola Formichetti

When I look at the success of the Cisco Networking Academy program, which has reached more than 4.75 million people since 1997, I know it could have never achieved this scale without our partners. Together we provide the tools, equipment and training for our students and teachers. — John T. Chambers

The social networking sites are such good way to keep in touch with your fans, it’s quick and simple and it keeps your fans interested in what you’re doing. — Melanie Fiona

Networking is all about connecting with people. But then again, isn’t that what life is about? The more time you can find to get out of the office and build true friendships, the farther your startup will go. Entrepreneurs need to remember to spend as much time working on their business as they do in their business. — Jay Samit

I really utilize all of my social networking sites. — Bethany Mota

Young people know how to use these social networking tools, and they know how to use them effectively. — Edward Norton

Sometimes, idealistic people are put off the whole business of networking as something tainted by flattery and the pursuit of selfish advantage. But virtue in obscurity is rewarded only in Heaven. To succeed in this world you have to be known to people. — Sonia Sotomayor

Love, friendship, networking – these are all critical connections and the foundation of a healthy, happy life. — Whitney Wolfe Herd

To nurture the sort of relationships that will truly help propel you towards accomplishing great things, you need to forget transactional networking and focus on having in-depth conversations with fewer people about subjects you really care about. — Naveen Jain

Unlike 4G and previous generations of technology, 5G is very different. It is not just about radio. In fact, it stands across the full network from mobile access to cloud core, from software-defined networking to all forms of backhaul, front haul, IP routing, fixed networks, software, and more. — Rajeev Suri

He thinks he can use the jail for networking to be somebody. In that way, he’s always operating. — John Leguizamo

With Twitter and other social networking tools, you can get a lot of advice from great people. I learn more from Twitter than any survey or discussion with a big company. — Daniel Ek

I think the whole aspect of social networking is vulgar and repulsive in a lot of ways. But I also see why it’s appealing – I’ve had that little high you get from posting stuff online. But then you think, ‘Did I need to say that?’ I’ve explored that enough to know to stay kind of quiet these days. — Trent Reznor

Google and Facebook, each in their own way, have revolutionized the delivery of advertising based on search and social networking, creating a sort of anti-Spam: targeted, relevant ads that a consumer might actually welcome rather than spurn. — Marcus Buckingham

The hardest thing about acting is all of the other things you have to think about besides performing… Your image, your team, networking – not to mention the mental strength you need to be able to stay unaffected by the rejection that every actor experiences. — Cameron Boyce

Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can’t buy friendships. — Lindsay Fox

Because of things like iTunes and streaming and social networking, it’s destroyed music. It’s destroyed the motivation to go out there and really make the best record possible. It’s a shame. — Kirk Hammett

In social networking sites, individuals hide their identities and indulge in individual attack on celebrities and others. It’s a wrong kind of politics. — Tamilisai Soundararajan

We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenues for the next Bob Dylan to be born on. — Jon Bon Jovi

Social networking technology didn’t really exist until 2004-2005. I had the idea to use this technology to bridge this gap between a general interest in addressing social issues and the practical action. — Ben Rattray

AOL invented social networking. — Jeff Bewkes

It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. Your book is going to impress, but in the end it is people that are going to hire you. — Mike Davidson

Social networking helps reach people easier and quicker. — Bill Cosby

I’m no good at anything but comedy, which I think I’m good at. I’m absolutely no good at networking; I’m terrible at acting; I’m terrible at dealing with executives; I’m terrible at collaborating. And I say whatever I want to say. But I think I’m good enough at comedy that I can survive. And I don’t really have an ambition for money. — Norm MacDonald

We’ve weathered a few storms before, like when social networking was considered a fad. I think that we have a track record of being on to something big. — Tyler Winklevoss

I talk to my readers on social networking sites, but I never tell them what the book is about. Writing is lonely, so from time to time I talk to them on the Internet. It’s like chatting at a bar without leaving your office. I talk with them about a lot of things other than my books. — Paulo Coelho

There’s some people that obviously abuse social networking or whatever, but I think it’s a fantastic idea. I’ve never had any bad encounters with any of it. — Maisie Williams

The ‘SheTrades’ programme aims to connect one million women entrepreneurs to markets by 2020 with a campaign, a focussed networking app, and a range of international and national information resources. — Arancha Gonzalez

I think my selfies are the main reason for my fan following on social networking sites. These photos and videos are liked and shared by the followers, and consequently, they go viral. — Neha Kakkar

I could always play the drums, so I have some musical talent, but I don’t live in Atlanta or LA, so I can’t just randomly bump into major artists. So instead, I started building my fan base and my name by networking through the internet. Mostly through Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. — Murda Beatz

I have always had stuff on the Internet. Way back in the Myspace days, I had a lot of friends on Myspace. And it is just all about, like, networking – contacting people and showing people, like, your mind. — Kreayshawn

I find my best writing time is actually 6 A.M., before the detritus of the day – the fish fingers and the school uniform and dogs and bills – have had a chance to clog up my brain. I can usually get 500 words done before 7 A.M. But it is difficult, and the Internet, and social networking, are terrible timesucks. — Jojo Moyes

Health should be easy. The good news is that, through the increasing use of mobile devices with their real-time networking capabilities and by addressing health collaboratively in our communities, we’re accelerating the ‘democratization of health care.’ — Bruce Broussard

Networking is an essential part of building wealth. — Armstrong Williams

Well, I think the social networking is really interesting. — Marissa Mayer

Networking is rubbish; have friends instead. — Steve Winwood

I don’t really go out and do too much like networking and Hollywood events kind of thing. But I do some writing, and I find it helps me as an actor in terms of giving yourself back the power and feeling a bit of strength in that respect. — Scottie Thompson

People are so accustomed now to social networking. Now everybody has custom-made news for him or her. So everybody is a content maker and a content reactor. — Lucien Bourjeily

Many believe effective networking is done face-to-face, building a rapport with someone by looking at them in the eye, leading to a solid connection and foundational trust. — Raymond Arroyo

I was always a composer since I was a kid, but the BMI Workshop is where the networking really all stems from. So many writers and influences and ways of communicating all sprang out of the time I was a member of that workshop. — Alan Menken

I think that it will be the mobile technologies, both from the enterprise and the consumer side, where super unicorns will come from. I still believe that social networking in combination with mobile will create opportunities for super unicorns. — David Sze

In the digital universe, our personal history and its sense of narrative is succeeded by our social networking profile – a snapshot of the current moment. The information itself – our social graph of friends and likes – is a product being sold to market researchers in order to better predict and guide our futures. — Douglas Rushkoff

Social networking sites are an easy way to insult people. People have sent me messages saying that they are praying for me to get injured. Such messages are not nice, because I love playing football: I love playing for my club; I love playing football for Ghana. — Kevin-Prince Boateng

I was doing a lot of networking in the Valley, and I found that it was not a very diverse environment, and most of the conferences and meetup events I went to, there weren’t many women or people of color in those rooms. — Kimberly Bryant

I must admit that I don’t really understand social networking models that well, and I haven’t tried to because I have just not been enthused about this whole thing. — David Cheriton

I don’t set out to be connected. My business has allowed me to meet lots of interesting people, some of whom have become friends; but you can’t force it. This terrible word – ‘networking’ – I really hate. — Ben Elliot

While consumer social like Facebook and Twitter gets the headlines, perhaps the greatest untapped potential for social networking lies in business applications. — Ryan Holmes

Learning networking basics is only a gateway to career growth and exploration. — Tae Yoo

A lot of young producers will stay at home and make beats all day but making beats is only about 20 percent of the job. The other 80 percent is networking; that’s what I feel like a lot of people are lacking. — Murda Beatz

Networking is working. — Denise Morrison

What makes a great standalone piece of hardware is not the same thing as what makes a great networking device. One can work as an essentially closed system. The other is absolutely dependent on its openness. — Douglas Rushkoff

Networking doesn’t have to be all about talking shop over appetizers and bad chardonnay – do it in a way that works for you. — Kathryn Minshew

I’ve met so many who have opened doors for me and remained in my life both personally and professionally. After a while, networking doesn’t feel like ‘networking.’ It’s both serendipitous and unpredictable, and something that just naturally becomes part of your work life and your personal life. — Narciso Rodriguez

Humshakals totally exist. In fact, I was on one of these social networking websites, and I noticed that there is this entire research done on Hollywood celebrities who look like each other. — Tamannaah

Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know. — Sallie Krawcheck

I resisted Twitter for a long time. To me, it was synonymous with networking, which in my mind means unceasing self-promotion and superficial small-talk with strangers. A little like wading into a river with a raging current – and I’m a terrible swimmer. — Celeste Ng

Networking technology is at the heart of the Internet, connecting devices and local networks with the global public Internet. Planning, designing, building, managing, and supporting IP networks all require dedicated networking skills. — Tae Yoo

People think I’m rude. I’m not rude; I’m just not networking. It’s just honesty. — Louise Wilson

Personally, I can’t see the appeal in trekking down to D.C. for a networking extravaganza, even if it is built around a special moment in American history. While I find the election of Barack Obama inspirational, I don’t have a desire to memorialize it with overly effusive celebration. — Jamie Johnson

I think there is something about the Internet which gives people almost an opportunity to role play and to create a facade, an image. I see that as quite a dangerous development because I think what we call social networking, Twitter, Facebook, etc., is actually quite antisocial. — Steven Wilson

There are lot of ways people get non-economic payback – learning, networking, and relationships. These drive most angels more than the money. — Gil Penchina

Facebook is the first class of social networking. If MySpace is Camden Lock then Facebook is Harvey Nichols. — Claudia Winkleman

I’m an optimist. My own fiction, while it has its own dark warnings about pitfalls ahead, depicts the potential of science to improve society by networking human minds. — Ramez Naam

I had no idea that social networking would be as prominent as it is today. And it’s important to understand what that phenomenon is. If you text someone, you get an immediate response; if you e-mail them, you probably never hear from them. — John Morgridge

I had learnt from my years of being in the services business, like networking and closely watching the early days of the Internet, that scale leads to many possibilities. — Peter Barris

Technology is a compulsive and addictive way to live. Verbal communication cannot be lost because of a lack of skill. The ability to listen and learn is key to mastering the art of communication. If you don’t use your verbal skills and networking, it will disappear rapidly. Use technology wisely. — Rick Pitino

Whatever you’re selling, storage or networking or security, you’re going head to head with the incumbent players. — Marc Andreessen

Founded in August 2003, MySpace would go on to be the most-visited social networking site in the world from 2005 until early 2008. — David Sze

Instead of telling the world what you’re eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that’s meaningful. — Edward Norton

There’s a fast-track if you can do the networking. For some personalities it works, but for mine it doesn’t. — Idris Elba

Creating on-campus communities for student veterans will help ease the transition from military to student life by providing networking opportunities, assistance with federal benefits, and career services. — Lois Frankel

Networking, of course, is great, but the best way to network is to do work. — Steve Zissis

As we all become increasingly reliant on social networking websites and new technologies to stay connected, it’s important to remain cognizant of how private personal information and data is handled. — Michael Bennet

Networking is never easier than when people are coming to you. — Tahl Raz

I’m there on all the social networking sites, as it plays an important role. — Yami Gautam

The best way we have to ensure that consumers are fairly represented in today’s confusing world of buzzwords and rapidly evolving technologies is to communicate openly with others and tap into the social and networking resources that the Web itself provides us all. — Molly Holzschlag

For almost the first year of The Muse’s life, I would do 5 to 8 networking events a week. And I don’t necessarily think that’s the right path for everyone, but I realized that as an entrepreneur, one of my strengths was finding the right people who could help us. I didn’t come into startups with any network. — Kathryn Minshew

Wikis and social networking are just tools. — Jimmy Wales

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