No Labels

No Labels

What are we doing here? I’m not sure what’s going on with us right now. We broke up at Christmas but never stopped seeing each other, now we’re continuing to meet up for drinks and pizza and having the most intimate of times. I’m not sure about your motivations but for me, you’re an addiction, I can’t give you up. I still see the boy I loved. You make me giddy with excitement each time we meet and laugh like an idiot with your silliness. I don’t feel the attraction I feel to you with anyone else and I never really have. We flirt like crazy from the offset, with daring gazes and sneaky little smiles and words we wouldn’t say to anyone else.

Calling ourselves friends but we don’t feel like friends, we feel more. We only have eyes for each other and we both know it. Each meeting we finally get to a point in the night where we can’t resist anymore. Our hands meet and clasp together and the rest follows.

Everyone is so quick to label relationships to give them meaning, but we don’t need to and although it’s taking a bit of getting used to, we don’t need to be Facebook official. We don’t need to take photos of us together to show the world. Neither of us will face the sharp words of our families so we keep it from them too.

Why shouldn’t we just enjoy what we’re doing? Just enjoy each other. Life is for living and we’re two adults who just want to live our lives as we chose. For the time being I’m enjoying what I have with you, this relationship which remains unlabeled and honestly that’s what I want right now.

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