I catch myself thinking “I want to go home” even though I am already there (physically). Is that statement something from the soul? Where is home, then? I’ll be honest. I feel like shit. I always make my posts about me but what more interesting subject than the self? I say what I can through here because in the real “world” – out here – people like to judge and if you have a problem they want to share an opinion as to how you could fix whatever is wrong. I don’t need help. I just want someone to listen. There’s a difference. Maybe someone could even relate – but I see how they look at me when I speak. I know they aren’t on the same frequency as me. I don’t need advise. I just want peace. Peace within me. Tell me what to do so I could feel better.

I feel like I am out of my comfort zone. I go to school and I work and my days off aren’t even mine. I’m tired. I used to think sleeping more would help this misery. But it seems as if sleep is not what I need. I am exhausted in every way – spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. The higher I go whether in real life or within myself, the heavier the walk becomes. Usually I could see the better good in a situation but right now I feel like I’m drowning. I keep counting down the days that the semester is over. Living in Brooklyn basically, working in Queens, studying in Westchester. I am not used to leaving my comfort zone.


I’m off.

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