59+ Best Olaf Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Olaf is a fictional character from Disney’s Frozen franchise, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Profoundly inspirational Olaf quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

Famous Olaf Quotes

Yellow and snow? No go! — Olaf

Yeah, it really is beautiful, isn’t it? But it’s so white. Y’know, how about a little color? I’m thinking maybe some crimson, chartreuse. How about yellow? No, not yellow. Yellow and snow? — Olaf

And who’s the funky looking donkey over there? — Olaf

But we ran all the way here. — Olaf

Yeah, um… I think so. — Olaf

And quite possibly the last. — Olaf

Whoa, you really don’t know anything about love, do you? — Olaf

I don’t have a skull. Or bones. — Olaf

No, no! Not you guys! — Olaf

Hey! We were just talking about you. All good things, all good things! — Olaf

I always wanted a nose! It’s so cute, like a baby unicorn! — Olaf

Nope! — Olaf

Love is…putting someone else’s needs before yours. — Olaf

Uh-huh, and who’s the reindeer? — Olaf

Hey, Anna! Sven! Where’d you guys go? We totally lost Marshmallow back there! — Olaf

Because I love you, Anna, I insist you run. — Olaf

We totally lost marshmallow back there. — Olaf

Oh they’re bo – oh! Okay. Makes things easier for me. — Olaf

Ah, that feels better. — Olaf

Just maybe not right this second. — Olaf

So this is what heat feels like! Oh, but don’t touch it! — Olaf

Hi, everyone. I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs! — Olaf

I am not leaving here until we find some other act of true love to save you! Do you happen to have any ideas? — Olaf

Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs! — Olaf

An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart! — Olaf

Oh, I love it. It’s so cute. It like a little baby unicorn. — Olaf

Oh, I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the idea of summer, and sun, and all things hot. — Olaf

Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle. — Olaf

Oh, look at that. I’ve Been impaled. — Olaf

Summer? — Olaf

Hands down, this is the best day of my life. — Olaf

I like to consider myself a love expert. — Olaf

Want more Olaf? — Olaf

Hey do me a favor, grab my butt! — Olaf

That’s okay, I do. Love… is… putting someone else’s needs before yours; like, you know, how Kristoff brought you back here to Hans and left you forever. — Olaf

You hesitated. — Olaf

All right! Let’s go kiss Hans! Who is this Hans? — Olaf

Why aren’t you running? — Olaf

Hi, Sven’s family! It’s nice to meet you! — Olaf

I like warm hugs. — Olaf

Yeah. Why? — Olaf

Hey, guys! — Olaf

Hey, we were just talking about you! All good things, all good things. — Olaf

I’ve always liked the idea of summer and all things hot! — Olaf

Yeah, you built me! Remember that? — Olaf

Happy snowman! — Olaf

You guys go and I’ll distract him. — Olaf

Hand down this is the best day of my life…and quite possible my last! — Olaf

All good things, all good things. — Olaf

Some people are just worth melting for… — Olaf

No go. Am I right? — Olaf

Glide and pivot. And glide and pivot. — Olaf

Wow, you really don’t know anything about love, do you? — Olaf

Ow, but don’t touch it. — Olaf

I guess I was wrong. I guess Kristoff doesn’t love you enough to leave you behind. — Olaf

I can’t feel my legs! — Olaf

Look, the sky’s awake. — Olaf

This just got a lot more complicated. — Olaf

I understand you’re love experts. Ooh! — Olaf

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