147+ Best Old People Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Profoundly inspirational old people quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

Famous Old People Quotes

Luckily, West End audiences seem to rather like very old people. — Wendy Hiller

While all old people have been young, no young people have been old, and this troubling fact engenders the frustration of all parents and elders, which is that while you can describe your experience, you cannot confer it. — Andrew Solomon

I have an idea I want to test, for combining old peoples’ homes and orphanages. Old people are lonely without children, children are lonely without parents. Why not bring them together? — Zhou Xun

We have a very old saying in our household: ‘Inspect what you expect.’ You hold people accountable, and I use my business background for finding the most efficient and effective solutions to deliver the result we’re looking for. — Matt Rosendale

You know you must be doing something right if old people like you. — Dave Chappelle

Commissioners are obsessed with young people, which is funny because they don’t watch telly – only old people do. — Jennifer Saunders

I didn’t have a philosophical understanding of music until I came to New York. I didn’t understand how it applied to my kind and my generation. I thought it was just old people talking. — Wynton Marsalis

When I think about Edmonton, Silver Street and Pymmes Park, the old people whose faces are so unhappy, it pushes me to be better. I want to be better to help places like this. — Benjamin Clementine

I am happy to be patient zero. It is for the world, for the sick children and sick old people. My life has been good. I understand the risks but I research how people die and I am happy to say that today I do not know how I will die now. Tomorrow or in the long future I was up for a change. — Liz Parrish

What we know about super old people who are thriving is that they don’t become infirm, they don’t get cancer, they don’t get Alzheimer’s. — Steven Gundry

In my opinion, the Republican Party is the last on the list to care about the needs of old people and children and poor people. — Rickie Lee Jones

I’ve had old people in my life that I really loved – especially women – so I’m not scared about getting old. It’s what’s inside that makes us beautiful on the outside. — Monica Bellucci

I hope that when I’m 80 years old, people will still be talking about my wedding. — Jennifer Hudson

Frankly, I wish they would do ‘The Bachelorette’ for old people. And I could be the bachelorette. — Julie White

I don’t want to see old people doing rap or rock and roll. It makes me cringe. — Grace Slick

I think retirement’s for old people. I’m still in the business, thank you. I have a young child of nine years old, and I want to live as long as I can to see him grow up. I’m enjoying my life and I want to stick around for as long as I can. — Harrison Ford

What old people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can. Old deeds for old people, and new deeds for new. — Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes when you’re with the same old people, you get the same old thing. — Dave Davies

When I was a child, I loved old people. My New Hampshire grandfather was my model human being. — Donald Hall

I never heard of an old man forgetting where he had buried his money! Old people remember what interests them: the dates fixed for their lawsuits, and the names of their debtors and creditors. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Voting is designed for old people. — Jaboukie Young-White

I hate old people, I hate children. I think any celebrity that adopts a child from a third world country is a fool. — Joan Rivers

If you meet a girl who says: ‘Darling, what do you mean? Of course I wear suspenders. I’ve worn them all my life. I think tights are for old people,’ then know this: she’s desperate to have kids, she wants you and her to live in the same house as her mum, she never wants to go out and she just wants to lie on your chest for the next 15 years. — Claudia Winkleman

Yahoo is in everything from pets to old people to finance to communications to e-commerce and more, and I really thrive on that. — Jerry Yang

I suppose the only thing at 50 you can really start to look forward to is just total irresponsibility. As you get older, you can just sit in a chair, wear anything you want, you know you can walk down; old people dress cool. You know they wear sweatpants. The elderly have it down. — Johnny Depp

I got a gerontology certificate a million years ago along with my law degree, so I’ve been interested in older people for many years. Some people grow up with a lot of kids around, but I just grew up with a lot of old people. — Elizabeth Strout

It doesn’t matter how old people are. It matters if they love each other and have fun with each other. It has nothing to do with age. To get old is a mental disease. Everything is in the head. — Nina Hagen

We must oppose programs that would take food from the mouths of younger generations to buy prescription drugs for old people, and we must do it… for the children. — L. Neil Smith

I have a saying: There are no brave old people in finance. Because if you’re brave, you mostly get destroyed in your 30s and 40s. If you make it to your 50s and 60s and you’re still prospering, you have a very good sense of how to avoid problems and when to be conservative or aggressive with your investments. — Stephen A. Schwarzman

Is a one-way trip to Mars ever really seriously going to happen? Surely that’s morally reprehensible. However old people are, however much they say they want to go on a one-way mission, people should be thinking about the possibility of returning. — Helen Sharman

Life is sweet, but sometimes old people just don’t get it. — LaMelo Ball

I think back to the old people I knew when I was growing up, and they always seemed larger than life. — Chinua Achebe

The youth of the ANC, ever since 1944 when it was established, has been very vocal. It has made suggestions on things so that, at times, old people said, ‘What are you doing?’ That is its nature. Alliance partners, they have always raised issues. In fact, that is what brings vibrancy in the alliance. People misread that as huge fights. — Jacob Zuma

I have a wonderful respect for old people. — Craig Kilborn

I think it’s strange when people my age and younger get surgery. Somebody’s got to play old people. — Ashley Jensen

When old people speak it is not because of the sweetness of words in our mouths; it is because we see something which you do not see. — Chinua Achebe

Miami is the place where all great Medicare fraud schemes come from. It has a great concentration of professional criminals and old people. — David Fahrenthold

I use to live on this street when I was a kid where there was an old person retirement home, and all of the old people would listen to that band Herman’s Hermits, and they would wear white nursing shoes. And they would throw away stacks of VHS tapes, and I would go through the trash and take them. — Harmony Korine

I used to live in a village, and I always loved listening to old people. Unfortunately, it was always women who were talking, because after the war, very few men were around. I spent my entire life living in the village. The village is always talking about itself; people are talking to each other as the village makes sense of itself. — Svetlana Alexievich

America is the one rich country with the biggest slums, the least democratic and least developed health system, and the most niggardly attitude against its old people. — Gunnar Myrdal

Old people have a much better time in India because they’re respected. — Miriam Margolyes

I just really love hanging out with really old people. They’re the best dinner dates you could ever have. All that life experience and understanding. — Mischa Barton

When I was young, I despised old people. I was provincial and narrow-minded. It’s the reason I stayed stupid so long. If you only get involved with young people you don’t learn anything about the world. — Edmund White

Both young children and old people have a lot of time on their hands. That’s probably why they get along so well. — Jonathan Carroll

I like old people falling over, that’s what makes me laugh. — Allan Carr

I don’t talk to old people; they try to find ways to stay static. Young folks are the ones with the ideas and constantly moving forward. — Prince

That’s why I’m never happy. Every tragedy, I really feel very painful – especially about a child or old people. This is reality. We try to close eyes and ears, but it’s happening every second, and somehow, unfortunately, I feel a connection. — Kristine Opolais

Our society must make it right and possible for old people not to fear the young or be deserted by them, for the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members. — Pearl S. Buck

I’m grateful to intelligent people. That doesn’t mean educated. That doesn’t mean intellectual. I mean really intelligent. What black old people used to call ‘mother wit’ means intelligence that you had in your mother’s womb. That’s what you rely on. You know what’s right to do. — Maya Angelou

I worked at an old folks’ home once in Harlem, and I was an activities volunteer. I used to do all these plays with the old people. I did ‘The Wizard of Oz;’ it was adapted. There was a guy there who played the harmonica, so we had an overture, and The Wizard was 96. — Tony Danza

I don’t like to see people on trolleys in hospitals; I don’t like to see old people sitting in chairs for hours. — Enda Kenny

Old people are often impatient, but for what? — Jonathan Carroll

I hate how old people get in my way when I’m swimming. You’re trying to get into the zone and normally, if there’s someone faster than you, you get out of the way, but old people don’t; they’re like, you can go round me. I give a little tut when I pass them. — Sara Pascoe

There’s one more terrifying fact about old people: I’m going to be one soon. — P. J. O’Rourke

Any woman will tell you after the menopause, nobody whistle at her, well – that’s just the beginning. As you get older people don’t want you at their parties, we all are prejudiced about old people. — Prue Leith

If someone says to you, ‘Go to an old-folks’ home,’ that’s kind of ridiculous, because a lot of old people are doing terrific things for society. — Myron Scholes

Don’t hustle old people. — John Burns

The great secret that all old people share is that you really haven’t changed in seventy or eighty years. Your body changes, but you don’t change at all. And that, of course, causes great confusion. — Doris Lessing

As long as cantankerous old people have existed, they have complained that kids nowadays don’t seem to know anything. — Alexandra Petri

I have this weird obsession with kids and old people falling. Like, funny falls. It is awful, but it’s the thing that makes me laugh the most. — Malin Akerman

You know that everyone thinks that in order to do South Park we must be wild, crazy, rock and roll stars. But the truth is we’re just wholesome middle-American guys. We enjoy soda pop, baseball and beating up old people just as much as anybody. — Trey Parker

I think, the world over, new ideas have come from young people. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but it is rare that new or radical ideas come from old people. — Farhan Akhtar

I have seen ups and downs. I am 10 films old. People say I have changed. But, I don’t sense any change in myself. If I had to change, I would have changed in my second or third film. — Rohit Shetty

I think it would be interesting if old people got anti-Alzheimer’s disease where they slowly began to recover other people’s lost memories. — George Carlin

There’s a convention in English stuff that if something is more than 100 years old, people have to say ‘do not’ instead of ‘don’t. They have to say ‘will not’ instead of ‘won’t.’ People are speaking in a way that is not accessible or normal. And people didn’t ever speak like that. — Steven Knight

I’m one of these children who grew up at the knee of my grandmother and her elder sister, listening to very old people talk about their memories. — Hilary Mantel

Never post food on your Instagram. Nobody cares, and only old people do it. — Mary H.K. Choi

Old people whimper, and cry, and belch, and make great hollow rumbling sounds at table; old people wake up in the middle of the night screaming, and find out they haven’t even been asleep; and when old people are asleep, they try to wake up, and they can’t… not for the longest time. — Edward Albee

God has use for all the old people. — Ruby Dee

I thought it must be desperate to be old. To wake up in the morning and remember that you were ancient – and so behave that way. I thought old people were full of aches and pains and horrible illnesses. — Maeve Binchy

Medicines are only fit for old people. — Napoleon Bonaparte

We treat old people so badly. There is nothing easy about 80. — Jack Klugman

The people who have impacted the world didn’t live long. Martin Luther King. John F. Kennedy. These people who impact the world were not old people, but they lived so effectively that we cannot erase them from history. — Myles Munroe

I have this concept that I will create a creche for old people. Yes, a creche, how when you go to work you drop kids to their creche and there they mingle with other kids and at the same time are in safe hands and you know they have been looked after. — Shilpa Shinde

And it’s also producing a growth in debt to the United States that will weight very heavily in a country that has to address issues like having more old people to be covered by Social Security or by pension in the future. — Rodrigo Rato

Develop your eccentricities while you are young. That way, when you get old, people won’t think you’re going gaga. — David Ogilvy

I didn’t realize it at the time, but writing obituaries was one of best jobs that I’ve ever had. After all, it’s the only time that someone will ever laminate my work and put it in their Bible. Plus, let’s be honest, writing obits in Sarasota is a very busy job. The old saying was that old people lived in Miami, but their parents lived in Sarasota. — Kathleen Flinn

When you’re young, you wonder what all these old people are droning on about, trying to impart their wisdom. It’s not relevant to you because being young is such a specific thing. Thank God for that. Thank God for the young people who go out and demonstrate against rampant capitalism or whatever. — Helen Mirren

It seems that when you get to a certain age you almost give yourself permission to misbehave and say what you think. People allow it, with very old people. — Julie Walters

Television was not cool among the young people of my era, the last years of the ’90s and the early ’00s. It was not just old people who’d castigate you for watching anything but public television. We young people scoffed at each other about it. — Michelle Dean

In Hiroshima, bombed Aug. 6, 1945, no warning was given of the air attack, and thus no escape was possible for the mostly women, children and old people who fell victim. — Lydia Millet

I know why politicians want to go on TV: that’s where really old people are. And old people vote. — Cenk Uygur

My father, though, could run very much faster. It was impossible to compete with him on the grass. But it was astonishing how slow old people were. Some of them could not run up a hill and called it trying to climb stairs. — Georg Brandes

I’m not making music for old people or young people. — Stromae

My dad had to work for everything in his life; so did my mum: she cleaned people’s houses and looked after old people. You can be complacent and sit on the couch and complain about the dreams that you missed. Get off the couch! — Sam Worthington

It’s human nature to be curious about people, and to be more curious about young people than old people. We want to cheer something on at the same time we want to tear it down. That’s just so normal. — Amy Grant

I like cups of tea and reading books and poetry and old people things. — Bindi Irwin

I don’t colour my hair, and I look like the back end of a bus, so I get asked to play old people. — Gemma Jones

They studio were flabbergasted when they discovered how interested everybody was in ‘those old people.’ And now many upcoming projects feature older people; it’s become a trend. — Daniel Petrie

Crazy old people are our entire source of polling information. — P. J. O’Rourke

You listen to a song by Nicky Jam, and you don’t think about reggaeton; you just think, ‘I like that song.’ I got old people listening to my music, young people listening to my music. — Nicky Jam

You know, ‘The Golden Girls’ was a very unusual show to start on. I was young, and it was a show about old people, and it was a very traditional show, but it was also an amazing training ground for a joke-writer. It forced me to learn those skills. — Mitchell Hurwitz

We filed a constitutional rights lawsuit on my reservation, and I had to go out and interview all these old people. And I found that many of the old people on my reservation didn’t know who was president. That kind of pointed out to me the irrelevance at times of who is in Washington. — Winona LaDuke

I’m not a glamour boy, and I never get the girl. I like to play old people, because there’s something to them. Did you ever see anybody under 30 with any real character or expression in his face? — Walter Brennan

Some old people, they remember that they used to play clarinet, and they remember the squeaks of the clarinet. But I don’t play like that. — Anat Cohen

Dementia is such a terrifying thing for all of us, and we are particularly bad at coping with old people in this country. — Olivia Colman

I can see myself as a very old man in a terrific wheelchair. Only, I won’t be photographing the tree outside my window, the way Steichen did. I’ll be photographing other old people. — Richard Avedon

I believed that old people never laughed. I thought they sighed a lot and groaned. They walked with sticks, and they didn’t like children on bicycles or roller skates… or with big dogs. — Maeve Binchy

My grandmother lived with us for a short time while I was a child. Old people tend to be slightly more eccentric – they can behave the way they want. — Julie Walters

Old people are scary. And I have to face it. I am old and I am scary. — Maggie Smith

I try not to be too profane around children or old people. Other than that, that’s how I speak. — Paula Malcomson

Travel is one of the best anti-war weapons that there are. I’ve been to Iran, and if you’re there you see little kids, cops, old people, cemeteries. Once you see that, you can’t say, ‘Oh, Iran, let’s bomb them.’ — Viggo Mortensen

These trees and these old people have one thing in common, they’re both going in the ground soon! — Bam Margera

We have to start creating more material that gives a platform for people of colour, for women, for old people and young people alike to be able to showcase their talent. It’s much bigger than a black or white thing. — Stephan James

I think old people like Hillary Clinton and I shouldn’t try and be cool with social networks, you know; maybe she should leave that stuff up to Chelsea. — Stanley Druckenmiller

I’d stand in line for Confession with old people and little kids, and as the line moved up, I knew when I got into the box that I would lie! Again! — Mercedes McCambridge

Harlem is not a playground for rich bankers and consultants. It’s got students of all colors. It’s got old people who keep history and tell tall tales. — Marcus Samuelsson

I think old people should just be old and go away. — Nicola Formichetti

I never weigh myself, but the brutal truth of television is that they don’t employ old people or fat people. — Ruby Wax

Our target customers are people in their 20s. Old people wanted to be 21 again, and young people wanted to be 21 forever. — Do Won Chang

Old people love to give good advice; it compensates them for their inability to set a bad example. — Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I see all these old people who don’t have anything to do but eat, drink and sleep. I will never say ‘retired’ because that’s such a finality that I don’t want to be part of my life. I’ll work until they throw me in a box. — Mario Andretti

Think about old people; think about young people, those with immune system problems. They can’t really protect themselves well against the flu, so by you limiting the spread of the flu and getting vaccinated, you’re helping protect them as well. — Mikhail Varshavski

I feel even old people can do a nice love story, but here we don’t make that kind of films. In the West, such films are being made and they make a nice romance, which is more like compassion. — Om Puri

I’ve always despised old people. I got angry at my father when he began to show signs of age. — William Steig

Oh, I am very old fashioned about my literature taste. I like Henry James. I like George Elliot. I like Dostoyevsky. I like the old people. I really do. I like people who write big, fat, juicy novels you can get completely lost in! — Sonya Walger

When I’m sitting in the church alone, I can hear singing of the old people. I can hear their singing and I can hear their praying, and sometimes I hum one of their songs. — Ernest Gaines

Television is the same as the telephone, and the same as the World Wide Web for that matter. People who become obsessed by the peculiarities of these communications media have simply failed to adjust to the shock of the old. People who bleat on about the ‘artistic’ potential of television qua television are equally deluded. — Will Self

Kids are born into the situation they’re born into, and obviously, they have no control over that. And we, as adults, it’s up to us to take care of kids – that’s part of your moral responsibility. I always tell people, ‘There’s two groups we should take care of – old people and young people.’ — Charles Barkley

The Silverlake Conservatory is a nonprofit music school in Los Angeles where we teach music, mostly to kids, but to people of all ages – people who are old, people with beards, all kinds of people. — Flea

In India, women are still the primary caregivers. Whether it be for children, whether it be for old people or sick people, you are the primary caregiver. No matter what position you are in. — Arundhati Bhattacharya

That’s the hard part about sport: as men we haven’t started to be in our prime, but as athletes we are old people. I needed support. I lost trust and did stupid things. — Boris Becker

I think old people are scary. They remind you of your own death. People don’t like to tell you that. — Grace Slick

Numbers of the old people cannot read. Those who can seldom do. — Wilfred Owen

I used to love to sit and listen to the old people talk about yesterday. There’s a lot of good information there. — Curtis Mayfield

Old people should be heard but not seen. Young people should be seen, not heard. — Grace Slick

Racism been over. It’s the old people that keep on holding on to it. — ASAP Ferg

I mean, that’s another big surprise of the show, is that I see sixteen year old people who recognize me and they’re honest, for-real fans of the show. And it goes down to nine months. I mean, I’ve heard of nine month to year-old children who are watching the show. — Steve Burns

Slot machines are like crack for old people. — Keenen Ivory Wayans

In those days, when you got boxed, that was it. A lot of old people were there because somebody wanted the farm. It was about property. People are treated like property. — Kate Millett

When we looked at the life cycle in our 40s, we looked to old people for wisdom. At 80, though, we look at other 80-year-olds to see who got wise and who not. Lots of old people don’t get wise, but you don’t get wise unless you age. — Erik Erikson

Old deeds for old people, and new deeds for new. — Henry David Thoreau

You either evolve or you don’t. I don’t like old people on a rock n’ roll stage. I think they look pathetic, me included. And the fact that I represent an era means I can’t just go out there and do all new stuff. They would all say, ‘Sing ‘White Rabbit,’ and I’d say no? That’s rude. — Grace Slick

You know how they say that old people with Alzheimer’s, they kind of go back, and they revert to the most emotional part of their life, what they did when they were younger… I think I am going to be cursed with reliving ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’ in my mind. And playing ‘Dragon’s Layer’ when I enter Alzheimer’s. — Rich Moore

When I was a kid, there was no distinction between a movie about old people or young people. It was either funny or not. It was either entertaining or not. It was either exciting or not. It was either thrilling or not. — Joseph Bologna

I remember the first time going to St. Jude. I didn’t like going there because the children were ill, and it just broke my heart. It makes you test your religion when you see something like that. But the Lord doesn’t want just old people. You know, He wants some young people, too, and good people. He takes care of them. He takes care of them. — Lee Trevino

I’m sure that is a reason why young people occasionally bash up old people – because the ages don’t mix any more. — Penelope Keith

I don’t care about age very much. I think back to the old people I knew when I was growing up, and they always seemed larger than life. — Chinua Achebe

I did telemarketing for years, starting at the age of 16, just selling steak knives to old people. Old people go through a weird amount of steak knives. I also sold straight meat over the telephone. — Adam DeVine

I’m passionate about old people because I am one myself. — Len Goodman

Health care does not worry me a great deal. I’ve been impressed by some wonderful old people. — Graham Chapman

We’re like old people now playing music. I’m so glad we stuck it out because it’s a lot better. I used to feel kind of anxious. Now our apprenticeship is over. — Thurston Moore

From birth to death, anyone can fish. I just think it’s fantastic to see old people going fishing with young people and teaching them things. I’m very, very critical. — Rex Hunt

I like making films about old people because they are repositories of amazing stories that they tell well. And they’re incredibly good telly. — Ian Hislop

I think age is just something written down on a piece of paper. I mean, you come across 20-year-olds who are like old people sometimes. I’ve never taken much account of age throughout my life – my own or anyone else’s. — Emmanuelle Seigner

To see those babies with no food for three of four days, old people sitting in the hot sun, when you see these poor people, you cannot help but being compassionate or affected. — Geraldo Rivera

I grew up in the East Village with a lot of old people in my building, and I’m not sure if they lost their sense of smell over the years, but they always seemed to smell like they poured a bottle of perfume on themselves. I never want to become that person. — Sarah Hyland

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