Olives – the good oil

olive-oil-968657__180In my post SKIN STUFF  I wrote briefly about different oils that can be used in skin care. This week I want to focus in more detail on olive oil. Why?  Because it is SO good – and versatile.

Olive oil is known to be rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. It  helps to bolster the immune system and protect against viruses. It has also been documented to be effective in  fighting against a list of diseases and health hazards such as: High Blood Pressure:  Regular consumption of olive oil can help decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Diabetes: Having a diet rich in olive oil has been demonstrated and tested as an effective approach for diabetics. As olive oil is low in saturated fats, moderately rich in carbohydrates and soluble fiber from fruit, vegetables, pulses and grains, it helps a diabetic to lower the “Bad” low density lipoproteins hence improving blood sugar control and enhances the insulin sensitivity. Obesity: Though olive oil is high in calories it has been shown to help reduce the level of obesity. Heart Disease: Olive Oil lowers levels of blood cholesterol which may lead to heart disease. Osteoporosis: High consumption of olive oil helps to improve bone mineralization and calcification. It aids in calcium absorption and so plays an important role in aiding sufferers and in preventing the onset of Osteoporosis. Alzheimers:  is associated with the clogging of arteries caused by cholestrol and saturated fat. Hence replacing other fats with olive oil reduces the risk.


But did you know that you can use olive oil for skin and hair care too ?

HOT OIL HAIR CONDITIONING – massage a generous amount of olive oil into the hair and scalp.  Cover with a disposable shower cap.  Warm 2 towels in the oven. OR heat one towel at a time in the microwave for 30 seconds. Wrap the hot towel around head and alternate with another hot towel as it cools. This helps the oil to penetrate into the hair. Continue for 15 – 30 minutes. The wash and condition hair as usual.

OLIVE OIL AND SALT HAND TREATMENT  – Cover hands in olive oil and sea salt (also add some powdered sea weed or sea minerals for an additional nutrient boost). Massage in well all over to exfoliate hands.  Cover with disposable plastic gloves and leave on while doing chores – eg washing dishes etc. Remove gloves and rinse hands well in warm water. To finish off rub in a small amount of olive oil instead of hand cream. This delivers intensive treatment that will moisturise, regenerate and protect skin with vit’s E & K.

SOFTENING FOOT BATH – Place 5 – 6 tbsp Epsom salt, half a cup of white vinegar and 4 litres of warm water into a foot spa. Soak feet in solution for 10 – 15 mins . Dry feet, massage with olive oil and put on a pair of thick socks to give it time to soak in. Helps prevent perspiration and foot odour. It also restores natural pH balance in skin, is high magnesium content,  is a natural muscle relaxant that draws out toxins and may assist in lowering blood pressure, reduce stress, improve sleep and calm nervous system.

Olive oil can be used to to remove make-up and mascara. Olive oil is high in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These help to counter-act exposure to pollution, smoke and alcohol. Olive oil is so rich in in its nutrient value that it can be used topically on any part of the body to moisturise and regenerate the skin. AND you can eat it too – so you will be well oiled inside and out!

Adding a drop or two of essential oils into your treatments will give an additional layer of nutrition. Just remember to use 100% pure therapeutic grade oils to ensure there are no contaminants present. I personally prefer to use Young Living oils as I know their quality assurance processes are exemplary and trustworthy.

Here’s some suggestion of ones you might like to try:

Peppermint oil for the feet. It is cooling, soothing  and can help ease any aches and pains. While you’re at it, make yourself a cup of peppermint tea. Add just one drop to a cup of hot water. The only oils I would personally  ingest are Young Living oils deemed to be safe to do so. This is one of them.

Lemon oil for the hands. It is a great cleanser both inside and out and gives an additional boost of anti-oxidants. This is another oil good for ingesting. One drop in a glass of water in the morning before breakfast helps to cleanse the digestive system and kick start it with a nutrient boost.

Relax and enjoy !

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  1. Eeek I loved this!! I used to use olive oil for a lot of different home hair and skin treatments, however, I’ve now switched to coconut oil. What are your thoughts on coconut oil vs. olive oil?!


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