One love, One breathe, One life

One love, One breathe, One life

Today I’m going to talk about love and being happy.

This two things are so important to me and my life.

I can’t tell that I am not lucky because I have love, I have a house, money, a cat (!!!!) or is just the law of attraction, who knows right?

Well in my opinion it is wrong, I really believe in the law of attraction like I always believed on love.

And I have already found my love, my true love. I love myself and I love my boyfriend and he loves me.

I can tell you that I have the life that I want and I am so happy.

Yes sometimes I need to break the rules, but it’s worth it.

And sometimes I just need to follow my heart, my dreams and my intuitions.

And now, this is all so natural for me.

And if you don’t believe me, just try, just follow your heart and don’t think negatively, because it will not work at all.

And if you still don’t believe me I’ll give you two examples.

I was watching a life stream of a girl, she is called Allie and she is a huge inspiration for me.

She has such a good essence, she believes in her happiness above all and lives the life she has always dreamed of, because she believes in her.

And me…

Since last year I began to believe more in myself, to love myself and to be loved.

Everything that I wanted, everything that I dreamed for my life, I began to believe that all this could be real.

I needed to accept myself, to see that I really was not how people see me, to see my pure essence.

And I did that.

And now I see that I got what I am dreaming of, and I’m on the right track to get everything else!

Of course I’m not always happy there are always those days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed or sleeping, but these days are used to learn something from them, to gain new perspectives, new ideas.

So these days are not bad at all, are they?

So summarizing
Just breathe a little, take some breaks from the routine, feel free and think about what you really dream and believe it as if it were real because it is!

“Let love free you
And if you are questioning yourself
Turn the authority of your mind over to your heart”

– Allie Michelle

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