An Open Letter to My Nephews

On August 23rd at 8:13 AM, I welcomed my third beautiful nephew into the world. Dylan Rhys and he is the sweetest baby ever to live.

Just look at that face! He makes some of the funniest faces, but never peeps a sound. He just likes to chew on his hands and sleep. I love him to pieces.

There’s an instinct that takes over when you become an Aunt. It is so strong and so powerful it makes me question the meaning of life. As a parent, I am sure you have a lot of thoughts and fears when it comes to a new baby, but as an aunt, there is only one thing I want for my nephew and that is to be happy.

Though all three of my nephews are too young to read, I’d like to write a little something to my boys. Something they can read over and over when they are dealing with a problem that seems larger than life.

You are incredibly beautiful. A wondrous little soul who can capture the world if you wish. You are your aunt’s boys. Do not let the world tell you how to think, do not let the world kill that strive for greatness. You can do anything, you can be anything. You are strong and smart. You are kind and compassionate. Do not let the world take that away. Give everything your all and follow your heart.

I will always be here for you, no matter how bad things are, or how much trouble you’ve made for yourself. I will be on your side. We are humans and from time to time we make mistakes. I promise you there’s nothing that you can do to make me judge you. Do not fear my disappointment, but believe in my acceptance.

There is only one thing I want from you and that is your happiness. I want you to feel fulfilled in life. If you don’t want to go to college that’s okay. As long as that is what will make you happy. I will never try to convince you otherwise, but I will encourage you to be open-minded and consider all possibilities. If you want to cover your body in tattoos and try to be a rockstar I will be front row at every performance.  You are filled with potential and greatness. All I want is to nurture those attributes.

I have struggled with finding myself. I have struggled with finding my direction. I know that hopeless feeling when it comes to facing the world, and I am here to help you. Money doesn’t bring happiness, neither does living for someone else. What ever drives your passion is the key to happiness. I am a writer and nothing makes me happier than filling a blank page with words that bleed emotion. It took twenty-four years to overcome that hopelessness and fear of rejection.

Boys, if there’s one thing I can instill in you, it is to be fearless. There will be bumps and set backs, you must overcome. Don’t squander your potential because you think you aren’t good enough. You are. Self-doubt is nothing more than our insecurities whispering damaging words into our ears. Failure is nothing more than a stepping stone on the road to success. Remember that. Don’t fear failure, welcome it. If you find yourself debating whether or not to do something, ask yourself this, and be honest, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Usually nothing more than a bruised ego.

Be adventurous, take chances, and be spontaneous. Regret is the opportunities we were too afraid to take. If you play it safe, you will drown in regrets. Don’t let the what if’s steal your life away, and know that I will always accept you. I will always encourage you. You are my boys, you are a huge piece of my heart. I want what’s best for you, what’s best for your soul. And most importantly, I will always love you.