Overcome Overthinking

Ok, I tend to overthink situations that are not worth thinking about. My anxiety disorder may be to blame for this. I can overthink the tiniest things such as saying something right to a person or making a stupid mistake. Overthinking consumes my mind which makes me question myself constantly. I can be my worst critic. I know many people deal with this issue and how stifling it can be. Be brave, and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Protect your social life

Your mind may race so much, it wears you down. Your energy is wiped out and your social life suffers. Instead of living inside your mind, talk to a friend or family member who will listen and not judge. Go to the movies or out to eat or if you’re a homebody like I am, ask a friend to come over and binge watch with you. Overthinking has the tendency to isolate you. You worry about saying the right things or not embarrassing yourself. Relax and live life the best way you can.

Keep active

Play with your pet and take them walking or workout at home or public gym. Dance if you have to. Anything to keep your mind distracted. When you overthink things, it stops you from doing fun activities for yourself. I admit, I let overthinking stop me from living my life sometimes. But I learned what a waste of time this is. It’s beyond my control at times to stop my mind from racing, but I try my best to get up and quite my thoughts. Plus, you’ll start looking good and feeling better overall by being active. Exercise has many mental and physical benefits 

Read positive literature

The internet can provoke negative emotions. But there are some sites that provide positive affirmatives and resources. I find myself reading most of the positive memes my Facebook friends post (which lead to insightful links). The Bible is also a great source for positivity – it’s full of love and uplifting vibes (works for me). And if you’re into self-help books, those help, too. Always remind yourself about the positive quotes you read – let them sink in your mind.

Keep negative people at a distance

I know this is a tough one. We all have a friend or family member we love dearly but are so negative. But trust me, keeping them at a distance or simply expressing how their negativity affects you is the best way to overcome overthinking. Have you been in a situation where someone talks down about themselves then you suddenly believe those thoughts about yourself? It’s so easy for someone’s negativity to rub off. Doesn’t mean they’re a bad person, they need encouragement as well. The point is, when you surround yourself with people who are positive thinkers, your mood will be influenced.

Entertain yourself

Listening to music is a great way to block overthinking. I’m a huge Metal head and I also love Grunge music (which is not the most positive music to listen to). So when I want to hear something uplifting, I listen to Gospel, Christian rock, or anything with encouraging lyrics. Watching television or movies are helpful, too. I find playing video games as a fun distraction. Your mind is only focused on winning. Some studies show health benefits of playing video games and the positive impact it has on your brain.

Meditate or pray

Meditation is beneficial for the mind and body. It enables God to talk you and for you to listen. Negative overthinking is at bay and peace takes over during meditating. Praying allows you to connect with God. It strengthens your relationship with him and puts your mind at ease. If your overthinking is extreme, talking to a therapist is always a good option. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy. Talking to a professional helps you realize certain behavior patterns you never noticed.


6 thoughts on “Overcome Overthinking”

  1. Thanks for the nice post.

    One thing I want to say being a metal head myself, depending upon the band one is listening to, metal can be hugely uplifting and encouraging. It can have profound positive impact on the way one thinks and acts. Metal music is not just a genre but a way of life, a motivating journey.


    • I totally agree. Pantera can be very motivating. But some people might pick the depressing I hate the world stuff and that’s not good motivation.


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