Cloudy with a Definite Possiblity of Happiness

As ominous clouds start to roll in they reminds us all to be mindful of what comes along with cloudy weather, symbolically and physiologically. Science has conducted many studies to prove that cloudy weather contributes to depression and suicide rates; yet is cloudy weather really such a bad occurrence? Perspective is everything. I personally LOVE cloudy … Read moreCloudy with a Definite Possiblity of Happiness

Staying Motivated While Pursuing Your Dreams

So for this post, i decided to share with you guys a video from my youtube channel.  In the video which I made a couple of weeks back, I talked about staying positive. Especially when it comes to pursing your dreams or aspirations.   Because as someone like me who is an entrepreneur,  I can definitely say  that  staying motivated and focused can be hard.



Especially when you have people discouraging you on a daily basis, or you feel  as though you are not getting anywhere. The thing to remember through all of it is this “You must live for yourself and  not through the expectations of others”.  Because even if it may take some time for you to figure out your destiny, you must always remember to stay positive.   Yet most importantly, never give up on yourself.  Because giving up is only going to hinder your dreams in the long run.


The Journey Back Part Two: The Voice and the Addiction

Greetings again and if you missed the first post (or this inspirational fiction I posted as well) please feel free to read that first, although it is not a prerequisite to understanding this post.

Since that first post I have had real troubles implementing any sort of plan to move ahead and then the other day I figured out why.

I have a friend in Ireland that I bumped into online and he contacted me the other day in a panic because he had relapsed into doing heroin and had nowhere else to turn for help.

I consoled and counseled him and gave him all the advice I myself do not follow.

Like magic, I saw him brighten, he called me special and said I really helped him out and changed his life. He told me that he thought fate brought us together and that he really thought of me as a really good person and a friend.

Did I exit that conversation a little extra sad then I came into it?

Yes, I did.


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Chocolate facial – you should try it!

CHOCOLATE – YUM!!  But on the face ?! Chocolate is soooo yummy!!  But did you know that chocolate makes a good facial mask as well ?! I’d heard of it but never really paid much attention to it. Besides, given the choice, I would much rather eat it.  However, when I attended an all day … Read moreChocolate facial – you should try it!

You’re Not Alone – Encouragement

Hello, everyone! My name is Abi Leah and I’m new to BayArt. If you don’t know me, I’m the blogger behind Happily Abi. (Check out more about me here.)  Since this is my first post, I really wanted to be real with you all. So here’s some real encouragement. Today I had a really rough … Read moreYou’re Not Alone – Encouragement

Of Roots and Fractals (An Inspirational Short Fiction)

First of all, before we begin let me point you to my first post on BayArt, which is the first step in a very long journey for me personally.

Secondly, if you like this post you can find more of my musings here

This is a short story I wrote from a writing prompt about the effects of turning your back on the gifts the universe provides for you, as well as a tale of courage and redemption. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you here. 


Bob admittedly felt strange as he awoke on that Sunday morning, staring at the blue sky from his bed in his tiny one bedroom apartment, the bright sunlight forcing his eyes and his mind under the covers to try and regroup.

It felt like he got no rest at all, even though he had gotten into the habit of sleeping as much as possible, because it was better to be blissfully asleep rather than think about how lonely and isolated he was every single day of his life.

His eyes burned and his body ached as if he had been on a bender and then proceeded to start a fight in which the odds must have plainly been against him. Bob had vague recollections of a strange dream, of hands, reaching out and a voice that kept telling him he had one last chance.

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The Journey Back Part One: The History and the New Path

13892189_1153112248043222_7635208731133739943_nLike most tragic events in life, large or small, I would be hard pressed to tell you how this all began.

Did it start as early as I suspect, from infanthood, the feeling of abandonment that children get when their parents are not quite ready or capable of being the kind of parents that provide not just the material goods we all require in early life, but the sense of love and security that any child needs at the beginning, by being held and reassured?

Knowing what I know of my father it is possible.

Did it start once my schooling began when one little incident marked me for life as the loser, the one to be pointed at, the one to be pushed aside and shunned, hearing the words come out of the mouths of your peers that crush your soul down into a little compact box, never to be opened?

Was it coming home, hearing the same words and phrases (loser, lazy, ugly, worthless, nothing) from my father that I heard from my peers every day, reinforcing the idea that I was nothing more than what I was told?

Was it being no more than twelve or thirteen years olf after my mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and having my father leave for another woman, leaving his son to carry the burden of being the ‘man’ of the house for three of four months, walking two to three miles to do the shopping, cleaning bed sores and taking care of a mother the son barely knew as a person?

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