Making of a Master Piece…

I am an Artist Light glowing Ink flowing Words sinking Papers flying Waste lying In trash cans assembling Waiting for a master piece I am an artist Clock ticking Time investing Perspiration soaking Effort demanding Energy dissipating Mind creating Patiently innovating Waiting for a master piece I am an artist…

Olives – the good oil

In my post SKIN STUFF  I wrote briefly about different oils that can be used in skin care. This week I want to focus in more detail on olive oil. Why?  Because it is SO good – and versatile. Olive oil is known to be rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. It  helps to bolster the immune … Read moreOlives – the good oil

Moods Change With The Seasons

Most people start to appreciate the cooling weather. The seasonal change leads to beautiful leaves, on the once lush green trees, falling and being crushed under foot. Believe me when I say I love fall. It’s the time for Halloween. haunted attractions, and the newest season of The Walking Dead”, “Supernatural”, and other fan favorite … Read moreMoods Change With The Seasons


Dear readers, ” Your Acting Ghetto” The word Ghetto is being tossed around the black communities and receiving unfair treatment. Ghetto: a part of a city, especially, a slum or restricted, isolated, or segregated area. The word Ghetto has nothing to do with a persons conduct. In  black communities the word Ghetto is used to refer … Read moreoops.

Fragile human theories. 

Neil James  (Previously called PsychPerspectives)  ​Fragile doesn’t have to relate to something tangible, or an object one can imagine. Rather than the physical things, words are just as Fragile.   When I say words, I’m referring to the words people use to express theories. More specifically, theories about human development and human behaviour. Theories such as gravity, evolution, … Read moreFragile human theories.