Humans. Humans. Humans…

PsychPerspectives. I wonder what a different species version of WordPress would look like?

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Every energy that we have, every passion that we have, every emotion that we have, every thought which we have, if we start focusing  them all in one direction the highest being which in reality we are is whom we can meet and this is simply a way of awakening. —Pawan—

Paycheck to Paycheck

Dear readers, Have you noticed that the people who earn a moderate income,  pay close attention to their spending habits, than the individuals who are a higher income bracket These moderate earners make conscious decisions, like shopping for clearance items, using coupons, and they take time to comparison shop. A misconception about low income earners … Read morePaycheck to Paycheck

When the foundation is faulty (part 2)

​ The place of cultivating a good character can not be over emphasized. The wisest man on earth king solomon. In the acient days, in his book- songs of Solomon said “take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes” Becareful with little things that can cost … Read moreWhen the foundation is faulty (part 2)

Get Hard(er): Fixing Hypertension-Induced E.D. With Diet, Exercise, and Meditation

Disclaimer:  This is the second attempt at this article, the first of which was inadvertently erased due to impulsiveness and ineptitude.  This has led the author to give an abridged introduction with slightly less exposition, giving the reader more of the “how” than the “why,” and 150% more dick jokes.  Enjoy. In February 2015, I … Read moreGet Hard(er): Fixing Hypertension-Induced E.D. With Diet, Exercise, and Meditation

Diagnosis, and you. 

You have not changed due to their words. They have shared an interpretation of you, albeit professional, it arguably remains subjective. Real truth, your truth, can only be found through empiricism. Personal, sensational experience, experienced by you. If you have ever received a diagnosis, it should not define you. It may help you and others … Read moreDiagnosis, and you. 

When the foundation is faulty…

In a real life construction project, the height of a building determines the depth and quality of its foundation. Before you go into a sky scrapper project, civil engineers would go through all the calculations for a solid foundation. They are focused on building a foundation that can carry the weight. Most times a lot of … Read moreWhen the foundation is faulty…

I Love You

Originally posted in One Awesome Momma. It was Wednesday afternoon, we just got home from work and school, my daughter put a couple of Minnie Mouse stickers on my arms. I got her sippy cup and asked her to drink. As she was drinking, she saw the wounds on my right arm. She held my arm … Read moreI Love You