Random Act of Kindness

Difficulty: MODERATE | Frequency: 1X/DAY | Bookmark this page to easy access Be sure to record what kind deed or word you put out into the universe for the day! After each act, write down what you did in at least one or two sentences; for more of a happiness boost, also write down how … Read moreRandom Act of Kindness

Smile Jars

Difficulty: CASUAL | Frequency: 1X/DAY | Bookmark this page to easy access Make a list of things that make you smile today and share them with the universe. WHY YOU SHOULD TRY IT This is a project I started in my own life many years ago, and it has remained a practice that I’ve tried … Read moreSmile Jars

Super Foods

They’re ‘Super’ because of the superior nutritional value that they provide As a society we are becoming more and more health conscious –  and wise – about making smarter nutritional decisions when it comes to what we eat. There is a burgeoning industry emerging for the health conscious – organic foods, pro-biotics, additive and preservative … Read moreSuper Foods

A Childhood Memory… and it’s​ impacts! — Tell it from the Heart

At six years old I learnt at such a young age that the power of words was by far more hurtful than the scratches and hair pulling I was accustomed to from home with the siblings and cousins. I had started Year One later than most kids as I was enrolled half-way through the first […] … Read moreA Childhood Memory… and it’s​ impacts! — Tell it from the Heart

You have no Haters

Dear readers, Haters. Everybody is talking about Haters. Where  did this idea of Haters come from? Hate used to be a word no one said because the word Hate carries a strong overtone. Instead, people used the word Dislike. Here is something to think about. There are some people who have annoying ( unlikable)  characteristics … Read moreYou have no Haters

I De-Stress by Coloring without Coloring. 

When I was a kid, coloring stressed me out. And for good reason too! I was doing it all wrong. When I was a kid, I’d get so wrapped up I the act of coloring itself trying to stay inside the lines and finding the best color combination. Therefore, I never was big into coloring. … Read moreI De-Stress by Coloring without Coloring.