What Makes A Strong Blog Post & Why Contribute To BayArt?

Announcement: There is no rule, but for the benefit of all authors on BayArt, please provide original, personal, and honest work. Original means your post has never before been published anywhere, including your own blog. This help us to create authority on the web and provide the best experience to our readers. Thank you for your … Read moreWhat Makes A Strong Blog Post & Why Contribute To BayArt?

What It Means to Walk the Walk

Race walking. I had never heard of it before I turned on the Olympics this morning, only to be stunned at the image of swinging hips and locked knees and competitors flying forward with only the smallest of steps. In the strictest sense, these athletes may be the epitome of “walking the walk” – and they win medals for doing so.

But, as I’ve spent the last two weeks exploring my new home in Colorado Springs, I’ve carved a different definition of walking the walk.

Me & My Shadow

Hello, I’m Roisin and I’m a new author to this site- I’m so grateful and so surprised at being invited to share with this community! I figured my best way to begin my journey here is to give a recap on what my own ‘journey’ is. So that’s how we got here… This post is … Read moreMe & My Shadow

I Shoulda Gone to Hogwarts

Originally posted on blacksheepblog.me Since I was in third grade and was first introduced to the magic of Harry Potter, I have wished as much as any child that I could have gone to Hogwarts. I held out hope until long after my eleventh birthday that by some crazy twist of life, a white owl … Read moreI Shoulda Gone to Hogwarts

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Mindfulness Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

DBT or dialectical behavioral therapy is a kind of cognitive behavioral therapy, which was developed originally to aid borderline personality disorder. The simple dialectical behavioral therapy mindfulness exercises were proven to be effective when it comes to treating people who want to suicide or harm themselves because of depression or anxiety. Dialectical behavioral therapy mindfulness … Read moreDialectical Behavioral Therapy Mindfulness Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

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