36+ Best Palm Tree Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Palm tree is a kind of tree that grows in tropical regions and has a straight, tall trunk and many large leaves at the top of the trunk. Profoundly inspirational palm tree quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Palm Tree Quotes

Keep your palm and carry on.

 The grass is always greener underneath a palm tree.

I want to be where the palm trees are.

 Just here for the palm trees and cocktails.

Even the sun sets in paradise

 Another day, another palm tree.

Here for the palm trees

 You’re the lime to my coconut.

The sound of palm trees in the wind makes me smile

 Just gonna park myself under this palm tree and call it a day.

All I need are palm trees and a little bit of paradise.

A bad day under a palm tree is still better than a good day anywhere else.

Sunsets and palm trees  two of my favorite things.

Powered by sunshine and palm trees.

Life is good under a palm tree

 My dreams are made of sand and palm trees.

Chasing palm trees

Relationship status: in love with watching sunsets under palm trees.

Grow as a palm tree on God’s Mount Zion; howbeit shaken with winds, yet the root is fast.  Samuel Rutherford

 Enjoying life one palm tree at a time.

Palm trees are growing’ and a warm breeze a blowing. I picture myself right there, on some beach, somewhere.

Leave your worries under the palm trees.

Underneath the palm trees, Where I lay my head, I ain’t gotta worry, ‘Cause all my worries fled. Surfaces

 I want to be where the palm trees are.

How could you not be dreaming if you’ve got a palm tree around?

 From under the palm trees, with love.

Palm trees are growing’ and a warm breeze is blowin

 Between every two palm trees is a doorway to a new world.

Focus on this moment. Hold your hand and see what it feels like. Go look at some grass. Talk to a palm tree Experience life.  Frederick Lenz

There’s no problem too big for a day under a palm tree to fix.

There are no shortcuts to the top of the palm tree.

I followed my heart and it led me to this palm tree.

Wild and free, like a palm tree

 I left my heart under the palm trees.