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So how many of you guys have suffered at the hands of your parents , when you were a little person.  Just to clarify when I say suffer : I am talking about feeling as if you didn’t get everything that you needed or felt that you may have or may not have deserved…..

Truthfully,  I a raising my hand high ! Simple, because you sometimes block out traumatic situations or you block out situations that have hurt your soul and your heart but you were too young to do something about it . Looking back over my child hood I feel as though I did not get what was do to me and if you have read my prior post ( Family Woes ) you can remember that I mention family generational curses.

The biggest one in my family is ” Affection”….. It trickled down from my grandmother not getting that love and affection from her mother to it trickling down to my mom because she didn’t get it from her mother which is my grandma and now to me because my mom did not provide the love and affection that a girl like me needed. Now the next generation would be my own kids and me , but I am refusing to allow what has happened to me to trickle down to them and we keep up this nasty habit but I am not perfect !

Realizing that I have trouble with providing affection because of the curse. I strive harder to not be that way but at the same time it made me realize that I was still sweeping that pain from my inner child ( mini Raquel ) under the wrong and not actually addressing the actual issues that I have with my mother. I knew that if I mentioned what she has not done she would not understand where I am coming from and I knew she would take defense real fast and nothing would be accomplished.

I have came to realize that majority of the times when it comes to healing your inner child you simply have to state your peace and be okay with no response from the parent or be okay with not getting the response that you are yearning to hear and that right there is how you find Closer !

Realizing the person that you are today may have stemmed from the inner child hurt that you have stored up inside of you . In order to heal and be free and live for the now you have to push yourself to heal .No , it will not be easy  and of course it will be uncomfortable but I believe that it is worth it for you to grow more conscious in the universe.. Clear your energy and take back your control ! Until your inner child has been healed you will continue too feel that old hurt & pain !

Love you Guys ! Work hard to clear what does not serve you to be the MOST  POWERFUL BEING EVER !!!!

Heal  Be Free  Be You Be authentic  Be conscious


10 thoughts on “PARENT Vs. ADULT (INNER CHILD) problems”

    • Thanks for reading ! I always say you never know what others have gone through or how others feel without first expressing your truth…To find out you are not the only one !

  1. I agree that healing that inner wounded child is vital for our well being, and like you, because of the lacking of my mother’s affection and support as a youngster growing up, it made it even more important to me to be better for my own children. Sometimes it isn’t what they DO that helps us become wiser and stronger than they were, it’s what they didn’t do too. Nice writing!

    • I totally agree.. Me and my friends just had a round table about this subject. Majority of the times it is what they did not do that pushes us to be stronger parents and stronger human beings … Thanks for reading love !

  2. I like the bit about “family curses.” For me my family curses are passive aggressiveness and self hatred. I can clearly see how they were passed on to me, and even though I am now aware of them it’s still a real fight to keep myself free of them. I don’t always win, but I keep on trying.

  3. Wow! I definitely relate to this. Over the last couple of years I’ve realized this. It’s a real struggle trying to be affectionate to others. Especially,relationship wise due to this curse. I just wasn’t taught that “loving, gentle, womanly kinda thing”…I’m still trying to figure it out. If you don’t have examples it’s kind of difficult. I too want to say something to my mom. It’s not going to go anywhere nor will it change what I didn’t get in the past and what she still isn’t willing to do. Great post!! Thanks for sharing.


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