62+ Best Patch Adams Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams is an American physician, comedian, social activist, clown, and author. Profoundly inspirational Patch Adams quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

Famous Patch Adams Quotes

Nature tops the list of potent tranquilizers and stress reducers. The mere sound of moving water has been shown to lower blood pressure. – Patch Adams

Remember laughing? Laughter enhances the blood flow to the body’s extremities and improves cardiovascular function. Laughter releases endorphins and other natural mood elevating and pain-killing chemicals, improves the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to internal organs. Laughter boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off disease, cancer cells as well as viral, bacterial and other infections. Being happy is the best cure of all diseases! – Patch Adams

The purpose of a doctor or any human in general should not be to simply delay the death of the patient, but to increase the person’s quality of life. – Patch Adams

The role of a clown and a physician are the same – it’s to elevate the possible and to relieve suffering. – Patch Adams

Givers get trust quicker than other people. People trust generous people. – Patch Adams

What I really want is a world where no one alive can remember what the word ‘war’ means. That’s my goal. – Patch Adams

Faith can have a profound impact on health. It is a very personal experience of thought and surrender, which can comfort in every situation. Faith is free and available to all people at all times. It only requires that one fully embrace possibility, and the ultimate value is in the depth of the embrace. – Patch Adams

One cannot separate the health of the individual from the health of the community, from the health of the world. – Patch Adams

Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams. – Patch Adams

The value of friendship and just deep human contact grows out of giving. – Patch Adams

Kindness Day? Kindness Day? Do you suppose if we were kind and enthusiastic for centuries uninterruptedly, that someone would create ‘Nasty, Indifferent Day’? – Patch Adams

We need each other, deeper than anyone ever dares to admit even to themselves. I think it is a genetic imperative that we huddle together and hold on to each other. There is no question in my mind that there is nothing else in life, really, than friendship. – Patch Adams

The reason adults should look as though they are having fun, is to give kids a reason to want to grow up. – Patch Adams

When a dream takes hold of you, what can you do? You can run with it, let it run your life, or let it go and think for the rest of your life about what might have been. – Patch Adams

No one ever writes me and says, ‘We have a happy hospital’. Nowhere is doing it in a healthy way. That’s encouragement for me. – Patch Adams

I look at history, there’s not a government on the planet I respect. No country in history was ever safe to its women; internet sex is $100 billion a year industry, and 15-20 million men a day have sex with a child in sexual slavery. – Patch Adams

See what no one else sees. See what everyone chooses not to see… out of fear, conformity or laziness. See the whole world anew each day! – Patch Adams

You’ve got to know what you want. This is central to acting on your intentions. When you know what you want, you realize that all there is left then is time management. You’ll manage your time to achieve your goals because you clearly know what you’re trying to achieve in your life. – Patch Adams

If you actually are a doctor and admitted it, you’d say, ‘I don’t cure a huge percentage, I don’t have a 50 percent cure rate … but I can have a 100 percent compassion rate’. – Patch Adams

I want to live in a world where people become famous because of their work for peace and justice and care. I want the famous to be inspiring; their lives an example of what every human being has it in them to do – act from love! – Patch Adams

We men should be ashamed of ourselves. I think 85 percent of men are dangerous to women. We need to change to a values system nested in compassion and generosity, and women have carried that torch throughout history. – Patch Adams

For me, spiritual means love in action. So if you are working for love, then you are a spiritual person. – Patch Adams

We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging. – Patch Adams

Unlike a lot of people, I don’t feel powerless. I know I can do something. But anyone can do something, it’s not about being special. It’s about deciding to do it – to dive into work for peace and justice and care for everybody on the planet. – Patch Adams

The Gesundheit Institute is a pie in the face of greed – by taking the most expensive thing in America, health care, and giving it away for free. – Patch Adams

I’ve never made a penny being a doctor, so that makes it not a job. My sense of a doctor is that one is a presence caring for health. So I’m never not a doctor. People call me from all over the world who are hurting, and I care for them. Chatting is what more people want than anything. – Patch Adams

Because we are interested in promoting wellness, we will integrate medicine with performing arts, arts and crafts, agriculture, recreation, nature, and social service. – Patch Adams

People like givers, people want to help givers. I get stuff all the time. – Patch Adams

Nothing I study makes me think we will survive this century. And yet why am I so happy? Because it’s not too late. Just get off your ass and work for revolution. – Patch Adams

Please give your life to peace, justice and care. – Patch Adams

I’d say that I think the most revolutionary act that you can commit in our society today is to be happy. – Patch Adams

The most radical act anyone can commit is to be happy. – Patch Adams

We need to start treating the patient as well as the disease. – Patch Adams

I love you without knowing how, why, or even from where – Patch Adams

I think my government are fascists. I feel that if we don’t change from a society that worships money and power over to one that worships compassion and generosity, there is no hope for human survival this century. – Patch Adams

People crave laughter as if it were an essential amino acid. – Patch Adams

Every problem in history is due to men, so I’m basically asking for humanity to nest itself in a feminine culture, probably for the next 1,000 years. – Patch Adams

It’s such a paradox for them to say, Oh, my God, I’ve thrown away my life, and continue to do that for the last month of their life. I shake them, physically shake them, and say, What about now? What about now? – Patch Adams

We have to end the capitalist system. We have to make love our value. You are rich when you love and you are rich when you are giving away your time and what you have to help other people. – Patch Adams

Jump for joy as we accomplish the dreams we adore. – Patch Adams

Death. To die. To expire. To pass on. To perish. To peg out. To push up daisies. To push up posies. To become extinct. Curtains, deceased, Demised, departed And defunct. Dead as a doornail. Dead as a herring. Dead as a mutton. Dead as nits. The last breath. Paying a debt to nature. The big sleep. God’s way of saying, Slow down. – Patch Adams

At the age of 18, I made up my mind to never have another bad day in my life. I dove into a endless sea of gratitude from which I’ve never emerged. – Patch Adams

I’m great at a deathbed. I’ve never given tranquillisers or psychiatric medicine. I’ve given love and fun and creativity and passion and hope, and these things ease suffering. – Patch Adams

Every human being has an impact on another. – Patch Adams

I am funny, but I’m not about funny… I’m about peace & justice. – Patch Adams

If you focus on the problem, you can’t see the solution. Never focus on the problem. – Patch Adams

Waiting in line is a great opportunity to meet people, daydream, or play. – Patch Adams

I like giving. Doing something for somebody else feels good. – Patch Adams

All the messages our kids are getting is money-taking, not giving. – Patch Adams

Laughter boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off disease, cancer cells as well as viral, bacterial and other infections. Being happy is the best cure of all diseases! – Patch Adams

For most of human history, we lived communally in groups, and it was part of the security and nature of groups to help each other and groom each other. – Patch Adams

When I was a girl I would look out my bedroom window at the caterpillars; I envied them so much. No matter what they were before, no matter what happened to them, they could just hide away and turn into these beautiful creatures that could fly away completely untouched. – Patch Adams

Humor is an antidote to all ills. – Patch Adams

If you want to change the world, then be your own focus for a celebration of life. Really, fundamentally, at the very core of your being, be thankful you are alive, that you’ve got this opportunity, with these molecules, at this moment. Be thankful! Be a celebrant! Be thankful that you are alive and then look around to see who else is at the party! – Patch Adams

I am a Doctor, but above all else I consider myself an activist for peace, justice and care for all people. – Patch Adams

When I hear real faithful people – whether it’s a real Christian, or a real Buddhist, or a real Muslim – I hear them use the language I use for a friend. So my metaphor for God is friend. – Patch Adams

It [The Gesundheit Institute] also won’t separate the healing arts. All of them work together – traditional medicine and surgery with acupuncture, homeopathy, etc. We want to make the hospital a place a person can’t wait to come to, whether they are working there or being there as a patient. Because we are interested in promoting wellness, we will integrate medicine with performing arts, arts and crafts, agriculture, recreation, nature, and social service. Those are some skeletal parts. – Patch Adams

I am extremely intentional in making the environment around me playful and loving. I have great skill in that area. – Patch Adams

Excellence in health means devoting your life to ending poverty. – Patch Adams

I’m a raging leftist political activist. I’ve never had a spiritual thought in my life related to God. I’m clear that that’s a human invention. – Patch Adams

Please live a healthy life – medicine is an imperfect science. – Patch Adams

My first reaction was that the adult world was fake and liars and basically worked for money and power. I didn’t want to live in that world, so I spent a year, aged 17 to 18, trying to kill myself. I didn’t want to live in a world of violence and injustice. – Patch Adams