180+ Best Performance Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Performance is how well a person, machine, etc. does a piece of work or an activity. Profoundly inspirational performance quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Performance Quotes

You can’t really watch a theater performance by yourself. You can watch a movie by yourself, though. — Cate Blanchett

You can prematurely optimize maintainability, flexibility, security, and robustness just like you can performance. — John Carmack

The core of the concept of a bribe is an inducement improperly influencing the performance of a public function meant to be gratuitously exercised. — Peggy Noonan

I’ve realized that I can do performances. — David Hockney

Conductors don’t suffer, they are part of the performance. — Michael Tippett

Negative feedback effected amplifier performance significantly. — Harold Stephen Black

You can lose in cinema too if you don’t put on a good performance. — Eric Cantona

To some Christianity is an argument. To many it is a performance. To a few, it is experience. — Vance Havner

I don’t want to talk about the specifics of other people’s performances compared with my own. I’d never do that. — Jonny Lee Miller

I make 50 cents for showing up… and the other 50 cents is based on my performance. — Steve Jobs

I’ve always thought if you watch the performance and you don’t know about the person, then you only see the performance. — Janet McTeer

Be slow to resolve, but quick in performance. — John Dryden

Your level of performance matches your dominant self image. — Jack Canfield

I have never taken any substance to enhance my performance. — Kelli White

Music gets recorded usually in one format, and when you have to take it out and perform it there are other applications and things like that that are better for the live performance. — Todd Rundgren

Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation — Brian Tracy

I do everything in the third person. Performance is about being someone else. — Renee Fleming

I’ve seen my performances. I don’t like them. — Don Ameche

By nature, worship is not some performance we do, but a presence we experience. — Aiden Wilson Tozer

I’m one of these people who would rather show you than tell you through the performance. — Jeremy Piven

An announcer is only as good as yesterday’s performance. — Curt Gowdy

I didn’t get paid for performances most of my life. If I did, I would be billionaire now, and I’m not. — Marina Abramovic

A person can perform only from strength. One cannot build performance on weakness, let alone on something one cannot do at all. — Peter Drucker

When your image improves, your performance improves. — Zig Ziglar

A screen actor is compensated in the knowledge that millions will see his performance at one time, where only hundreds will see it on the stage. — Bela Lugosi

I get nervous every time, for every single performance, before getting up on that stage. — Thia Megia

Peak performance begins with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you. — Brian Tracy

Peak performance is meditation in motion. — Greg Louganis

The only excuse for not coming to a class or a performance is death. — Stella Adler

My relationship with shoes has always been linked to shoes, women, women in their shoes and performance. — Christian Louboutin

I work all day, do research, sketch my ideas, prepare for performances. — Lady Gaga

Sometimes colleagues in performance are absolutely astonishing. — Stephen Sondheim

Debra Winger doesn’t let anything interfere with her performance, which is the way it should be — Tom Berenger

I think there are a lot of celebrities who put on a performance on camera. — Anderson Cooper

So I’m one of the few celebrities that got to do a repeat performance on ‘The Simpsons,’ which I’m very flattered by. — Al Yankovic

Leadership Is Performance. You Have To Be Conscious Of Your Behavior, Because Everyone Else Is. — Carly Fiorina

Giving a good performance, giving it all is what it’s all about. I love to perform. — Henry Rollins

Let your performance do the thinking. — Charlotte Bronte

Nothing beats a live performance. Nothing. — Jonathan Demme

Winners believe in their worth in advance of their performance. — Denis Waitley

When I see Almunia’s performances, I get angry and have to make a fist in my pocket — Jens Lehmann

I like not to know, unless it’s something that I need to know, specifically, for how I color a performance. — Matt Bomer

For decades, the journalistic norm had been that the private lives of public officials remained private unless that life impinged on public performance. — Roger Mudd

The sixth Harry Potter film – I don’t like my performance in that film at all. — Daniel Radcliffe

Every time I’ve had a bad performance at an event, I’ve come back more determined and focused. — Shaun White

Personally, I always felt times aren’t so excellent as are performances. — Bill Rodgers

An ounce of performance is worth more than a pound of preachment. — Elbert Hubbard

I’ve been onstage once for one performance with four days’ rehearsal. — Anna Friel

My take is that acting is acting. A performance is a performance. With performance capture, if you don’t get the performance on the day, you can’t enhance the performance. — Andy Serkis

In all we do we must cultivate faith. Increased faith is the touchstone to improved church performance. — Gordon B. Hinckley

If I think about the way I was drawn into the music, it was much more by recordings than by live performances. — Evan Parker

You have your structure, but within it, it gets fuller and you can highlight other parts of the performance. — Marisa Tomei

I consider that my best performance ever was as Peer Gynt. — Leo McKern

I’ve always seemed to have my best performances when I’m under the most pressure. — Aaron Rodgers

I am pure performance, and Robert Wilson is pure theater. — Marina Abramovic

Somehow writing has always seemed to me to have an element of performance. — Joan Didion

Writing is not a performance but a generosity. — Brenda Ueland

I’m a performance artist first; I’m a recording artist second. — Erykah Badu

I was really beating myself up about performances and how I looked and this and that. — Adam Lambert

Mastery has been achieved when one neither makes a mistake nor hesitates in the performance. — Friedrich Nietzsche

You have to always physicalize, when you do animation recording. Otherwise, you won’t get the performance right. — Hank Azaria

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. — Charlie Batch

Robin Williams understands sonic performances. He understands what it’s like to change your voice up. — Billy West

To be overcome with the ultimate goal often interferes with performance. — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Not only am I constantly seeking better performance but also to be a better person, to be respected. — Yani Tseng

The best performances, are those that can be performed once. — Brandon Sanderson

I became fascinated by the fact that you could translate written material into performance. — Raymond Cruz

The performances you have in your head are always much better than the performances on stage. — Maggie Smith

As part of the process by which you hire me, you hire me. You just don’t hire an hour of me to do a performance. — Keith Olbermann

Nobody has milked one performance better than me – and I’m damned proud of it. — Bruce Jenner

Oysters are supposed to enhance your sexual performance, but they don’t work for me. Maybe I put them on too soon. — Garry Shandling

What you picture in your mind, your mind will go to work to accomplish. When you change your pictures you automatically change your performance — Zig Ziglar

I don’t think anyone could ever be wholly satisfied with their performance. — Tom Hollander

If I am ever put to death on the hook, expect a very human performance. — Kurt Vonnegut

God is more concerned about your heart than your performance. If your heart is right, your performance will eventually catch up. — Joyce Meyer

I didnt develop or build synths. I had my technicians modify them for my live stage performances. — Gary Wright

I love movies with spectacle but spectacle can be a performance, it doesn’t have to be a creature. — J. J. Abrams

I’m not a performance artist or any of that, I’m not out to please anyone. Just me. — GG Allin

For me, performance is about forgetting what I’m wearing. Just putting it on and knowing it’s right. — Debbie Harry

The script and the performances and the style all clicked. — Edgar Wright

We all perform. It’s what we do for each other all the time, deliberately or unintionally. It’s a way of telling about ourselves in the hope of being recognized as what we’d like to be.–PERFORMANCE — Richard Avedon

You cannot build performance on weaknesses. You can build only on strengths. — Peter Drucker

There are no prizes for average performance. — Brian Tracy

You just have to take control of your own performance. — Damian Lewis

Trust is the one thing that affects everything else you’re doing. It’s a performance multiplier which takes your trajectory upwards, for every activity you engage in, from strategy to execution. — Stephen Covey

I have a life beyond performance. I love it, and it probably is the better part of my life, but I do have another life. — Eric Burdon

PR is performance recognition — Douglas Smith

The audience, the place youre in, has everything to do with how your performance goes. — Kevin Spacey

Drugs won’t enhance your performance. — Morgan Brittany

The life of every man is an endlessly repeated performance of the life of man. — Edwin Muir

It is much more difficult to measure nonperformance than performance. — Harold Geneen

All you owe the public is a good performance. — Humphrey Bogart

It’s not what you see on-screen that makes a performance. It’s the things you should never know about – it’s the secrets. — Alice Englert

Physicality is the basis of performance. — David Petersen

How you measure the performance of your managers directly affects the way they act. — Gustave Flaubert

Your self-image controls your performance; see yourself as confident and in complete control — Brian Tracy

I performed stand-up because I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission. My set was never joke-centric. It was a performance. — Michael Keaton

Good performance is about the capacity to focus and concentrate. — Betty Buckley

Before every performance I feel nervous. — Diego Boneta

I actually acted onstage before I’d ever seen a live performance, and I loved it. — Bob Gunton

The kindest word to describe my performance in school was Sloth. — Harrison Ford

I am often asked which of my films has come closest to my own ideal of performance, and I always answer, ‘Educating Rita.’ — Michael Caine

I preferred delivering my performance in person. I liked to be in control. You couldn’t be in films. — Ethel Merman

I am always more interested in performance and character depiction, and my direction says as much. — Lasse Hallstrom

No one tells you what to do if you completely flop at the beginning of a performance. — Joshua Bell

Good directing is about getting the performance to be just what’s right for the movie. — Roland Joffe

The really historical performance would talk to ghosts. — Friedrich Nietzsche

An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance — David Lee Roth

Buildings are forms of performances. — Rafael Vinoly

Whenever I have a bad performance, I look at it as a learning experience. — Johnny Damon

The highest knowledge can be nothing more than the shortest and clearest road to truth; all the rest is pretension, not performance, mere verbiage and grandiloquence, from which we can learn nothing. — Charles Caleb Colton

We have a no puke rule. The purpose is performance, not puking. — Jeff Galloway

The sign of a great player is how much he elevates his colleagues’ performance. — Phil Jackson

The actor depends wholly on himself. He gives his performance in what, to him, seems the most effective manner. — Bela Lugosi

I have never had a single positive doping test, and I do not take performance-enhancing drugs. — Lance Armstrong

I owe the public just one thing – a good performance. — Bob Gibson

Claude Rains was what we call an actor’s actor. He was very involved with himself and his performance. — Gloria Stuart

When performance exceeds ambition, the overlap is called success. — Cullen Hightower

All promise outruns performance. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I can assure you, nothing in my performance will be deflated — Katy Perry

The same sort of thing was supposed to happen when performance animation was invented: Everybody thought it would save so much time. But it became its own niche altogether. — Lev Yilmaz

The supreme misfortune is when theory outstrips performance — Leonardo da Vinci

You’re always going to be more judgmental about your own performance than anyone else. — Ioan Gruffudd

The one aspect I do love about digital is I love to push performance and I love to roll and roll and keep doing takes in a single performance. — James Mangold

Everything in my life was about performance when I was doing ‘The Partridge Family. — David Cassidy

I do like to collaborate, and I like hearing other people, and I like how somebody’s performance will affect my own. — Joaquin Phoenix

Some quality performances and movies have a chance to be rewarded, but it’s not like it’s a bible. — Javier Bardem

What can I contribute that will significantly affect the performance and the results of the institution I serve? — Peter Drucker

How much we like ourselves governs our performance. — Brian Tracy

No work of art is ever finished, nothing is ever static, no performance is for keeps. — Uta Hagen

You can’t, or you shouldn’t, be nominated for an Oscar unless you’ve turned in a performance that’s special. — Rita Moreno

I’m not impressed by your performance. — Georges St-Pierre

I can’t let in the light.It will destroy my performance like light destroys film — James Dean

I owe one thing to my public – the best performance I can give. — Johnny Carson

Chris Chandler is the best performance poet I have ever seen. — Utah Phillips

Distinguish between the person and the behavior or performance. — Stephen Covey

Dance every performance as if it were your last. — Erik Bruhn

The best way to improve mental performance, is to improve physical performance — Tim Ferriss

performance is an act of faith. — Marya Mannes

Oh that thou hadst like others been all words, And no performance. — Philip Massinger

You go for the quality of the performance, not the longevity of it. — Don King

It’s true, spectacular preparation always precedes spectacular performance. — Zig Ziglar

Every performance is different. That’s the beauty of it. — Van Morrison

We all have levels of performance. — Angela Lansbury

Performance stands out like a ton of diamonds. Nonperformance can always be explained away. — Harold Geneen

I always wanted, and still aspire, to be something more than just one thing, just one performance. — Kevin Bacon

Computers double their performance every month. — Stephen Hawking

The way you see yourself today will affect your performance today. — Zig Ziglar

But I can’t say that I didn’t like John Hammond’s performances often better than the originals. — Warren Zevon

Good acting is consistency of performance. — Jim Dale

Faith is the realization that God’s pleasure in you will never be based upon your performance for him. — David Platt

When we … devote ourselves to the strict and unsparing performance of duty, ihen happiness comes of itself. — Wilhelm von Humboldt

The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance. — Brian Tracy

My job is to create a film, where we are capturing truth in performances. — Justin Chadwick

Music is about the performance. — Vanessa Mae

Boxing is not about your feelings. It’s about performance. — Manny Pacquiao

Before every performance, I think I am about to keel over. — Brenda Blethyn

I like the energy of live performance. — Sandra Bernhard

I couldn’t worry about whether I`m gonna make it onstage or not. You can’t. You just gotta do it. And if you do, you do, and if you don’t, you don’t, and then something else happens. That’s the point of the live performance. — Bruce Springsteen

People tend to remember my performances, not me. — Ellen Barkin

We do what we can, and then make a theory to prove our performance the best. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

A powerful performance will transform everyone in the room. — Marina Abramovic

I’ve seen how much effort has to go into a tour, the performance and also how to look after yourself, not just physically, but mentally too. — Tinie Tempah

The Kobe 8 is about enhanced performance. It’s the most comfortable shoe I have worn. It’s simplistic but has an edge to it. — Kobe Bryant

My performances have finally caught up with my ego. — Ato Boldon

I heard some interesting things about your performance up here. I hear interesting things about your ‘performance’ all the time Doug, but you don’t hear me making jokes about it. — Richelle Mead

Arianna, your performance will actually improve if you can commit to not only working hard, but also unplugging, recharging and renewing yourself. — Arianna Huffington

Improve your performance by improving your attitude. — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

When you try hard to do your best, the effect on your performance is often to jinx it. — Patricia Ryan

Stand-up is probably the most solo performance in art. — Louis C. K.

You mustn’t judge a politician by talk. You have to judge them by performance. — Milton Friedman

Everything I do is geared towards improving my next performance. — Carolina Kluft

One of the things I love about music is live performance. — Yo-Yo Ma

You lose with potential. You win with performance. — Bill Parcells

I always find that 90% of the performance, for me, is about what comes from inside. — Eric Bana

Dave Herman as Michael Bolton is one of my favorite performances ever. — Adam McKay

When recordings replaced concerts as the dominant mode of hearing music, our conception of the nature of performance and of music itself was altered. — Charles Rosen

I’ve always enjoyed and loved playing live. I relish and cherish it more than anything else because you never know what the performance is going to be. — Elton John

I have absolutely no objection to performance and success as long as they don’t become false idols and threaten to rule our lives. — Desmond Tutu

Shutting people down creatively often doesn’t get the best performance out of them. — Seth Rogen

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