77+ Best Personality Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Personality is defined as the characteristic sets of behaviors, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. Inspirational personality quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Personality Quotes

Personality is like a charioteer with two headstrong horses, each wanting to go in different directions. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Make no apologies for your personality. – Unknown

Two things define your personality, the way you manage things when you have nothing, and the way you behave when you have everything. – Unknown

Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality. – Shawn Ashmore

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You can’t photoshop personality. – Unknown

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. – Jim Morrison

It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality that captures your heart. – Oscar Wilde

I use bits and pieces of others personalities to form my own. – Kurt Cobain

Your personality is the only permanent thing in your, ultimately, temporary life…that’s all the more reason to cherish it. – Isabella Koldras

All too often our personality is nothing more than psychological clothing that we wear to hide our true self from the world. – Teal Swan

Let your personality be your profit and not your punishment. – Amit Kalantri

I have a strong personality, and I say what I think. – Penelope Cruz

The note of the perfect personality is not rebellion, but peace. – Oscar Wilde

Personalities are not born, they are forged. – Unknown

We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die. – Albert Camus

Maybe that’s what a person’s personality is: the difference between the inside and the outside. – Jonathan Safran Foer

An ugly personality destroys a pretty face. – Unknown

Your personality is what makes you beautiful. – Unknown

Having a passive personality, is a soft way to live a dead life. – Omar EL KADMIRI

Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless. – Paul Harris

I believe in doing the right things; that is my character and personality. – Gianluigi Buffon

Having a personality doesn’t mean you are weak or rebellious. It means you have the courage to live life in your own way and never have regrets about your chosen path. – Unknown

I am what is mine. Personality is the original personal property. – Norman O. Brown

I’ve trained myself to illuminate the things in my personality that are likable and to hide and protect the things that are less likeable. – Will Smith

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There is nothing more attractive than a great positive personality. Its beauty never fades away with time. – Edmond Mbiaka

If you want to know my personality, look through my bedroom window and see how I act. – Benjamin Ndayishimiye

I think personality traits that come through when somebody is really sincere is what makes them beautiful. – Taylor Swift

Your personality is not set in stone, you can always develop yourself to be a better version of yourself. – Asad Meah

I have a happy personality with a heavy soul. – Unknown

Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower. – Charles M. Schwab

Personality is lower than partiality. – Goldwin Smith

I want freedom for the full expression of my personality. – Mahatma Gandhi

When you fall for their personality, everything about them becomes beautiful. – Unknown

Personality is everything in art and poetry. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Personality begins where comparison ends. – Karl Lagerfield

A can-do attitude, a positive personality, and a strong work ethic are still the primary ingredients for success. – Robert Spector

I think that personality traits that come through when somebody is really sincere is what makes them beautiful. – Taylor Swift

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. – Bruce Lee

Humility is no substitute for a good personality. – Fran Lebowitz

Personality is every individual’s signature trait. There will never be anyone like you, therefore hold on to what makes you so special as a person, a character, and a human being. – Unknown

It’s all about the personality. – Yamen

Where there is personality, there is discord. – Terry Pratchett

Our personality should be impenetrable even to ourselves. – Fernando Pessoa

When people label you by saying that you have attitude.Just tell them that you have a personality which is unshakable and unaffected by what people say about you. – Aarti Khurana

Personality is a mask you believe in. – Dr. White

When people see your personality come out, they feel so good, like they actually know who you are. – Usain Bolt

Personality is the most important thing to an actress’s success. – Mae West

One’s personality can be understood from the people they mingle with. – Kazi Shams

Personality is only ripe when a man has made the truth his own. – Soren Kierkegaard

I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations. – Beatrix Potter

Personality is the knowledge that we are apart from the rest of the universe. – Ernest Dimnet

A beautiful appearance will last a few decades, but a beautiful personality will last a lifetime. – Unknown

We get criticized for showing no personality, then we get penalized when we do. – Lindsay Davenport

If you want to build your personality don’t do extraordinarily, just act like a human being. – Mohammad Rishad sakhi

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The unique personality which is the real life in me, I can not gain unless I search for the real life, the spiritual quality, in others. – Felix Adler

A beautiful personality will last a lifetime. – Unknown

Attractiveness and magnetism of man’s personality is the result of his inner radiance. – Yajur Veda

Don’t try to take on a new personality; it doesn’t work. – Richard M. Nixon

Your friends are a reflection of your own personality. Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. The smarter you are, the more selective you become. – Unknown

The way you dress is an expression of your personality. – Alessandro Michele

The deeds and motive of man define his personality. – Lailah Gifty Akita

For the adult, all the world is a stage and the personality is the mask one wears to play the assigned role. – Sam Keen

You can’t photoshop your ugly personality. – Unknown

My personality is that I like to express myself, and that is not something I will look to change. – Delle Ali

An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality. – Brian Tracy

Personality has power to uplift. – Paul P. Harris

I’ve always been misrepresented. You know, I could dress in a clown costume and laugh with the happy people but they’d still say I’m a dark personality. -Tim Burton

Positive expectations are the mark of the superior personality. – Brian Tracy

Cute is when a person’s personality shines through their looks. Like in the way they walk, every time you see them you just want to run up and hug them. – Natalie Portman

The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior. – Maxwell Maltz

I think it’s my personality to overcome things, learn from them and become stronger, both personally and professionally. To be honest, I welcome those hardships. – Hope Solo

Being confident is the key to life. Don’t be afraid to be you! I’m super different from a lot of kids my age with style and personality, and I’m ok with it. And if you are OK with it, everyone else will be, too. Just be yourself. – Leo Howard

There is an amazing power getting to know your inner self and learning how to use it and not fight with the world. If you know what makes you happy, your personality, interests, and capabilities, just use them, and everything else flows beautifully. – Juhi Chawla

Through travel, you discover a new aspect to your personality. You discover things which you wouldn’t seated in the confines of your home. – Imtiaz Ali

We continue to shape our personality all our life. – Albert Camus

Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart. – Unknown

I’m a big personality. I walk into a room, big and tall and loud. – Adele

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