40+ Best Piano Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Profoundly inspirational piano quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

Famous Piano Quotes

I’m a pianist – I studied jazz piano in college. — Cory Michael Smith

If I had my life to live over, I wish I could be a great pianist or something. — Woody Allen

I was like a well trained pianist who knows which note to hit, but can’t make the music his own. — David Benioff

I don’t think I could have ever had a career as a pianist because I never ever wanted to play the notes the way they were written, I was too sloppy to learn them quite right. — Jerry Hunt

While in prison, we had an excellent pianist named Jimmy Bunn, who also recorded with Bird. Jimmy would play a small accordion, and he, Art and I would play all day, nothing but ballads. — Frank Morgan

Our pianist quit suddenly and so they asked me if I would play, and well I said ‘temporarily’ so of course I’m still there, — James Kirkman

I was for a minor amount of time but I was probably a better pianist at 15 than I am now. — Josh Silver

My mother, Minuetta Kessler, was a concert pianist and composer who performed at Carnegie Hall and Town Hall. — Ronald Kessler

Music has been an important part of my life forever. I played piano since birth. I’ve been a church pianist for over 50 years, and played in piano bars from Boston to Bangkok. — Larry Martin

Schumann died in an asylum at age 46, and from that day on his wife Clara, an outstanding pianist and mother of his eight children, dressed in black from head to toe. — Roy Malan

Beethoven, Schubert, Schoenberg, Berg imply a type of pianist who is intellectual. That’s not always associated with female soloists. — Jeffrey Tate

She came at him and he put his hands up. He’s a pianist and his hands are important to him. — Orlando Gonzalez

Ian Bostridge is an enormously talented artist, hailed as one of the foremost interpreters of the Schubert repertoire today. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to present Mr. Bostridge and celebrated pianist Julius Drake in this uniquely intimate performance. — David Adams

For the longest time, I wanted to become a pianist. That was kinda my thing. — Zedd

It’s going to be an interactive performance and discussion. Charles is a master pianist and acclaimed educator. It seemed like a perfect fit to give the week an educational element. He is referred to as the grandfather of jazz in this area. — Eileen Wilson

The collective conscience of a hundred musicians is no light burden. Think for a moment of what it would mean to a pianist if by some miracle every key of his instrument should suddenly become a living thing. — Charles Munch

With our Masterworks we are featuring either youth or people who have a tie to this area. We open our Masterworks with a 12-year-old pianist who has been studying at Juilliard since he was 6. And he’s the real deal. He’s phenomenal. — Wade Kelley

I’ve always been interested in both writing and music. When I first started getting published, I also worked as rehearsal pianist for the Boston Ballet, touring with them all over the U.S.A. and Europe – I wasn’t making enough money from writing to support myself. — William Sleator

It still amazes me how many musicians aren’t really interested in engaging with their audience at all. Alfred Brendel, a pianist for whom I have the greatest respect, has described performance as a sacred communion between the artist and the composer. But what about the audience? Music is communication, a two-way street. — Charles Hazlewood

I am the pianist of the duo, although Aleksey does pretty good… you know we’ve written more and more stuff where he has to play the piano. But you know, to be very honest, I actually went into music because I wanted to be a composer and a conductor. And piano was just one of the ways to get into that. — Richard Hyung-ki Joo

He’s like a pianist whose child learns how to play a piano. It’s almost in the genes. He’s been around it, he’s seen it and he’s seen his dad get ready for it. I do believe that if he didn’t have any talent, the genes wouldn’t matter, but he has talent. — Vince DiLorenzo

Painting is something that you need to do, if not every day, then certainly most days. It is almost like being a pianist: if you stop, you lose something. — John Berger

I was the youngest guy in the union. At 14! A pianist around there who became my mentor for a little while, gave me my first night club job. I was 17 or so. My father asked the club owner to watch me so I didn’t get into any wrong things, ladies and drink and this and that. — Jerome Richardson

The classical song is something that is small. It’s more subtle. It’s the poem, the singer and pianist putting together a song and interpreting it in their own way. — William Ferguson

If you can’t get a job as a pianist in a brothel you become a royal reporter. — Max Hastings

The ‘Three songs from the Shadow’ are going to be performed by one of our really outstanding students, Tyler Nelson. Jeffrey Price will be the pianist for those, but those are really interesting and fun songs, and Tyler will do them beautifully, absolutely beautifully. — Robert Walzel

I will stop talking about the twelve inch pianist — Nancy Cartwright

In Montreal, there is a friend of mine at school who is a jazz pianist with an amazing voice, and we sort of have this fusion/soul/R&B/folk music kind of thing. We’ve been keeping it low-key and opening for some friends. — Jake Epstein

‘The Pianist’ is a movie I could watch over and over again. — Vidal Sassoon

The piano ain’t got no wrong notes. — Thelonious Monk

It’s very hard to find a pianist that’s willing to play the so-called accompanist role on part of the program and yet be capable of being a great solo pianist that you would want for the big sonatas. — Joshua Bell

The first jazz pianist I heard was Thelonious Monk. My father was listening to an album of his called ‘Monk’s Dream’ almost every day from the time I was born. — Benny Green

I wanted to be a pianist but it just wasn’t my thing. I guess I wanted to stand up rather than sit down. — Steve Lacy

He made evident that a jazz pianist can translate to popular culture. He wrote the theme to the TV show ‘Taxi,’ that’s him playing the piano at the beginning. — Steve Bailey

I started off as a studio pianist in Hollywood. — Skitch Henderson

The pianist Cecil Taylor is extremely melodic; the guitarist Derek Bailey is extremely melodic, and Ornette Coleman. — Pat Metheny

I used to accompany kids at school when I was in second grade. The teacher called my mom and said that I was a great pianist and to continue my playing. My mom stopped her and said, ‘But we don’t have a piano.’ Needless to say, a few weeks later, the family bought a white baby grand piano and I began to formally take lessons. — Jordan Rudess

I joined an all-girl band in Detroit and, although I was a pianist and drummer, I was asked to play bass because no one else wanted to. When I strapped it on, it fit me as good as my leathers. At the first gig we played, I looked out at the audience and thought, ‘This is what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life.’ — Suzi Quatro

It was a way of honoring her. We always choose a worthy Utah pianist every year to receive this scholarship, which pays for their tuition. — Susan Duehlmeier

As a young pianist in Hollywood, I began orchestrating for others, and I just felt really comfortable doing that. — John Williams

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