100+ Best Pizza Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Pizza is a large circle of flat bread baked with cheese, tomatoes, and sometimes meat and vegetables spread on top. Profoundly inspirational pizza quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

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Famous Pizza Quotes

We have tried other crusts and they were horrible. Our pizza is different. The crust is flakier. — Patty Sorrels

You’ll now be able to go to one area for pizza and another for grilled items, another for general concession items, as well as hot dogs, ice cream and pretzels. We think it will improve traffic and speed up service. It will also enable us to add more food items, such as kettle corn, funnel cakes, elephant ears and snow cones. — Dave Shaw

When we’re going good we tend to keep going back to the same place (in this case California Pizza Kitchen) every Friday. — Mike Trapasso

Now we’re eating pizza as opposed to steak. — Arthur Miller

Pizza made me who I am. In the summer of 1998, I dropped out of college and started a pizza restaurant called Growlies in my hometown in rural Canada. My seed money: a credit card with a $20,000 limit. — Ryan Holmes

I ain’t never been in no cell that had a phone in it. Can I stay for a while? I ordered some pizza. — Eddie Murphy

You wouldn’t believe all the phone calls — people are having pizza withdrawals, … One woman called and said, ‘You wouldn’t believe how upset I am.’ — Paul Costa

I have a little bad news … We don’t have a lunch being prepared for you today, but I will treat you all to a pizza as one last gesture, — Mitt Romney

Whenever we have a tournament champion we go for pizza at Nanuet Restaurant. — Shawn Logue

Pizza with pineapple, that’s a cake…Pizza with cucumber, it’s an insult. — Alessio Vinci

We are appreciative of the effort Greg has put into his position and the contributions he has made towards shaping the team into one of MLS’ most competitive on-field teams, as well as his contributions towards the building of our new home — Pizza Hut Park, — John Wagner

We played with a lot of drive and a lot of spirit. A pizza for every two guys! — Bob Johnson

Is the business that they’re trying to get into related to what they have done in the past? Are they going from being a banker to running a pizza place? — John Hanlon

A fan sent me a letter and a $10 bill. It’s a short letter – all she said was, ‘Hey, since it’s harder for you to go out these days without getting photographed, here $10 for a pizza.’ I was like, ‘Aww, she sent me money for a pizza so I could eat at home!’ — Zac Efron

There’s no question that the next generation of terrorists, rather than going for small, little dramas, will go for the big one. They now understand that the way to get the world’s attention is not strapping bombs to themselves in a pizza parlour, but to do something so horrific it gets you into the Guinness Book of World Records for terrorism. — Richard Holbrooke

The food and drink that goes along with football is one of the best things: hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and dips. At the stadium I would probably get nachos, but when I’m at home we order pizza a lot. — Marisa Miller

The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 a.m. — Charles Pierce

When you’re expecting a crowd to come watch the game with you, that’s a great way to give everybody a pizza of their choice. — Dana Harville

Recognition is another important element of empowerment. Employees who make empowered decisions should be recognized and rewarded. Celebrate them. Feature them in the company publication. Give them a prime parking spot near the front door for a week. Throw a pizza party. By doing so, you are sending a message to the rest of the workforce that empowerment is important. — John Tschohl

We still have a problem with vegetables. All he loves is pizza and chicken wings. His diet’s got to be a lot better than that. We sit at the table until he eats his vegetables. I’ll say, ‘Well, I’ll wait you out.’ Literally, he’ll sit there all night. — Larry Foote

The Muppets bring a wink and a smile to it. It’s pizza after all – it’s not something that serious. It’s about fun and enjoyment. — D. James

One of the statistics you look for in pizza is trying to establish a loyalty rate. If you get someone to try your pizza, can you get them to convert to you? — Tom Herman

I used to work out on an island called Martha’s Vineyard. I ran a pizza oven, I caddied, I worked on a fishing boat, and life is very easy out there. It’s a vacation lifestyle all the time. — Austin Stowell

I love all of it, thinking up the plots, getting to know the kids in the story, their parents, backyards, pizza toppings. — Caroline B. Cooney

I love pizza; you cant really go wrong with pizza. — Nick Jonas

We’ve come a long way from the charcoal grill by including gas ranges, sinks, faucets and countertop prep areas along with pizza ovens, fireplaces and even concrete seating. Long gone are the days of drab, grey concrete. Through methods of stamping or staining, there are hundreds of color choices, patterns and designs that can be used to create any shape you can imagine. — Jim Peterson

We can’t solve all of society’s ills. They’re outside of our purview. But at least you can get a pizza delivered there now. — David Barker

There was a bunch of people outside of a club downtown. Somebody tried to say we wanted to rob them for $5 for some pizza. I’m not that desperate for pizza or $5. — Ramonce Taylor

We’ll all be sitting around a big-screen television, eating pizza and pulling for the Panthers on Sunday. If they win, then we go to work. — John McMichael

We did a lot of research and pizza was the most popular food. It’s also a good business decision, because your costs of making them are so low. — Lori Mottu

There is probably a market anywhere in the country for a Hot-N-Ready but the Northeast is pretty demanding. They know their pizza and they have certain expectations that you’d better meet. — Jeremy White

We are all human beings, and we all have insecurities, but it’s about being healthy and happy with yourself. I’m not perfect, and I will indulge in pizza and sweets on occasion. The goal is to make the majority of your decisions good for your body. So listen to your body, and treat it like your temple. — Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

The quickest way to end up with takeout food that’s not as healthy is to not put any advance thought into meals. I don’t mean to knock takeout — I like eating out as much as the next person; I enjoy a pizza or takeout Chinese or Indian food. But most fast foods are cooked with lots of fat and salt; that’s why they taste great. It’s not a good way to eat every day, economically, and it’s not the healthiest way to eat every day. — Jim Romanoff

I think of dieting, then I eat pizza. — Lara Stone

When I first started working on ‘Secret Diary,’ I definitely felt like I needed to shape up. The idea of being in my knickers on TV was a great incentive! Now I try to eat right, and I go to Bikram yoga three or four times a week. I have my ‘naughty’ days, and I indulge in pizza and cake, but so what! — Ashley Madekwe

Credit cards offer convenience. Credit cards offer emergency life preservers. If you start to use your credit card for daily expenses, and you start paying for pizza at 18 percent interest — do the math. — Ed Mierzwinski

Members expressed a lack of understanding about the project. They wanted to make sure we’re not just giving money to a pizza joint. — Bill Teets

We’re one of two stores that will be selling pizza by the pound. — Ann Wilson

Pizza is such an easy thing. You can grab it, throw it in the oven. — Patty Sorrels

I tasted spring – the cupcakes and pizza and polish sausage. From the fall, I had turkey and dressing. It was mouth-watering. And I had cabbage and turnip greens. — Brandi Brown

Pizza is the perfect food for sharing, but add these 28 cheesy bites to the outside of the pizza and now you’ve got a combination that gives everyone what they love. Kids and adults alike won’t be able to keep their hands off the irresistible, great-tasting bites. Just pull off a piece, and pop it into your mouth. Playing with your food has never been so deliciously fun. — D. James

We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police. — Author unknown

It was two hours of that, … Pizza and Nickelodeon. — Greg Oden

Of course I treat myself every now and then. Once a month I might have pizza and red wine and maybe a dessert, but that’s it. — Ricki-Lee Coulter

My husband is American but Italian. Then I have the Mexicano side. I see both in my kids. My daughter is more Italian – she leans towards pizza – and my son leans more towards guacamole and puts lime in everything. — Thalia

I didn’t want to go to college, and my parents said, ‘Well, then you’d better get a job, because we’re not paying for you to drop out of school.’ So I delivered pizza near USC for a while. We had to wear khakis and a baseball hat with the logo on it, and I worked almost every day. — Dylan Penn

Most definitely, we love it. For a long time people have watched football and ate pizza … It’s the biggest game of the year, they’re going to order pizza. — Corey Smith

We’re basically doing a feature film every week. This is big stuff. We blew up a pizza kid, robbed a moving train, went down into the sewers, robbed a bank, did a chase scene with helicopters over downtown L.A.–and that’s just in the pilot! — Mark Cullen

At thirteen I began modeling, doing my first television commercial in ninth grade for Pizza Hut. — Donna Rice

Eataly is the greatest – it’s like food galore there. They have all of these little stations, like a pasta area and a pizza area. And they have the best gelato. — Lilla Crawford

I do get my pizzas paid for by Linux indirectly. — Linus Torvalds

I was worried I might end up on a pizza advert. — Ben Kay

We are talking about the best. If you’re going to do pizza, then do the best pizza possible. You don’t buy it frozen and reheat it. There are going to be some people that won’t stay at the market. — Jeff Themm

Let your kids select the vegetables they want as pizza toppings. — Jennifer Ebelhar

It’s the old adage: You can make a pizza so cheap, nobody will eat it. You can make an airline so cheap, nobody will fly it. — Gordon Bethune

or they’ll put posters up saying pizza is the biggest source of tomato sauce in the American diet. — Marion Nestle

Just being aware of what you are about to do greatly diminishes the tendency to do what you don’t want to. You will pull your hand back from that pizza slice, tell the waitress that you are passing on dessert, put on your gym shoes instead of going under the comforter, and take several deep breaths instead of screaming at your daughter. — Srikumar Rao

Pizza Hut is the only pizza place that will deliver out here. — Robert Crawford

When Domino’s Pizza approached M5 Industries and asked us to design and build the Steak Fanatic Pizza Couch, I knew it was something we wanted to be part of. The Steak Fanatic Pizza Couch is like a guy’s dream come true — only the coolest gadgets and Domino’s Pizza all within arm’s reach. — Jamie Hyneman

When you’re working from home and you’ve got children, a big night out is going to Pizza Express down the road. — Jane Green

We are most appreciative that Major League Soccer has chosen Frisco and Pizza Hut Park as the location for the 11th MLS Cup. The 2005 event was an unqualified success with exceptional weather and a standing-room only crowd for the game. — H. Hunt

Pizza Hut Park is clearly becoming a major destination for marquee soccer events in the United States, and we’re pleased to host MLS Cup 2006 at one of America’s great soccer facilities. The tremendous support by the entire soccer community in North Texas for MLS Cup 2005 makes Pizza Hut Park – one of the premier soccer complexes in the world – the perfect choice. — Don Garber

Children want to mimic adults. They notice when you choose to prepare fresh vegetables over calling in another pizza pie for dinner. They will see that food made with love and care outweighs going through the drive-through window. — Marcus Samuelsson

So I decided to make my own pizza sauce from my own homegrown produce during the following canning season, … It took a bit of experimenting to come up with just the right amount of all the ingredients . . . but I finally hit upon a blend that the folks around here seem to relish. The secret is the herbs: Don’t be afraid to put more of ’em in than you think you shouldl That’s what gives my sauce its hearty flavor and character. — Carolyn Allen

We’re helping our customers ‘pare’ down dinnertime dilemmas by offering more choices to satisfy all tastes. Pizza is fun food for sharing and we think pairing the perfect deal for customers is a great way to allow everyone to get what they want. — D. James

We do have a fortunate story. This man (Mueller) opened up his home to us. He was paying his employees. They were giving pizza to police officers. — Tom Griffin

Last winter we canned venison, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, chili sauce, tomato soup, turkey, catsup, barbecue sauce, fish, sweet potatoes, duck, butternut squash, pumpkins and potatoes. You might say that whatever we find, we can. The entries will help out the competition at the fair and it will give the boys a little bit of income. — Janel Maurer

Over the years, I have been a house painter, farm worker, paste-up artist, Easter Bunny, pizza delivery person, homeless shelter staff member, and counselor for adults and kids with mental illness – I quit my last real job in 2000 to work on writing full-time. — Jennifer McMahon

Pizza makes me think that anything is possible. — Henry Rollins

Even the Thickest pizza on earth will be delivered cold. — Kehlog Albran

Pizza and beer just go hand in hand. — Roger Hurick

Last Saturday morning, the day of the game (the Big West tournament final against Long Beach State, a 78-70 victory), I get a call from my dad. My son’s wife just had our first granddaughter back north (in Walnut Creek), so as soon as the game ended, I had some pizza with the players and went to bed, and the next morning at 5:30, I drove back up to see them, had to go 101 because the Grapevine was closed, and then drove to Stockton for the selection show. I haven’t had time to celebrate, but I’ll be able to celebrate that every day. — Bob Thomason

I wanted to perform well for my mom and dad, because in high school, I didn’t have a job. My brothers, they worked at Pizza Hut or places like that, but sports, that was my way of giving back. — Junior Seau

We actually had a shoot at a pizza parlor the other day. They had me in the kitchen making pizza. — Pete Fenson

Pizza Hut always goes big for the big game with a new product launch. — D. James

We are a very tight family, we spend a lot of time together. With our kids, the first question that came out of their mouth was ‘are we still going to have dinner together as a family?’ It has been important for Anthony and I to make sure that happens. Sometimes it means grabbing a pizza here at the store, but we are still together. — Cathy Merlino

There’s no more left in the wine cellar because all these Canadians are eating pizza and washing it down with Barolo. — Sergio Chiamparino

When my sister and I were kids, swimming down in Charleston, there was this pizza parlor that had this old Dixieland band play, and I just loved Louis Armstrong and the sound of his voice, and I got up there with the band and started singing Louis Armstrong songs when I was a kid. I have no idea why, but I did it and I loved it. — Thomas Gibson

We were all there together, having pizza and laughing and sharing stories. They left and because I stopped for gas, and they were a few minutes ahead. — Jerry Nelson

One year, after a hectic holiday season, we just decided to eat pizza, so I wasn’t going to have pizza by candlelight, but my teenage boys insisted. — Karen Lee

We were both happy … we celebrated by having pizza with our family. — Alice Hyde

For some people, the highlight of their entire month could be going out and eating a pizza or watching a movie at a multiplex, and here I am visiting four countries in a month. So, in that way, movies have made me socially aware. I now know how simple people live their lives. — Sonam Kapoor

Pizza sales, we would have yard sales and everything we could to raise the money to get this together. — Mike Harding

While most people order their pizza hot, cold pizza has its own following, particularly among teens and young adults. Some people will order pizza a size up just so they’ll have some left over to eat later. We started talking about how pizza could make the jump from slice to sandwich. We wanted to marry the best from both. — Kathy Hasty

I’m a fat kid on the inside. I love food so much, and I fluctuate about 25 to 30 pounds between movies. I feel like I have to do a chess movie that requires very little movement at some point, just so I can eat pizza and play chess on the beach all day. — Channing Tatum

When the Atkins Diet became a rage and people stopped eating carbohydrates, we didn’t do something to protect pizza parlors. — Steve Ellis

Portable, easy-to-eat foods are changing the way Americans eat. Pizza has long been a mealtime favorite, and its popularity continues to grow across all categories, when sold by the slice, for take-out or delivery, even frozen pizza sales are up. — Kathy Hasty

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore — Jack Brooks

As the nation’s largest pizza restaurant chain, we must consider consumers’ changing lifestyles and provide them with lower-fat alternatives and great-tasting menu options. — D. James

Pizza is a circle. Pizza is my life. Pizza is the circle of life, — Ed Sheeran

I’d rather sell reefer than do pizza delivery. — Big Pun

As the world’s largest soccer complex, the new Rapids stadium in Commerce City will revolutionize the sport of soccer in Colorado and change the face of the sport in the region, … Alongside stadium developments in other cities across America and the recent opening of Pizza Hut Park in Texas, this facility is further proof that soccer in the United States continues to gain momentum. — Don Garber

I have a restaurant in Milan, and Paper Moon is five minutes away from my hotel, so I always go there for lunch. It’s a casual place that serves good salad, pizza and pasta; the space is tight with tables close together, and it feels buzzy. Food comes out fast, too. — Nobu Matsuhisa

We are looking forward to defending our title. We still have the best pizza in town, just ask any of our customers. — Lisa Brown

People got teary-eyed because they hadn’t had a pizza in 15 years. — Rebekah Spetnagel

My inspiration for Baker Tonys Pizza came from my desire to educate our children on the politics of the Iraq war in a light-hearted fashion. — Angela Martin

She brought a customer’s credit card information home. The way we caught her was she ordered pizza with it. — Julissa Martinez

We have our little restaurants, and there’s a beautiful beach that we go to in the summer and fall. We tend to have a lot of get-togethers, and if it’s at my house, we order pizza because I can’t cook. — Katie Holmes

Hating the (New York) Yankees is as American as pizza pie, unwed mothers, and cheating on your income tax — Mike Royko

I didn’t really see him. I just saw his pizza flipper as a blade, and I just saw that blade of the stick behind me so I dropped the pass. He was there, and he put it in. — Andrew Cogliano

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