100+ Best Play Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Famous Play Quotes

I just loved to play. I liked to study the other ballplayers. I could talk about it for ages, because I played professional ball for 20 years, and I was still learning when I quit. — Lloyd Waner

I have ‘Happy Birthday’ in multiple languages on my iPod – I like to play it at company birthday parties. — Yigal Azrouel

I’d love to romance Aishwarya Rai. But I’m 58 now. So I have to play her father. — Amitabh Bachchan

I like to play a wide range of characters. The more they’re unlike me, the better I like it. — Laurie Metcalf

Whenever in future wars the battle is fought, armored troops will play the decisive role. — Heinz Guderian

Until you learn to play what you want to hear, you’re barking up the wrong tree. — Billy Gibbons

If you play it safe every time, then you’re missing the best part of acting. You haven’t learned anything about your humanity. — Brit Marling

Someone told me the smile on my face gets bigger when I play the guitar. — Niall Horan

For me, playwriting is and has always been like making a chair. Your concerns are balance, form, timing, lights, space, music. If you don’t have these essentials, you might as well be writing a theoretical essay, not a play. — Sam Shepard

People have said to me, You can’t write songs. You can’t play an instrument. But I’ve got 10 gold records. — Sonny Bono

I work hard. But I play hard, too. — Pitbull

America has a critical place to play in the end of extreme poverty. — Hugh Evans

When I did ‘Scrubs’, we were able to always do one as scripted, and then we got to play a little bit and do some stuff. I thought that was pretty loose, but then coming on ‘Happy Endings,’ it’s even looser. — Eliza Coupe

People became more interested in my love life than in me, and that has a certain effect. You start to feel very empty and worth nothing, you start to become a piece in a board game you never wanted to play. — Anna Friel

The greatest luxury is being able to go to movies and plays now and then in the afternoons. — Robert MacNeil

Those who play badminton well take decisions quickly. — Dmitry Medvedev

My best friend growing up really put the bug in my ear about acting. We created this one hour-and-a-half improv play when we were 10 or 11 and performed it at the library. We just played off each other so well and had the best time doing it and the funniest part was, we wound up having packed houses, other people loved it too. — Katherine Moennig

If a professional musician in a symphony orchestra is playing Beethoven. But this particular orchestra have played this particular chestnut so many times, they can play it in their sleep. Does the genius remain present in the music or not? — Robert Fripp

I play out negative fantasies for people. I’m the guy people love to hate. And they always remember the bad guy. — Brion James

I was improvising before I was reading music. I was just trying to play things on the clarinet by ear. I think my ear is one of my greatest assets. — Pete Fountain

I love that you work out relationships with people as you’re filming just to get something real to play on screen. — Lee Pace

I am not handsome, but when women hear me play, they come crawling to my feet. — Niccolo Paganini

If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At its best it’s like the human voice. — Stan Getz

I like to do new things, so I always take on roles that I feel will keep me on my toes. I never want to pigeon myself, so I always like to surprise myself. I believe in versatility and so I would play anything as long as it was a challenge. — Archie Panjabi

Oh, I get pretty fired up on the court. I try to play with a lot of emotion, especially when I’m playing in front of a large crowd. I want to go out and do my best, and to do that, I have to play with the most energy possible. — Lleyton Hewitt

I’ve been blessed because every single role I’ve done has been an educated person. I’ve never done the stereotypical Latina, even though I have an accent – I’ve always been able to play educated people. That’s a good thing! — Roselyn Sanchez

I love Darius Rucker. He’s a true artist, a great songwriter who can play his instrument, sing and write about his life. — Randy Houser

It’s nowhere near as intense as what I imagine an actor experiences backstage, but I feel a fluttering nervousness before a curtain goes up on a play. I mean, any play, anywhere – on Broadway or the Bowery or in a church basement. — Ben Brantley

We could play them through the week, and then the weekend we could play the black joints. I learned to be very versatile and learned to love it. So it stays with me even up to now. — Little Milton

When Maurice touched a keyboard, it was like something from a movie, magical. He would always give you something from a movie, and you’d go, what did you just play… immediately inspirational writings, amazing. That’s what we’re going to miss. — Robin Gibb

You have to have sympathy for and an empathy with a character in order to play them. — Laura Carmichael

To reminisce with my old friends, a chance to share some memories, and play our songs again. — Ricky Nelson

No acting, no production, could take the place of that moment when you come out in the dark on to the stage and the drummer plays four beats on the hi-hat and then lights and music. It just takes your breath away. No words can do what music can. — Ken Stott

Whenever I look at a baby or children in general, I smile and just want to play with them. — Odeya Rush

We have a demon, we have an angel inside, within our souls, and you just play with it, and sometimes the evil part of you wins the battle, in a very important decision, or in a bedtime, with your lover. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. — Demian Bichir

I believe the mobile OS market will play out very similarly to Windows and Macintosh, with Android in the role of Windows. And so if you want to be in front of the largest number of users, you need to be on Android. — Fred Wilson

I love hockey, and I don’t love it for any other reason than when I get out there and play, I enjoy it. — Brendan Fehr

The saddest day of my life was the day I didn’t get to play football anymore. — Brian Bosworth

We’ve been playing games since humanity had civilization – there is something primal about our desire and our ability to play games. It’s so deep-seated that it can bypass latter-day cultural norms and biases. — Jane McGonigal

I always wanted to play a mental patient. I was fascinated with playing crazy people in college, and I don’t know if I ever quite perfected it. — Alison Brie

The Champions League is a big ambition, and all the footballers want to play in it, it is a very important competition. — Fernando Torres

I take compliments and I take constructive criticism. Not everyone loves you. It’s the way you react as a footballer. I use it all to make me play better. — Tim Cahill

Every week you have to play well to be the champion. — Ruud Gullit

I don’t flirt and I don’t play the people that I’m meeting with. — Sherilyn Fenn

I want to continually play characters that speak to me, but also are different than what I’ve just done. — Santino Fontana

When I’m off the clock, I usually play video games – or do something nature-y so I can contribute to Mother Nature. — Harry Shum, Jr.

But at a certain point, and I don’t really know… people have asked me this. I don’t know exactly what it was that pushed me towards directing, but I think it was a naive notion that if I directed I would be able to play all the roles. A kind of greed. — Peter Bogdanovich

The music field was the first to break down racial barriers, because in order to play together, you have to love the people you are playing with, and if you have any racial inhibitions, you wouldn’t be able to do that. — Oscar Peterson

Time plays a role in almost every decision. And some decisions define your attitude about time. — John Cale

If it’s enough money, I’ll play the North Pole. — Teddy Wilson

You know, I find it so difficult being a… as a matter of fact, little do people know that most of the leading members of the cast have a background that they would never expect them to have, and play the show they did. — Werner Klemperer

I am just another fireman because the story focuses on Joaquin Phoenix’s character, but I play Joaquin’s close friend and I get burned up a little bit, but I don’t die. — Morris Chestnut

Camouflage is a game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we want to conceal. — Russell Lynes

In all my years of play, I never saw an ump deliberately make an unfair decision. They really called them as they saw ’em. — Honus Wagner

Art is creative for the sake of realization, not for amusement… for transfiguration, not for the sake of play. — Max Beckmann

I am not attempting to preserve culture, or record actual events or stories. Instead I bow my head in gratitude to those storytellers who have gone before and paved a way for me play in their stomping grounds. Doubtless those who want to be offended, will – allowing me to make them happy, too, which pleases me as much as it pleases them. — Patricia Briggs

It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play. — Dizzy Gillespie

I do what I did as a hobby as a kid, you know, and make a living at it. And I just feel like I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world ‘cuz I get paid to make toys and play with them. — Rick Baker

You’ve got to get good habits of working hard so that when that play comes up during the regular season that you’re able to complete it and do it the right way. — Al Kaline

And what makes me happy now has changed as well… Its one thing to play in a bar or at a biker festival, and hear a guy who’s been drinking beer all day come up and tell you how good you are. For a long time in your life that will make you happy. — Rick Derringer

I’m sick of all these knights in shining armor parts, I want to do something worthwhile like plays and films that have something to say. — Tyrone Power

I was meant to be a composer and will be I’m sure. Don’t ask me to try to forget this unpleasant thing and go play football – please. — Samuel Barber

I’m a terrible singer. I feel lucky to play baseball. You can’t be gifted in everything. — Alex Rodriguez

I’m not saying that Sam J. Jones was Flash Gordon – there’s no such thing. No actor can be the person, that’s a bunch of crap. People pay to see an actor be himself, whether he plays Hamlet or whatever. — Sam J. Jones

I play a lot of Playstation, and always trying to look pretty for the girls. — Freddy Adu

It’s a great day for a ball game; let’s play two! — Ernie Banks

I’m a workaholic. I love every movie I’ve been in, even the bad ones, every TV series, every play, because I love to work. It’s what keeps me going. — Karl Malden

I’ve got a nice little crafty deal with the people in Barbados; 10 days out there teaching the locals how to play darts for an hour a day. Get paid for that as well. — Eric Bristow

I have never written a play, a story, a poem, or my one film – anything – unless something was troubling me enough, wrecking me, in fact, to drive me back into the absurdity of writing. I do not enjoy writing. — Israel Horovitz

The whole point is, give me a break with the standards. You go to the average jazz label and suggest a record and they want to know which standards you’re going to play. I’m saying let’s break the formula. — Branford Marsalis

The art of interpretation is not to play what is written. — Pablo Casals

What I do is play soccer, which is what I like. — Lionel Messi

Anything that is impractical can be play. It’s doing something other than what is necessary to continue living as an animal. — Shigeru Miyamoto

I think that players play, and they compete, and it’s not about incentives. — David Stern

I don’t play a lot of fancy guitar. I don’t want to play it. The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean licks. — John Lee Hooker

Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble! — William Shakespeare

Civil disobedience has an honourable history, and when the urgency and moral clarity cross a certain threshold, then I think that civil disobedience is quite understandable, and it has a role to play. — Al Gore

After 50, the rock ‘n’ roll road is a little absurd. It’s very difficult to play these little places. You’re out there on a rickety old bus with no place to shower. — Nancy Sinatra

It takes me about a week and a half to really analyze a game – play by play. — Bart Starr

When I played with the Knicks, I was just as important or just as smart as any other of the guards I played with. I still had to call out plays, notice schemes, know the systems, do everything they had to do. — Patrick Ewing

I’m a winner, I play to win, I want to make good things go on around me. — David Ortiz

Music always turns into music. As soon as I play a key, push a key down, there’s no theory any more. When I go and I hear a sound on the keyboard, all theories go out the window. — Keith Jarrett

You are a dear soul who plays polo, and I am a poor Pole who plays solo. — Ignacy Jan Paderewski

My dream part would be to play Mitt Romney’s sarcastic black maid. We could call it ‘Mammy & Me.’ — Natasha Leggero

I don’t think I think when I play. I have a photographic memory for chords, and when I’m playing, the right chords appear in my mind like photographs long before I get to them. — Earl Hines

I Knew why I felt at home. The spirit of freedom was hovering over that play yard as it did all over France at that time. A country was free again. — Audie Murphy

My favorite author is Anton Chekhov, not so much for the plays but for his short stories, and I think he was really my tutor. — Gene Wilder

For me, playing music is like meditating – I just play and don’t really think about what I’m doing, I just let it happen. — Rick Wright

The best characters to play are the ones who have deep internal conflict. — George Blagden

I was 22 and stopped writing plays, and I didn’t start again until I was 25. I was writing badly. In college, I attempted to write these more conventional plays, but the theater I loved was downtown experimental theater. I didn’t feel like I could do that either. It didn’t occur to me to do my own thing. — Annie Baker

If I had my career to play over, one thing I’d do differently is swing more. Those 1,200 walks I got, nobody remembers them. — Pee Wee Reese

You are meant to play the ball as it lies, a fact that may help to touch on your own objective approach to life. — Grantland Rice

The skill set for hockey is so specific to skating and if you haven’t been skating as a kid it’s impossible to play – and I wasn’t a skater. — Liev Schreiber

When I was growing up, my mother would take me to plays and museums, and we’d talk about life. Those times helped shape who I became. — Jill Scott

I used to look at these pictures of trumpeters pointing their instrument to the ceiling. Stunning pictures, but if you play the trumpet and point it upwards, all the spit comes back into your mouth! — Humphrey Lyttelton

Campaign finance and ethics reform only works if it curtails all special interest groups equally and does not carve out any exceptions to benefit one party or another. ‘Pay to play’ reform was passed to limit the influence of big spending contractors over the public officials from whom they are trying to obtain work. — Thomas Kean, Jr.

In our town there was a Gestapo officer who loved to play chess. After the occupation began, he found out that my father was the chess master of the region, and so he had him to his house every night. — Bruno Schulz

I just love to act. I like to get away, totally play a different character, someone you can get really involved in knowing. I’ve gotten really involved in some characters and written down little summaries of where they live and what their families are like. — Amanda Peterson

The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play. — Chris Moneymaker

Comparisons are really no good in sport, especially if it is a comparison between different eras and generations, for there are so many variables that come into play, starting from the quality of the opposition to playing conditions. — Sunil Gavaskar

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