106+ Best Plus Size Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational plus size quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

Famous Plus Size Quotes

I want to offer plus-size women the opportunity to wear fun colors and to avoid the pitfalls of only wearing black because many curvy girls think it is the only color that is slimming. — Ashley Nell Tipton

I always thought ‘plus-size’ wasn’t a term that was negative – it wasn’t something that I felt was something that was making me any different or making me feel like I was lesser than – and I found a community through it. — Barbie Ferreira

I look in the mirror, and I’m a plus-size girl, but I got it going on. — Chrissy Metz

There aren’t plus-sized teens represented in film who aren’t made the butt of a joke. — Danielle Macdonald

The fashion industry may persist to label me as ‘plus-size,’ but I like to think of it as ‘my size.’ — Ashley Graham

I find it infuriating that in this industry, size 10 and above is defined as ‘plus size,’ especially when the average dress size in the U.K. is a 16. — Jameela Jamil

I’ve never worn plus size brands, and I never had to because I found what worked for my body type. So my advice is to find what works for you. — Hayley Hasselhoff

I feel it’s very important to remove labels; the progress in fashion will be when people completely cut out the words ‘plus size’ from their vocabulary and accept that women come in many sizes – especially over a size 4. Once that happens, I feel as though inclusiveness of body type will finally start happening. — Barbie Ferreira

The concept of plus-size is so derogatory and weird. What does that mean? Plus the normal size? It shouldn’t exist any more. — Jameela Jamil

I feel like there’s not enough clothing out there to show our personality and just to be comfortable and to be fashion-forward and to be a trendsetter. There are a lot of clothes out there for the straight-size woman to be able to show that, but in the plus-size industry, I don’t feel like it’s there just yet. — Ashley Nell Tipton

At the end of the day, it just means ‘curvy.’ That’s why I think the word ‘plus-size’ in the industry is very different from people’s mind view of what ‘plus-size’ really should mean. — Hayley Hasselhoff

I felt the term ‘plus size’ was inaccurate and kept all these beautiful, stunning women with the widest spectrum of body types I’ve ever seen – mind you, curvy agencies start at a size 6 and go up to a size 18 – from being seen and resonated with. — Barbie Ferreira

I pray that there will be more roles for bigger girls. I pray that the role of the love interest, the beautiful, sexy girl, will be played by a plus-size woman. — Nikki Blonsky

It was really important for me to create fun and trendy pieces for the plus-size market. — Ashley Nell Tipton

I did a lot of lingerie modelling, like, for plus-size, like Macy’s and Dillard’s and Bloomingdale’s. I was, like, on a billboard in New York one time in, like, a bra and underwear. Yeah. — Nia Jax

It’s just an amazing feeling to know that I’m representing for every plus-size woman out there. — Ashley Nell Tipton

When I started, there was only one other girl that I could name that was even close to my shade. I didn’t understand why there weren’t more black plus-size models with darker skin tones. It feels like the final frontier of beauty is to be black, to be plus, to have natural hair. — Philomena Kwao

I had seen images of Crystal Renn and Sophie Dahl growing up, but I didn’t really know about the plus-size fashion industry or how lucrative it was or, like, that it was changing or that I was even invited. — Paloma Elsesser

The fashion industry might persist to label me as plus-sized, but I like to think of it as my-sized. — Ashley Graham

As far as being a plus-size woman, I play a plus-size character by default, and for me, the visibility – that, I think, is key. — Natasha Rothwell

You can’t say you’re inclusive when you only have one plus-size, hourglass white model. — Philomena Kwao

I think the media in general hasn’t been very kind to fat women or fat people. We see so many insensitive portrayals of plus-sized people. That kind of stuff really affected me – not even necessarily the portrayal of fat people, but the absence of fat people. — Shannon Purser

Yes and, you know, I can’t use the nice words anymore because I used to chicken out by using them. I used to call myself plus size, used to call myself chubby. I used to call myself overweight. — Star Jones

I’m representing for the plus-size community and the plus-size industry. It feels amazing to be able to be the voice that we need. — Ashley Nell Tipton

I follow a lot of the plus-sized bloggers. — Ashley Nell Tipton

There aren’t often plus size, very real normal women in film. It’s never their story. — Danielle Macdonald

It’s a constant battle being a plus-size designer. — Ashley Nell Tipton

We, as plus-size women, want the jewelry to fit like it was meant for us. Not like, OK, we’re just going to add a couple links here to make it fit wider necks. I want jewelry that complements us. — Ashley Nell Tipton

When you’re a plus-sized girl, belts are your best friends. I also love bright colors and skirts, to show my pretty knees. — Loni Love

I love to design clothing that is not out there for your average plus-size woman, and I want to fill in the gap of that industry and not design cookie-cutter things. — Ashley Nell Tipton

I think the word ‘plus-sized’ is so divisive to women. — Ashley Graham

My weight fluctuated when I was 30, and I did the unthinkable – I stepped out as a plus-sized model. — Carre Otis

I think the hardest thing is to design for plus-size women. I enjoyed designing for straight-size because there’s no limits. They can basically wear anything, and that’s where I was able to have creative freedom with it. — Ashley Nell Tipton

To be able to design for the plus-sized consumer, for me, that’s just beyond. It’s a dream. — Khloe Kardashian

When companies are jumping on the bandwagon to do plus size, they limit themselves. — Ashley Nell Tipton

There are plus-size women who’ve paved the way – Rebel Wilson, Gabby Sidibe, Melissa McCarthy. I can’t wait for the day when I can have a conversation, and it’s not about the size of my pants but how I prepared for the role. — Chrissy Metz

Curvy models are becoming more and more vocal about the isolating nature of the term ‘plus-size.’ We are calling ourselves what we want to be called – women, with shapes that are our own. — Ashley Graham

I wasn’t your normal plus-size girl who would dress in all black and hide in the shadows. I was very out there. But I was very shy and insecure about certain things. — Ashley Nell Tipton

It’s going to take baby steps to see a complete turnaround. But there’s been such a positive outcome from seeing it at Fashion Week. Plus-size fashion shows are being more welcomed into Fashion Week, and having more plus-size women in major magazines. — Ashley Nell Tipton

A lot of times you’ll have somebody who could be the most talented person in the world, but because they are plus-sized, they’re not even considered for a call back. — Kelly Price

I was a very earthly, matronly, plus-size little girl with a pure heart. — Paula Pell

I feel like, sometimes, plus-size women get scared to show skin… but summer is the time that we can enjoy doing that. — Ashley Nell Tipton

I’m super excited to be collaborating with JCPenney to create my first-ever capsule collection for that plus-size woman who needs that confidence and wants to be fabulous every day. — Ashley Nell Tipton

People have this conception of plus size models as girls who aren’t fit or don’t work out or don’t really take care of their bodies. — Hayley Hasselhoff

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the word ‘curvy’ or ‘plus-size’ because there are women who identify as that, and I’m not offended by it whatsoever because I don’t feel like being bigger is anything wrong. — Barbie Ferreira

Curvy and plus-size models will just be models once it becomes more normalized and we get more representation and people are used to it and not shocked by it. — Barbie Ferreira

I think, for so long, women of different sizes have been pigeonholed, and with every campaign, it’s always an adaptation of making fashion but for plus sizes. Sometimes it’s in a little bit of a negative way, and plus is always a little bit slow to be fashion forward. — Philomena Kwao

I feel like people in the industry are scared to take that chance because it’s not easy to design plus-size clothing. — Ashley Nell Tipton

The message behind every brand that’s plus size is about making a woman feel confident in any shape or size. Now straight size, it’s all about the signature brand and how to look good in that one brand, and not necessarily how to look good for yourself. — Hayley Hasselhoff

It’s nice to see how much the mainstream fashion community has been so accepting of it. It’s very exciting to see that folks finally want to make plus-size mainstream. — Ashley Nell Tipton

It took a lot for me to be able to say that I’m a plus-size model or a model at all without feeling terror or this kind of panic, because it was something so unplanned. — Paloma Elsesser

Torrid was that company that I went to as a plus-sized kid. They’re the ones that kind of got me out of my shell and gave me the confidence that I needed to experiment with my wardrobe, and they really inspired me to become a plus-size designer. — Ashley Nell Tipton

India’s sprawling subcontinent can never become a plus-size Singapore. But perhaps we can weave together an urban web that is the equivalent of a thousand Singapores. — Anand Mahindra

Widening a garment or making it larger is not understanding the real curves of a plus size women. — Ashley Nell Tipton

I was picked on as a kid. I had a nose the size of a softball plus braces and acne. It was rough. — Jillian Michaels

I’m seeing a lot of roles written explicitly for plus-size women, which is so cool. — Shannon Purser

Straight sized boards are models size 0-6. Plus size boards are models starting at a 10. If a size 8 girl was 5′ 11 and curvy, she’d be on the plus sized board, because there’s nothing in between. — Hayley Hasselhoff

I’m trying to put plus-size on the map. We can be fashion-forward. — Ashley Nell Tipton

Once I realized, when I became a plus-size model, that there were more women like me, my confidence immediately shot through the roof. — Nia Jax

It’s impossible to accept love from anyone else if you don’t love yourself. It’s a big issue, particularly for us plus-size ladies and for anyone dealing with weight, because we’re not taught to love ourselves or be our own cheerleaders. — Chrissy Metz

I love women – all types, all colors, petite, plus size. But in particular, I was raised by black women, and I feel like there is just something beautiful about black women. — Raheem DeVaughn

I did not label myself ‘plus size.’ The fashion industry did. — Iskra Lawrence

With shows with plus-sized characters, there are all of these lines of being jealous at so and so or mad at so and so for being skinny and their great diets. It’s so all-encompassing and exhausting. I’m not saying that’s not some women, but it’s just not all of us. — Donna Lynne Champlin

The letters I really love are from young actresses who were worried they had to fit a certain look. They say I’ve opened it up. And I don’t just mean plus-size girls. You can push things now. With all the great performances in ‘Bridesmaids’, it changed how people see funny women. — Melissa McCarthy

I think that when you use the word ‘plus-size,’ you’re putting all these women in a category: ‘You don’t eat well.’ ‘You don’t work out.’ ‘You could care less about your body.’ ‘You’re insecure.’ ‘You have no confidence.’ — Ashley Graham

My existence in Hollywood is a political statement, because there are so few women who are plus-sized or above a size 6. — Shannon Purser

Plus-sized women have been told for so long to cover up. Whether it’s with a one-piece, a tankini, a bikini with a skirt, high-waisted things, we’re always told to hide these things that society calls flaws. — Philomena Kwao

There’s no conversation happening between plus-size women and designers. The door is never open. — Aidy Bryant

I don’t want to use the term ‘plus-size,’ because, to me, what the hell is that? It just doesn’t have a positive connotation to it. I tend to not use it. — Tyra Banks

If there was going to be a pioneer of the plus-size girl of my shape on TV, why not me? — Chrissy Metz

Sierra’ is me being a plus-size woman. — Shannon Purser

I’ve heard complaints from women all over the country that plus-size clothes aren’t sexy enough. You know, I’m a grandma, but I don’t want to look like a grandma! I want to feel confident and sexy in the clothes. I like my stuff tapered and well-fitted, not all boxy. — Tina Knowles

I’ve never been a thin girl. I grew up being – I don’t want to say a plus-size girl, but a girl of curves and substance. — Lindsay Mendez

I wasn’t put on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’ as a plus-size model; I was put on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’ as a model, as a rookie, as Ashley Graham. — Ashley Graham

You cannot determine someone’s health by the BMI alone. There are many factors that contribute to the health on an individual. If we’re going to start using BMI to police straight size models, what’s next? The plus size industry? To be honest, if it was down to BMI alone, most plus size models – including myself – wouldn’t be working. — Philomena Kwao

It can be very hard to find clothing for different body shapes. After all, there are only, what, five companies for plus-size women? — Chrissy Metz

Plus-sized women shouldn’t think of themselves as a size. They should think of themselves as women with rich goals in life. Size doesn’t mean, really, anything. You can carry your size with pride and dress in a way that you like. — Donatella Versace

It’s taken me a long time to enjoy shopping. As a plus-size girl, you walk into a store, and it can sometimes be like a designer doesn’t know you exist. It’s become a fun treasure hunt. — Mary Lambert

I think that the way to have style is to accept where your body is right now, heavier or skinnier, whether you’re going to change in the future and dress it as it is. The fact is you can always find clothes. It may be harder for plus sized people, I completely understand that. But I don’t believe that it’s impossible to dress with style. — Stacy London

Does any woman really just come in and say, ‘I’m a plus-size woman?’ Maybe as a defense mechanism or maybe as a way to kind of cope with fitting into society but… I just think it’s divisive. — Ashley Graham

I think that the plus-size industry has been great with size diversity, but it hasn’t really been great for skin tone diversity. — Philomena Kwao

I think the real problem is all the negative connotations people have with that term. They think, ‘Oh my God! I don’t want to be ‘plus-size!” But people attach too much significance to terms. We can’t let these terms define us or our beauty. — Philomena Kwao

My first shoot was on a rooftop in swimsuits with two plus-size models who were curvy and voluptuous and beautiful, and they taught me so much about being beautiful in any shape or size. — Hayley Hasselhoff

I’m a plus-size person, so when I tried to go into the Gap, I used to just walk out of there shaking my head because they have nothing that fits me. — Paula Pell

After a lifetime of feeling at home in my plus-size body, I was a 27-year-old having self-esteem issues. Clothes shopping stopped being fun and became a chore; I couldn’t wear the curve-showing styles I loved without Spanx – and I worried that my new body would affect my training. — Michelle Carter

We’re fit, we’re healthy, we eat right, we work out. ‘Plus size model’ does not mean that we’re not healthy. Plus size is not glamourising obesity: it’s about empowering. The message behind the fashion is feeling confident in whatever you’re wearing. — Hayley Hasselhoff

I’ve seen petite brides carry a ballgown, and I have also seen plus-size women carry a ballgown, though you wouldn’t think so. — Reem Acra

I was really tired of words like ‘plus size,’ ’round’ and ‘large.’ I thought, ‘Come on, we’re fat.’ — Kirstie Alley

I just have to be very clear. Whether or not I lose weight or stay the same, it’s purely a choice of mine for health. Not because I think that plus size, curvy, voluptuous, big bodies aren’t attractive – because I think they’re awesome and sexy. — Chrissy Metz

Working Wardrobes needs plus-size clothing donations to help women and men feel confident on their journey to finding a job. This is what we need in today’s world – to lift people up – and Working Wardrobes is doing that. — Ashley Nell Tipton

When Melissa McCarthy came out with ‘Bridesmaids,’ all of a sudden you saw a plus-sized woman who had three dimensions, was not an appendage, was pivotal to the plot. — Donna Lynne Champlin

The term ‘plus size’ is so inaccurate. I’m not plus size; I have never bought an article of clothing that was plus size. — Barbie Ferreira

I do feel like plus-size fashion is changing, but it’s slowly changing. It’s not growing as fast as we would all like. — Ashley Nell Tipton

With ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ I’ve always cast girls who the industry might call ‘plus size’ but I like to call ‘fiercely real.’ That was always important to me. — Tyra Banks

Being a plus-size actress, it is slim pickings, so anytime any role comes up for a plus-size actress, my agents are all over it, and they were like, ‘You have to book this job. It’s ‘American Horror Story.’ It’s a big deal.’ No pressure, right? — Chrissy Metz

Plus-size girls can look to the Plus-Size Fashion Weekends and feel like it’s special – it’s something for them and for their bodies. — Hayley Hasselhoff

Whoever’s designing for plus-size doesn’t get it. The entire garment needs to be reconceived. You can’t just take a size 8 and make it larger. — Tim Gunn

I think it’s a different experience for plus-size women in film and television to get clothes for events. It’s just not as welcoming for us to get cool clothes that are, like, equal in glamour, in style, to what, I am going to say, ‘small size’ co-stars get to wear. — Aidy Bryant

The wear time on clothing for plus-sized women is half the life span of a straight-sized woman’s clothing. Straight-sized women’s bras can last them three, six months? Our bras don’t last as long as a straight-sized woman’s bras normally do because we have more movement; we have more weight. — Ashley Nell Tipton

There’s not many models in the U.S. that have my depth – like, really dark skin – that are also plus size. Skin color has been one of those things we haven’t really, really addressed on a large, widespread scale. — Philomena Kwao

In my mind, every single female character I’ve written is plus-size. — Rainbow Rowell

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and Paula are alternatives to what we, as plus-size women in America, have been told is our narrative, which is, you should be hating yourself or hating others for how you look. — Donna Lynne Champlin

I didn’t even know I was considered plus-size until I was on the red carpet here in L.A. one day and a lady said, ‘How do you feel about being a plus-sized girl in Hollywood?’ I was like, ‘What’s she talking about?’ — Jennifer Hudson

The plus size movement is not just about fashion; it’s about body image, and if we’re doing a shoot, they won’t retouch us at all. That’s the cool thing: there’s no retouching at all because we want to give girls the truth, not a fabrication. — Hayley Hasselhoff

I’m showbiz-fat. It’s so funny, in all the reviews that I read, no one wants to use the word ‘fat’ as an adjective. So I have to deal with ‘dimpled-kneed,’ ‘hefty,’ ‘plus-sized,’ the most obscure words you can imagine. — Marissa Jaret Winokur

It’s refreshing when plus-size styling is exciting and pushes boundaries rather than safe and boring. — Philomena Kwao

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