18+ Best Pocahontas Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Pocahontas was a Native American woman notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. She fostered peace between English colonists and Native Americans by befriending the settlers at the Jamestown Colony in Virginia. Inspirational Pocahontas quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Most Famous Pocahontas Quotes

We’re delighted to have Bruce join the board, … His leadership helped set our course and it continues to be a very successful trip. – Pocahontas

What I love most about rivers is you can’t step in the same river twice. The water’s always changing, always flowing. – Pocahontas

If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew. – Pocahontas

Sometimes the right path is not always the easiest. – Pocahontas

Sing will all the voices of the mountain, paint with all the colors of the wind – Pocahontas

My world has changed, and so have I. I have learned to choose, and I have learned to say goodbye. – Pocahontas

Listen with your heart, you will understand. – Pocahontas

The water’s always changing, always flowing. But people, I guess, can’t live like that. – Pocahontas

But I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name. – Pocahontas

I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you. – Pocahontas

Two hopeful hearts, two lands apart. Together there’s no end to what our dream can start. – Pocahontas

Like two eagles soar as one upon the river of the wind with the promise of forever, we will take the past and learn how to begin. – Pocahontas

We’ll build a bridge of love between two worlds. – Pocahontas

How high does a sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you’ll never know. – Pocahontas

You know your path, child, now follow it. – Pocahontas

Look around you! This is where the path of hatred has brought us. – Pocahontas

Good-Bye is an easy word to say but try saying it to a friend. If I never knew you, I’d be safe, but half as real, never knowing I could feel. – Pocahontas

With every kiss, we’ll promise this, we’ll find a way to light the dawn of all we wish. – Pocahontas

We are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends. – Pocahontas