Hello again, wonderful world of BayArt! It’s that time of the week again, where I post our featured poem 🙂 This week’s featured poem is by the super talented Ari Ayin, and you can find more of her work over at her blog. It was a pleasure to read this week’s entries, and I’m looking forward to reading more of them next Thursday. If you want to get your poetry featured, go ahead and get more information on that here. ~ Love, Queertastic

“Tenebris” ; Ari Ayin

Curious as it is, I’ve got a story to tell
It’s about a girl who thinks she’s living in hell
She’s surrounded by people who love and care for her
And as much love as she has, she can’t give it to another

She wonders how she came to be so
Lonely and scared and continually lost
She finds herself in a valley four feet big
Her companion, a shovel, that implies her to dig

She hears voices coming from beyond the valley
Asking her to return, telling her not to dilly-dally
She trips and stumbles and stops and stares
She’s chained by dark words, fears, and all her scares

She’s in a dark place where no one can reach her
The voices fading, meter by meter
Her bonds tighten, they reach up to her arms
Stuck in puddle, far away lay her charms

She’s miserable and alone and forgotten
Little does she know her loved ones are still fighting
They tear at the wall and curse at the gap
They wonder how she could set so many traps

They see her glow in the darkness that surrounds her
Her light flickers and dims each time she struggles
While they fear her light will go
She’s realized she found her tool

She focused on the voices, strained her ears
She stopped moving, let the darkness be still
She heard the voices, she regained her glow
Still dim and flickering but not as before

She stood up, treading darkness
Her bond at the neck melting away
She took a step forward and found to her dismay
Her light wasn’t enough to let her go away

She called out for help, she begged the voices
‘Give me strength, help me fight these vices’
Though weak and small, they heard her voice
They beat at the wall, they screamed and shrieked

One stepped away and told them to stop
This was her battle and their help was not sought
He heard her scream but felt helpless at the wall
He saw her crumble, felt he could do nothing at all

This one had fought at the wall as hard as the others
But he was the first to back down against her struggles
Her wall was too thick, her defenses too strong
He had been a victim of the things she had done wrong

The others watched him go and felt sad
It was his voice that made her glow again
They heard her asking for his voice
They told her to fight, it was her only choice

The darkness grew stronger and crippled her again
As soon as she found out he left never to return
She cried bitter tears and the darkness all but consumed her
But her light was still there, flickering as always

Then she heard another voice
This time, her own
Echoing the words they told her
Until her glow returned

It came in a burst then subsided again
Flickering, she stood up again
Her chains had melted but her feet were still bound
They cheered, knowing what she had found

She was still in the valley
A small room by four
She was at the gap
Here they feared she would fall

She raised her voice and asked them all
‘Will you wait for me?’
Their echoes of yes went beyond the wall
It resonated in her heart and strengthened her bones

Here she gave a jump and a shout
And all of their eyes bugged out
Now I know not where the story goes
As, for now, in darkness she soars

Her light has grown stronger
She’s fighting her demons now
Her minions, made of her fears
Slowly fading, drowned by her tears


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