Poem of The Week – “The Five Senses”

Hey there lovely world of BayArt, Queertastic is currently needing to survive without her laptop (currently writing this from my mom’s laptop bleh) but she would never let that stop her from posting the poem of the week! If you’re interested in getting your poetry featured, go ahead and get more information here, I’d love to read your poetry 🙂 This weeks poem is by the very talented Chrissy, you can read more of her work over at her blog here. We all know that I’m a sucker for some good imagery, and this poem just pulled me into to another realm. Enjoy, and I’ll see you all next Thursday! ~ Love, Queertastic

The Five Senses ; Chrissy


There’s nothing.

Pounding vibrations shake my core and shatter my essence

As other soulless bodies sway to the same soundless beats.

I hear nothing.

Smoke swells in my chest,

Engulfing everything in its path from the inside out.

I smell nothing.

Black is periodically pierced by paralyzing white,

Momentarily searing into my skin the somethings I’m trying to escape until I’m relieved with the absence of light.

I see nothing.

Shards of glass bottles slip across my cracked lips

As liquid amnesia slides down my throat and around my thoughts.

I taste nothing.

Sweaty skin suctions to mine,

And I am reminded that physical proximity and emotional confinement are directly related.

I touch nothing.


I’m willing to pay the price,

A lack of senses for a life unfelt.

I feel nothing.

I am


I’m collateral damage in the war for sanity.

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