Poem of The Week- “Finding A Way Through”

Hey loves, It’s one very tired and sick Queertastic here with our poem of the week 🙂 If you want to get your poetry featured, check out how to here. This weeks poem is by the extremely talented Mark Higham! Till next week, keep writing that poetry because I truly do love reading it <3 ~Queertastic

Finding A Way Through ; Mark Higham

Gotta cross that river , but the bridge long since I burnt
people to see , but no one says a word
I’ve a job to do , but I got no work
there’s places I need to be , yet there’s nothing there
this road is long , but I get the forever short end
strong of soul , yet weak of heart
such a distance to cross , but it’s way heavier than first thought
so many look to me , but I’ve lost many souls
I look deep inside , but shallow is the sea
oh so much loss , yet I’m full of many mistakes
I’ve been to hell and back , but I see only the light
so much insight , yet blind to all that’s obvious
I have so much love to give , but fear is like a thorn in my side
a train wreck of a life , so I walk a thin line of eggshell fine
a yearning for all things simple , but forever wrong place – wrong time
I look to the world , but the world is blind
I try to stand tall , but I forever fall short
walked many a mile in the shoes of others , only to get a cold cold shoulder
guided the blind , but I go unseen
honest to a fault , yet inner demons take the lead
a life of equal and opposite reactions , make for cruel consequences
work hard for daily bread , but end up kneading empty spaces
the scales of justice do indeed fall , but never in favour making a life long travesty
the bridges are all burnt , but I found the calm of the river and crossed effortlessly.

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