Poem of The Week – Untitled

Hey guys, Queertastic is back, although admittedly I’m a little late. Anywhoo, here’s our poem of the week by the very talented Britney Basden 🙂 You can find more of her work at her blog, and you can check out how to get your own poetry featured here.

Untitled ; Britney Basden

As they galloped their way through the universe, bestowed upon them was a kiss from beauty herself
The twinkle of children glistened in their eyes, a song at the tip of their lips
A smile like no other
They merrily skipped their way through the skies meticulous and mischievous all at once, a lovable pride
Characters of youth, spontaneous in action, swollen with joy
They dance through and through another’s heart just for a moment
Onto another adventure
Daring to go where another wouldn’t or rather shouldn’t
Brave souls hidden behind the gregarious chatter of face
But reveled only unto herself
The selfishness of the hidden self remains hidden, sullen, sulking, and naked in the depths of an enclosed heart…

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