Hello again, wonderful world of BayArt! It’s me, Queertastic again, and it’s my favorite time of the week, poetry time! This week, we have a poem from the super talented Varun (find his blog here) and it’s actually his second time being featured on here. If you’re interested in getting your poetry featured, you can find out more about the program here. ~Love, Queertastic.

Yin & Yang ; Varun 

Dealing with her unstable attitude was a tough task for him. Tougher it

   was for her, handling his unpredictable mood swings. Pulling her hair,

      he let out his anger. Bite him, she always did in her furious state.

       Always apologize, he did with her favorite chocolate. Cooking his

         favorite dish was her way of saying, “I am sorry”. Whether it be

           an adventure or just a boring hang out under the tree, they

were inseparable like the waves from the sea. He was her

              glowing sun to brighten up her confused lost heart. She,

                 his brightest moon, to calm his mental tides. Having

                    known each other since the childhood days, kissing

                      under the stars indeed set their souls ablaze. Fighting

and arguing, kissing and cuddling, scratching and

biting, again kissing and cuddling. All an elaborate

                           play of the unseen fate. The thread connecting

                             these two souls was indeed pure and

enchanting. With many knots in between,

                                they knew how to mend the thread

despite the infinite attempts to cut it,

                                   by the world. She was his Yin and he,

                                    her Yang. This kind of pain and

                                       pleasure of this earthly love 

                                               was indefinitely 

                                                      the most



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