18+ Best Poetic Love Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational poetic love quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

Famous Poetic Love Quotes

Your lips, your eyes, your soul Are like a work of art, The most creative thing of all Is your beautiful heart.  If you were a painting, No colours could express The beauty deep inside you, A rainbow, nothing less.  If you were a sculpture The clay could hardly make Your figure of an angel Without one mistake.  If you were a euphony No choir could really sing All the beautiful music Your eyes could possibly bring.  So here I am, an artist, With inspiration beyond belief But to capture such rare beauty, I’d have to be a thief. — Zlata S. Steere

To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and then smile with pride as one by one, dreams all come true.   To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise to take time to share to listen and care in tender, affectionate ways.   To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend to be there through the years sharing laughter and tears as a partner, a lover, a friend.   To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall of all the good things that sharing life brings love is the greatest of all.   I’ve learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I’ve learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with you. — Kellie Spehn

I knew this day would eventually come When I’d want to say these words to you And it’s with these words I hold in my heart That I now feel I need to renew I’ve thought about what I want to say And was waiting for when the time was right To say exactly what’s on my mind While you’re sitting here with me tonight   I know I get caught up in my own little world And sometimes I tend to forget The true meaning of those little words Which entered my heart the day we first met If you’ll move just a little bit closer I’ll describe the moment when this all began When I knew you’d be my special lady And I would be your lucky man   It was an evening in time when I held you close As we listened to the falling rain Sitting in front of a warm flickering fire Sharing our dreams with a glass of champagne Somehow, I never could have imagined Spending an evening like that with you As we talked between the falling raindrops And expressing our points of view   With my arms wrapped around you I thought about how hard it would be to let you go Then you turned around and kissed me Only then at that moment did I really know  We fell in love on that special night But I couldn’t find the words to say As you were the only one in my life Who has ever made me feel that way   When I looked deep into your eyes And then I took your hand I knew that all I ever needed Was to love and to hold you all that I can You became a part of my little world And knew that I could never let you go Because your love meant so much to me More than you could possibly ever know   After all these years of being together I needed to say how much I still care And the only thing I ever wished for Was that you would always be there You will always be my special lady And I love you so very much I’d be lost in my little world without you To share your love and your touch   With you by my side and a fire to keep us warm We’ll always welcome the falling rain When we’re holding each other and never letting go As we fall in love all over again The words in my heart still mean the same After all these years of being with you And the best part of all was knowing That my very special lady still loves me too . — Ken Ross

You and I are connected in a way that goes beyond romance, beyond friendship, beyond what we’ve ever had before. It has defied time, distance, and changes in ourselves and in our lives. It has defied every explanation. Except one: Pure and simply, we’re soul mates.  I can’t explain, I just feel it. It’s there in the way my spirits lift whenever we talk. The sound of your voice brings me home, in a way I can’t explain. It’s in the delight I feel, when we laugh at exactly the same things. When I’m with you, it’s like a tiny piece of the universe shifts into place. A place it’s supposed to be, and all is right with the world.  These things and so many more, have made me understand that this is a once in a lifetime, forever connection. A connection that could only exist between you and me. And deep in my soul, I know that our relationship is a rare gift. One that brings us extraordinary happiness all through our lives. — Anita Higgins

For you I would climb The highest mountain peak Swim the deepest ocean Your love I do seek.  For you I would cross The rivers most wide Walk the hottest desert sand To have you by my side.   For you are the one Who makes me whole You’ve captured my heart And touched my soul.   For you are the one That stepped out of my dreams Gave me new hope Showed me what love means.   For you alone Are my reason to live For the compassion you show And the care that you give.   You came into my life And made me complete Each time I see you My heart skips a beat.   For you define beauty In both body and mind Your soft, gentle face More beauty I’ll ne’er find.   For you are the one God sent from above The angel I needed For whom I do love. — Chris Messick

When I wake up in the morning Sunshine’s falling on my skin And I call you up to tell you What a happy mood I’m in Feel the rhythm in my body And sing is all I wanna do I feel the day will bring me sunshine for it’s another day with you. — Nikki Daniëls

I want to share my feelings And I don’t know how to start But every single word I say Is coming from my heart   The first time that I met you All you said was Hey It was really just a simple word But it took my breath away   You were very fun to talk with You were extremely sweet and kind I was in love with every thing you said You were amazing in my mind   You fill my days with brightness You lift me up when I feel blue You make me feel like I’m someone special So I’d do anything for you   For you, I’d walk across the desert So hot, without a breeze For you, I’d dive into the ocean And be swallowed by the seas   I barely even know you, So this may be a surprise There’s nothing that you could do wrong Because you’re flawless in my eyes   I always wonder where you are And I wish I could be there You’re probably so far away But I can feel you everywhere.   You’re the constant beating in my heart You’re the blood rushing through my veins You’re the light glowing from a moonbeam You’re the crystal droplets in the rain   You’re the colors in the sunset You’re the rustling of the leaves You’re the twinkling in the nighttime stars You’re the very air I breathe   I care for you each hour I dream of you all week You’re the last person running through my mind Before I drift to sleep   I’m so grateful that you’re in my life Maybe someday we’ll be together I love you, and only you I always will – forever. — Written and owned by Qiuling Zakaroff

I thought that I’d seen beauty I thought I’d witnessed grace, I thought that I’d known love ‘Til I gazed upon your face.  I thought I’d felt my heart beat I thought my knees were weak, I thought I’d heard a songbird Until I heard you speak.  I thought the rose was fragrant I thought the sky was blue, I thought nature wonderful ‘Til I first laid eyes on you.  I thought the sun was shining I thought I’d seen it all, I thought that I was standing Until you made me fall.  I thought my eyes were open Yet now I’m not so sure, I think that I may be in love Like I’ve never loved before.  I’ll hold on to these feelings And keep them safe within, Until the time they’re needed And true love can begin. — Ashley Peter Loasby

I think that I might fly away, in my hot air balloon, And hide from worldly worries on the dark side of the moon; There’s but one thing I need before I float into the blue: I need a sky companion and I want it to be you.  We’ll fly beyond the storm clouds and we’ll watch from up above, I’ll cover you in rainbows as we feel each others’ love; You’ll shower in the stars at midnight in our special place, I’ll dry you with a comet’s tail and kiss your beaming face.  Dreamy drifting panorama, changing every day, Every night your loving smile will be my milky way, The moon will wane before us, sailing there in heaven’s height, For nothing else can challenge our love’s everlasting light.  Venus shining on us, glowing soft at our devotion, Our daily drifting dalliance in love’s celestial ocean, I’ll write you lovers’ poetry, and you will be my muse, Orion and Andromeda will oversee our cruise.  We’ll sleep with clouds as pillows, maybe steal an angel’s wings, Then fly as magic lovebirds, or slide round Saturn’s rings, And should we tire of drifting and the stars all floating by, We’ll hook onto a meteor and soar across the sky.  Will you consent to be my mate on our celestial ship? I’m ready, heart all packed with love, to last us for the trip, Take my hand and step aboard, we’re heading for the sun, We’re flying till we find the place where our two souls are one. — Graeme King

Your touch is with me always, It’s burnt into my skin, As soft and warm as sun rays When a summer day sets in.  Your soft voice never silent, It’s forever in my ears, Serenading every moment And calming all my fears.  Your arms always enfold me, The strength of angels wings, They support and protect me wholly With the safety a true love brings.  While I can never repay you, For the wonder you bring to my life, I can forever be true, And forever be a true wife. — Nicola May Tucker

Sometimes at night, when I look to the sky, I start thinking of you and then ask myself, why? Why do I love you? I think and smile, because I know the list could run on for miles. The whisper of your voice, the warmth of your touch, so many little things that make me love you so much. The way you support me, and help with my emotions, the way that you care and show such devotion. The way that your kiss, fills me with desire, and how you hold me with the warmth of a blazing fire. The way your eyes shine when you look at me, lost with you forever is where I want to be. The way that I feel when you’re by my side, a sense of completion and overflowing pride. The dreams that I dream, that all involve you, the possibilities I see and the things we can do. How you finish the puzzle that lies inside my heart, how that deep in my soul, you are the most important part. I could go on for days, telling of what I feel, but all you really must know is my love for you is real . — Scotty Wright

You’re the thought that starts each morning, The conclusion to each day. You are in all that I do, And everything I say.  You’re the smile on my face, The twinkle in my eye. The warmth inside my heart, The fullness in my life.  You’re the hand that’s laced in mine, And the coat upon my back. My friend, my love, My shoulder to lean on.  You’re my silly, mature, caring, Thoughtful, bright, and honest guy. The one who holds me tightly, When I need to cry.  You’re the dimple in my cheek, The ever-constant tingle in my soul. The voice that makes me weak, The happiness of my life.  You are all I’ve wanted, You are all I need. You are all I’ve dreamed of, You are all of this to me. — Melissa Collette

When I’m with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day.  This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you… you’ll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I’ve never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more.  Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart.  So these seven words, I pray you hold true, Forever And Always, I Will Love You . — Chris Engle

I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so bright and blue. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth.  I love the way you make me so happy, And the ways you show you care. I love the way you say, I Love You, And the way you’re always there.  I love the way you touch me, Always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me, And glad that you are mine. — Crystal Jansen

I love you with a permanence That endures the passing years. I love you with a joyfulness That subdues all doubts and fears. I love you with an honesty That was born within my heart. I love you with the calm belief That we will never part. I love you with a confidence No earthly force can sever. I love you with the certainty That I’ll cherish you forever. I love you with the humbleness Of one who has been blessed. I love you with the reverence Of all that word suggests. I love you with a fervor That time cannot reverse. I love you with the truest love That poets put to verse. — J.E. Deegan

When you’re not here to share my days and nights My life is so incomplete For you are my heart, my soul The ‘oneness’ I had known to seek   Without you I merely exist from day to day With you I know that I will find All that I have been searching for My completeness, my eternal peace of mind   You are the keeper of my dreams The man who holds my heart in his hands The one I want to spend my life with The one with whom I will always stand   Stand beside through thick and thin Through all that life will throw our way Knowing that this special love we share Will guide us, each and every day   This journey was started long ago Before this time and place The journey of completeness As two hearts and souls embrace   Forever is what I want with you For the search is at an end Our hearts have found each other As lovers, as soul-mates, as friends. . — Written and owned by Denise Mangano

If you could see inside my soul see inside my heart you would know how I long for you whenever we’re apart   If you could see inside my head if thoughts were things to see you would know how I cherish you how much you mean to me   In all the ways you comfort me the way you hold me near the way you know just what to do to chase away my fear   The sparkle in your beautiful eyes your smile, laugh, your touch are just a few of many reasons I love you oh so much   Knowing I can talk to you about any and everything and knowing together we will get through whatever life may bring   I could search the whole world over and this I know is true I would never find another love like the love I found with you   Though with each new day, each sunrise we can’t  know what’s in store there is one thing I know for sure each day I love you more   So if you could see inside my head if thoughts were things to see you would know I blessed I feel to have you here with me. — Written and owned by Jay Scott

I don’t think you will ever fully understand how you’ve touched my life and made me who I am.  I don’t think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star.  I don’t think you will ever fully comprehend how you’ve made my dreams come true or how you’ve opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do.  You’ve allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind.  I don’t think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I’m sure you’ll never realize you’ve been my will to live.  You are an amazing person and without you I don’t know where I’d be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me. — Erica