57+ Best Pollution Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational pollution quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

Famous Pollution Quotes

Trash is for tossers. Lauren Singer

One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure. Friedrich Nietzsche

The plastic bottles we’re throwing away every day still stays there. And if we show that to people, then we can also promote some behavioral change. Carlo Ratti

Before you call yourself a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or any other theology, learn to be human first. Shannon L. Alder

Pollution from oil and gas development, toxic run off, and miles and miles of plastic trash foul the waters and threaten marine life. Frances Beinecke

We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language. Arne Tiselius

I try to conserve water and avoid using plastic as much as I can. Jim Sarbh

You wouldn’t think you could kill an ocean, would you? But we’ll do it one day. That’s how negligent we are. Ian Rankin

We humans have become so dependent on plastics for a range of uses, from packaging to products. Reducing our use of plastic bags is an easy place to start getting our addiction out of control. David Suzuki

Because normal human activity is worse for nature than the greatest nuclear accident in history. Martin Cruz Smith

We are being choked to death by the amount of plastic that we throw away. It’s killing our oceans. It’s entering into our bodies in the fish we eat. Kevin Bacon

Becoming vegan is the most important and direct change we can immediately make to save the planet and its species. Chris Hedges

Only we humans make trash the oceans can’t digest. Charles Moore

Like a man who has been dying for many days, a man in your city is numb to the stench. Chief Seattle

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans. Jacques Yves Cousteau

It was exciting to be off on a journey she had looked forward to for months. Oddly, the billowing diesel fumes of the airport did not smell like suffocating effluence, it assumed a peculiar pungent scent that morning, like the beginning of a new adventure, if an adventure could exude a fragrance. E.A. Bucchianeri

It is the worst of times but it is the best of times because we still have a chance. Sylvia Earle

Love is in the air but the air is highly polluted. Amit Abraham

For all the environmental troubles single use shopping bags cause, the much greater impacts are in what they contain. Reducing the human footprint means addressing fundamentally unsustainable habits of food consumption, such as expecting strawberries in the depths of winter or buying of seafood that are being fished to the brink of extinction. Susan Freinkel

A woman who holds her head up too high, is trying to breathe from her own pollution. Suzy Kassem

I used to love those little cute bottles of amenities in the hotel room. And while the soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion may smell great, they waste an incredible amount of plastic and space in your luggage. Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

Talking about pollution, nobody’s holy. They who pollute, sinned against nature. Toba Beta

The ultimate test of man’s conscience may not be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard. Gaylord Nelson

To speak of limits to growth under a capitalistic market economy is as meaningless as to speak of limits of warfare under a warrior society. The moral pieties, that are voiced today by many well meaning environmentalists, are as naive as the moral pieties of multinationals are manipulative. Capitalism can no more be persuaded to limit growth than a human being can be persuaded to stop breathing. Attempts to green capitalism, to make it ecological, are doomed by the very nature of the system as a system of endless growth. Murray Bookchin

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Robert Swan

And so Mort came at last to the river Ankh, greatest of rivers. Even before it entered the city, it was slow and heavy with the silt of the plains, and by the time it got to The Shades even an agnostic could have walked across it. It was hard to drown in the Ankh, but easy to suffocate. Terry Pratchett

Plastic pollution free world is not a choice but a commitment to life  a commitment to the next generation. Amit Ray

Until society can be reclaimed by an undivided humanity that will use its collective wisdom, cultural achievements, technological innovations, scientific knowledge, and innate creativity for its own benefit and for that of the natural world, all ecological problems will have their roots in social problems. Murray Bookchin

My obsession is plastic packaging. It makes me sick, all the waste. Everything about it disappoints me. Theo James

Destruction is a man’s will, Nevertheless Prevention is also a man’s will, Its a man’s choice to choose between Destruction and Prevention. Babu Rajan

The scale of the mess we leave behind is proportionate to the level of respect we have for others. Stewart Stafford

The internal combustion engine, one of the greatest technological advancements in history, has an unfortunate downside, namely air pollution so thick that, very soon, sixty four packs of crayons will include the color Sky Brown. Cuthbert Soup

There is no such thing as away. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere. Annie Leonard

The living sinners on deadly ground. Toba Beta

It cannot be right to manufacture billions of objects that are used for a matter of minutes, and then are with us for centuries. Roz Savage

She recalled him as a forceful and witty speaker with a ready repartee and a penetrating voice. He had once, for example, put down a spokesman for the pesticide industry with a remark that people still quoted at parties And I presume on the eighth day God called you and said, I changed my mind about insects! John Brunner

When plastics do break down, they don’t biodegrade; rather, they break into increasingly smaller pieces, many of which end up in the oceans as microplastics that harm aquatic life and birds. Dr. David Suzuki

Refusing to have a child is the highest degree of rebellion, after suicide; one of the best uses of the mind; and the best gift to the planet. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

To me, I think people who don’t think it’s a big deal to toss a plastic bottle in the garbage are not only being irresponsible, but I think they’re being disrespectful of all the other humans on earth. Sophia Bush

Feedbacks feed feedbacks. Alain Bremond Torrent

Not only are plastics polluting our oceans and waterways and killing marine life it’s in all of us and we can’t escape consuming plastics. Marco Lambertini

You don’t need to be a scientist to see what is happening to this world of ours. You just need a set of eyes and ears and let your brain do the rest. Anthony T. Hincks

If a man doesn’t learn to treat the oceans and the rain forest with respect, man will become extinct. Peter Benchley

Presently the recruiting sergeant was not able to use the children of this regime even as cannon fodder the Boer War and the First World War, did perhaps as much as any other factor to promote better housing there. Lewis Mumford

Of all the waste we generate, plastic bags are perhaps the greatest symbol of our throwaway society. They are used, then forgotten, and they leave a terrible legacy. Zac Goldsmith

A river can’t forgive because it is only capable, in the first place, of love. A river loves the dumpers, the polluters, the slayers, the nest thieves, the bird killers, the dammers, the water stealers. A river loves even the clear cutters. But I can forgive. I am trying to be like the river. Janisse Ray

Plastics in all its forms Straws, bottles, packaging, bags, etc. Are all choking our planet We must find ways to reduce and eventually eliminate single use plastic products. Governor Jerry Brown

When nature litters, it’s beautiful. When humans litter, it’s just shameful. Noel Jhinku

It is one world. And it’s in our care. For the first time in the history of humanity, for the first time in 500 million years, one species has the future in the palm of its hands. David Attenborough

We kill 100 million sharks yearly. By 2050 we will have filled the sea with more plastics than fish. Sy Montgomery

Recycling more plastics can help local businesses and expand jobs while supporting the goals of sustainability. Kevin de Leon

Industrialization, pollution, deforestation basically all human activity has lessened the amount of magic left in the world. Lindsey Leavitt

There are five known gyres spinning around in our world’s oceans. A gyre is a slowly moving spiral of currents created by a high pressure system of air currents. A spinning soup, so to speak, is made of what exists in the water. And in this case, the gyres are spinning with millions of tons of our discarded and forgotten about plastic waste! Brandon Boyd

As pollution is poison for the climate of the blue planet; similarly, jealousy, greed, and egoism are poison for the climate of thoughts beauty. Ehsan Sehgal

I hate the hand that comes out of a car and just drops litter in the street. I hate that! For some reason, it just fills me with fury! It’s just utter laziness, lack of interest in other people, lack of interest in the planet, in the hedgehog who might eat the plastic bag, it’s a lack of concern. Joanna Lumley

Life is refreshing at the beach but pollution of the seawater is a risk to human users. Lailah Gifty Akita