Positive self- talk: Affirmations

Positive self- talk: Affirmations

I think it’s time we inject some positivity into the blood stream of our lives. .

Every day we are exposed to some form of negativity .It seems there is no escape from it .The news paints a picture of doom and gloom. Sensational tales of the horrors of life, the economy is failing like a patient on life support, as a result, people are frustrated, angry and depressed. Have we totally burnt out the candle of positivity? Or is there still a flicker of hope left?

Certainly, we were not placed on this earth to be shrouded in negativity .Let’s face it though bad news sells .Drama sells. They make the tea extra hot so we just drink it all up.  Sometimes the things that we find entertaining are quite disturbing to me.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. The negative self-talk can become a dark cloud over our psyche. Negativity can seriously mess with your mind especially if it is fueled by fear.  I mean what is fear? I think of it as simply your imagination on crack.  It clouds our judgement and paints a totally unrealistic picture of how we perceive reality. Like a runaway train it puts you off track, it can cripple you and hold you back. It also causes the body to not operate at its peak. In short, negativity is like junk, and what do we do with junk we throw it away and replace it with something beneficial.

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I need a little peace. A little patch of blue sky with a rainbow on a stormy day. A feel good moment . on that note let’s talk about giving your brain a little push in a positive direction.

Recently I have become a form of affirmations. For me, they are a way to express kindness and love towards yourself and also can be a motivator or mood booster.

What is an affirmation? 

They are basically short and powerful positive statements.  Whatever you think and say to yourself you become. With affirmations, consistency is key as it takes approximately 21 days to feed and transform your subconscious mind.  Just start with the words I AM and you can be anything you want to just visualise it and say it. Repeat it until you believe it.

You can make a list of your favourites and post them where you can see them or even download some affirmation tracks and listen to them in your car, while you sleep. It is that easy.

Filter through your inbox and social media feeds and try to add some positive content there as well. There are plenty of individuals that promote positive content. The possibilities are endless. You can also check out my post on my favourite inspirational newsletters here (if you wish)   Here are my favourite inspirational newsletters.

There are so many individuals working on spreading love and light to the world. Let’s say a thank you to them because the world desperately needs more positivity.


What will you be affirming today? Comment your favourite inspirational statements below. Thanks for reading. Happy Sunday šŸ™‚





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