Positivity or Negativity?

If you’re like me, you’ve heard your mom say a thousand, if not a million times the old adage, ‘A positive input means a positive outcome’ or something similar. But how many of us have taken that to heart? Have you ever really thought about the wisdom and significance of those words? Taking that quote to heart can have a large impact on your life, both on the day-to-day basis, and in the long run. You truly can choose the outcome of your situations – as in, will they be negative or positive? –  and it all comes from your heart and your brain.

It’s very easy to say that, but it’s a bit harder to actually commit to always putting in positive thoughts and feelings into your life, but just like with any habit, you can learn, and over time, it will become something that you do without even thinking about it. No matter what you are doing, if you start the task by saying and believing that it will have a positive outcome, it will. And that’s the trick. Many people believe that having a positive outlook on their life means believing things will go the way they want them to, but that’s not it. A positive outcome is often what we didn’t plan, didn’t expect, and didn’t think of, rather than what we wanted, and for many of us, that’s a hard thing to grasp. So, by determining that you will have a positive experience with something doesn’t mean it will go the way you want it to. I could have a positive attitude about going for a driver’s license test, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pass. What’s the positive thing about that? I learned something. My eyes were opened to something they had been closed to before. And that’s what positive thinking is all about. It’s about a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and this crazy thing we call life. It’s not about getting what we want, it’s about affecting as many people as possible with good vibes.It’s about gaining a deeper sense of happiness, and serving others.

On the flip side, if you put negative thoughts into your life, you will have negative outcomes. If I went to that driving test with a negative mindset, whether I pass or not, I will only dwell on the bad things. I will see faults in myself and others that don’t matter in the grand scheme of life, and I will be stressed, worried, and curt. My mind will be closed, and I will have learned nothing. My negative attitude, even if I am only that way in one part of my life, will soon begin to seep into every aspect of my life, and I will never see the good, I will never learn, my mind will be closed, and I will only have a shallow idea of myself and others. Negative thinking always leads to a negative outcome. Negative thinking leads to depression, anger, fear, and the inability to enjoy life, and enjoy others. Negative thinking, negative words, and an overall negative attitude will get me no where. I will be stuck spinning my wheels, because I refuse to learn, I refuse to open my heart and my mind, and I refuse to believe that an outcome other than what I wanted could be good.

Choose today to have positive thoughts. Make a habit of complimenting yourself and others, and mean it. At the end of each day, think back over the good things, no matter how small, that happened. Think about the things you learned, the understanding and knowledge that you gained, and what you can do with it. By having this attitude, you will go far. With an open mind and a positive attitude, you will be more willing to go through doors will lead you to where you need to be. You will have more friends, and an overall happier life. You are like a pool of water. You can have white caps of anger, frustration, and negativity roll off of you and into others lives, or you can have gentle ripples and waves of positivity, happiness, and an easy-going manner that soothes and calms.

Choose today to be positive, and leave your negative thoughts in the trash. Be a voice of happiness in a world of negativity.

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