100+ Best Problem Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Problem is a situation, person, or thing that needs attention and needs to be dealt with or solved. Profoundly inspirational problem quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

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Famous Problem Quotes

Drugs, sex, booze, all the stuff that we wanted to do. The problem was that we didn’t want to learn the top 40 ’cause most of the music was awful and we had this other idea about what we wanted to do. — Wayne Kramer

I don’t know why they’re doing it. I have to assume that their motives are positive, not negative. But they don’t understand the severity of the problem in this state. — Gray Davis

I have been dealing with back problems since 1995 when I was with the Blackhawks, and I’ve only missed part of one season because of it. That was last season in Toronto. — Ed Belfour

The problem – when you cast your net that wide – is you inevitably catch something you don’t want to catch. — Edward Felten

The problem with binge-watching on Netflix is that you lose three days of your life. — Harland Williams

I have young kids. The fiscal burden that will be imposed on them is going to depend primarily on whether we tackle this looming problem in our health care system – with rising costs that don’t seem, by the way, to be necessarily associated with higher quality. That is the key burden that they will face. — Peter Orszag

You can tax the rich all you want. The problem is there aren’t enough of the rich. — Bob Packwood

problem quotes

Climate change is important to Malawi, but many people see alternative energy more as a means to skip the government and get electricity and power. Deforestation is a huge problem in Malawi, which only adds to the problem. People cut down trees because they have no power to run electric stoves, etc. So they use firewood. — William Kamkwamba

We were delighted to have Nigel as a producer. The only problem is that Nigel is so famous that he seems to dominate most interviews without being there. — Stephen Malkmus

The problem with the future is that it keeps turning into the present. — Bill Watterson

One of the problems with defending free speech is you often have to defend people that you find to be outrageous and unpleasant and disgusting. — Salman Rushdie

Every astronaut flew into space for a living. But while NASA has not solved the security problems, I would not put me back into a shuttle – and no other astronaut. The confidence is shaken. — Ulrich Walter

I have become down-hearted, I have become discouraged, I have become depressed. I’m just like you. I’m a human being and I have my problems. — Dyan Cannon

I always knew I wanted to be a technologist, so I went to Duke and got a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Really, I thought my goal in life was to be an inventor, a problem solver, so I thought I needed a Ph.D. to be good at inventions, but it turns out that you don’t. — Aaron Patzer

For as Jews, the problem happens to be more urgent and vital than for others; because the destruction of religion on America will involve the destruction also of the religious training of freedom; and with that our civil liberties. — Louis Finkelstein

If you provide good alternatives for public transport, you won’t have traffic problems. — Jaime Lerner

There are some people who still feel threatened by strong women. That’s their problem. It’s not mine. — Gloria Allred

There are times when we are just not very kind to ourselves. The problem with our negative thoughts is that the latest science has revealed that thoughts are very powerful, even impacting us physically. — Elizabeth Thornton

The problem with doing a schlocky or big budget studio film is that it wouldn’t actually be fun for me. It wouldn’t be exciting. — David Cronenberg

Our democracy poses problems and these problems must and shall be solved by courageous leadership. — Charles Edison

Everything is out there if you know how to find it, and have the patience. I don’t and haven’t, but that’s my problem — Tom Holt

Psychotherapy theory turns it all on you: you are the one who is wrong. If a kid is having trouble or is discouraged, the problem is not just inside the kid; it’s also in the system, the society. — James Hillman

If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology. — Bruce Schneier

The problem is, women have stopped setting the bar high. — Steve Harvey

If someone is not treating you in a way that you like, remember that there are so many nice people out there. The problem is that when you love someone, you make excuses for that kind of behavior. — Natalie Morales

I’m always swimming forward like a shark. You just keep going and you don’t rest. I love waking up knowing that I have a problem to solve. — Nile Rodgers

In and after 1964 when I began to concern myself with the biological issues, and particularly from 1967 onwards, the extent of the problems over which I felt uneasy increased to such a point that in 1968 I felt a compelling urge to make my views public. — Andrei Sakharov

Idealism increases in direct proportion to one’s distance from the problem. — John Galsworthy

Europe is difficult to coordinate, and our main deficit may not even lie in this area of finance and economics, but in foreign and security policy. We have a leadership problem because we are still 27 different members who have still not decided on how to work with each other based on what we used to call a European constitution. — Peer Steinbruck

I believe that when you find problems, you should also find solutions. — Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The biggest problem was convincing my father that organic food was worth eating. All he could think of was the nut loaf with yeast gravy that my mother made in the Seventies. — Nell Newman

It’s not a gun control problem; it’s a cultural control problem. — Bob Barr

Am I a workaholic? Yes, but I also have no problem taking time for myself. — Chris Jericho

I believe in supporting African solutions to African problems. — Donald M. Payne

I love the horror genre and the thriller genre, so I’ve got no problem with playing a psycho. — Valorie Curry

Life becomes inspiring, not in spite of the problems and the hard hits, but because of them. — Joni Eareckson Tada

The fundamental problem is that there’s no credibility in the judicial system, which is a system that’s been completely politicized. This is retaliation and selective repression. — Leopoldo Lopez

The computer is not, in our opinion, a good model of the mind, but it is as the trumpet is to the orchestra – you really need it. And so, we have very massive simulations in computers because the problem is, of course, very complex. — Gerald Edelman

Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems. — Scott Adams

Solving big problems is easier than solving little problems. — Sergey Brin

I have a real problem with watching movies where I see this perfect woman who is married to the man in question, who has a perfect life, who has perfect hair, perfect clothes, and doesn’t give you any of the kind of reality that you’re used to. — Caroline Goodall

My friends tell me I have an intimacy problem. But they don’t really know me. — Garry Shandling

Collecting intelligence information is like trying to drink water out of a fire hydrant. You know, in hindsight It’s great. The problem is there’s a million dots at the time. — Louis Freeh

If we get a few solid festival shows then I will have no problem booking the lads for as many quality club shows around them to make a nice tour come together. — Pat Garrett

Athol Fugard became famous as a playwright, so although ‘Tsotsi’ the book was written in the ’60s, it was only published in the ’80s. It was then optioned pretty much every year by producers. I think the problem was that holding onto its period setting made it very hard to get finance. — Gavin Hood

We didn’t really want to be an overnight success as that brings with it its own problems. — Kelly Jones

Early on, in discussions of financial oversight, people would say, ‘Well, this is a very complicated problem, therefore it requires a complicated solution.’ And at that step, I would say, ‘Well, wait a minute. Just because it’s a complicated problem doesn’t mean the best course of action immediately is one that’s complicated.’ — Lars Peter Hansen

Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth… these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all. — Ban Ki-moon

What interests me is seeing a problem and doing something about it, not all of the stuff around it. — Lauren Bush

Don’t blame the boss. He has enough problems. — Donald Rumsfeld

If you ask an economist what’s driven economic growth, it’s been major advances in things that mattered – the mechanization of farming, mass manufacturing, things like that. The problem is, our society is not organized around doing that. — Larry Page

When Solomon said there was a time and a place for everything he had not encountered the problem of parking his automobile. — Bob Edwards

The problem comes when you say that danger is part of the equation. Then you don’t do any more work on safety. That shouldn’t happen. — Damon Hill

At most schools, if you switch majors, you basically start over. That means more semesters… and more money. The former might be appealing, but the latter is a major problem for a demographic already saddled with student debt. — Brian Shactman

Problems emerge and some people try to sweep them under the rug. — Bill Condon

We believe that in times like these we should turn to each other, not on each other. We believe that government has a role to play, not in solving every problem in everybody’s life but in helping people help themselves to the American dream. That’s what Democrats believe. — Deval Patrick

While I am a capitalist at heart and I have no problems with commercialization as such, I believe that while it’s okay if education becomes a profitable business, it’s not okay if it becomes corrupt. — Chetan Bhagat

Every religion implies that it treats the problem of being and nonbeing, life and death. Their languages are different, but they speak about the same things. — Mircea Eliade

The problem with relegating black history to one really short month, the shortest month, is not only are we telling the same stories over and over again – which are amazing, George Washington Carver is incredible, there’s nobody like Frederick Douglass – but there are so many. — Karyn Parsons

The problem with K-12 education is socialism and the solution is capitalism. — Peter Brimelow

The government doesn’t have to solve everyone’s problem here. — Paul Kurtz

My biggest problem will be lack of match toughness but I am a positive, optimistic person. — Greg Rusedski

Colombia is in a risky position. They’ve got a peace process that’s going nowhere, and a drug production problem that’s skyrocketing. — Barry McCaffrey

I love living. I have some problems with my life, but living is the best thing they’ve come up with so far. — Neil Simon

I admit that invective is one of my pleasures. This only brings me problems in life, but that’s it. I attack, I insult. I have a gift for that, for insults, for provocation. So I am tempted to use it. — Michel Houellebecq

At our college we were taught a universal approach to find out about a person: what problems the person has, what difficulties, what personal tendencies and likings. — Markus Wolf

I’m very accident-prone. The problem is I sort of just do things. I’m impulsive, and sometimes I don’t think. — Tom Cullen

I’ve had this problem since I was in my 20s. They don’t call it manic depression anymore. They call it a bipolar disorder, and I’m a Type 2? — Ned Beatty

The only genre I have any problem with is musicals, but that’s just my own tastes it’s nothing to do with the films. — Ben Wheatley

It turns out nudity is not a problem for me. It’s one of those things you think about later and say, ‘Yeah, I could do this for a living,’ — Winter Ave Zoli

The problem with living in a fast-food nation is that we expect food to be cheap. — Alice Waters

No matter how complicated a problem is, it usually can be reduced to a simple, comprehensible form which is often the best solution. — An Wang

Violent statements and threats cannot provide a solution to the problem. They can only exacerbate feeling and make a clash of forces inevitable. — Stafford Cripps

The wish fulfillment of growing younger is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. You have new problems that arise which you are not anticipating and you deal with the same problems you would deal with if you were ageing normally: what is the end of life about? What have I accomplished? — Eric Roth

One problem with ideas, however valid, is that they are static and impersonal, whereas a person is active and dynamic. — William Hull

I think the problem is that there has been a kind of backlash against feminism. I think women just didn’t really see themselves winning that fight, and I think that probably led to a lot women feeling trapped in a perpetual cycle of disappointment – trying to be feminists and failing to be. — Romola Garai

The problem was with Bill Clinton, the scandals and rumored scandals, the incubating ones and the dying ones never ended. Whatever moral compass the president was consulting was leading him in the wrong direction. His closets were full of skeletons just waiting to burst out. — Louis Freeh

The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year. — John Dulles

Hence, even in the domain of natural science the aid of the experimental method becomes indispensable whenever the problem set is the analysis of transient and impermanent phenomena, and not merely the observation of persistent and relatively constant objects. — Wilhelm Wundt

The rights of copyright holders need to be protected, but some draconian remedies that have been suggested would create more problems than they would solve. — Patrick Leahy

Design is directed toward human beings. To design is to solve human problems by identifying them and executing the best solution. — Ivan Chermayeff

To be outspoken, or different at all, is a problem for women. — Megan Fox

If you’ve got a problem, take it out on a drum. — Neil Peart

Here’s the problem if you keep raising tax rates: You slow down economic growth. — Paul Ryan

We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve. — Linda Lingle

If you are unable to understand the cause of a problem it is impossible to solve it. — Naoto Kan

I often wonder if we could not solve the world’s problems on a similar basis of harmony. — Artur Rodzinski

Diana and I had a very good relationship with no personal problems. The only problem we did have was with the media, and the only place we could have any real privacy was at Kensington Palace, as they could not get to us there. — Hasnat Khan

We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us. — Abdul Kalam

We must recognize that all the civil rights laws in the world are not going to solve the problem of minority underachievement. Ultimately, blacks and Hispanics are going to have to see that their solution is largely in their own hands. — Richard Lamm

I hadn’t really noticed that I had a hearing problem. I just thought most people had given up on speaking clearly. — Hal Linden

I have no problem with people feeling a bit down – crikey, you only have to walk down the road to find enough reasons to fall into a depressive coma – but I do have a problem with whining about it. — Mark Barrowcliffe

Just looking at society as a whole, there are a lot of different things that we are not doing as a group to make sure we are close. Everything is in transit. People are moving from place to place. You can have a neighbor you live next to for five years and never speak to, and nobody has a problem with that. — Will Shields

I felt I ought not to be wasting time, and I hurried to graduate from high school to enroll at UCSD. I also hurried to finish college, to go on to higher studies. By the time I was in my teens, I had a strong sense of mission, wanting to discover something important or solve a major problem in biology or medicine. — Bruce Beutler

After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer. — William R. Alger

I am trying to be a good person. I am trying to be myself, and if nobody likes me for me, that is their problem. — Evan Rachel Wood

My interest in protein breakdown as a research problem began in l955 at about the time I joined the Biochemistry Department of Yale University. It was known that proteins break down intracellularly in the mature animal. — Irwin Rose

I was participating in my own lynching, but the problem was I didn’t know what I was being lynched for. — William Westmoreland

I love you all too much, it’s one of just of my problems. — Herve Villechaize

You will only be remembered for two things: the problems you solve or the ones you create. — Mike Murdock

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