Promises Kept

Living in New York teaches you two things.

One, bad shit happens.

Two, the city that never sleeps may be filled with people that don’t sleep, but some of them sure do sleep around.

I like taking late-night walks. You get to look around and learn a lot about people.

A woman takes her wedding ring off before walking into a bar. What’s her story?

Flyers of a lost dog named Max are taped to trees and the doors of stores. Did he escape from his abusive owners?

An old man sleeping beside the staircase of a train station, groaning in pain and mumbling to himself in his sleep. What’s his story?

A man writing about his observations and thoughts openly. What’s my story? Well, when you’ve been through bad things in life, you have two options. You can keep denying it, or you can do something about it. I chose to do something about it; I decided it was time for me to step into the light, out of darkness.

Something I’ve learned over the last few years is that successful people follow one powerful philosophy; now or never. The more time you take thinking and planning something out, that’s all it ever really becomes; it turns into something you eventually talk yourself out of.

Our brains are wired to stay alive, just as they are wired to want to succeed and not fail. You have to keep that in mind and act quickly. Remember that your brain will always try to justify its reason to give up on something or not try something in fear of failure. That’s your brain’s job, after all, to keep you safe.

Remember that you can be more than what you once were by taking risks, taking chances. It may not work out, but it will change you regardless. Life is a lot like learning to ride a bike. You know you’re going to fall off, but the beauty about learning to ride a bike is that you can eventually take yourself to new destinations.

Life pushes you so far, sometimes, that you end up crossing the line and becoming the villain of your own life’s story. The issue here is that in life, you don’t always know where that line is, you don’t realize when you’ve crossed it.

What I’m trying to say is that if you wait long enough, if you let it, you’re going to end up being your own worst enemy, your own critic. If you want to do something, do it now. Let your failures teach you something and let your winnings show you your potential.

Make a promise to yourself tonight to do one thing you’re scared of doing each day, even if you fail. Write about it, and see what happens. You may surprise yourself.

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