Psychosocial and the right to work in mental health!

I have always been streetwise and instinctual towards public notions and communication in my negotiation skills. I have excellent writing skills and advanced research abilities in Psychology. Now, I have achieved academic success of an honorary partial Masters degree of a BA(open)/BSc component of Social Sciences attended to: Psychology and Business studies. My second year of study involved Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Conditioning techniques (B.L.P).

I also have Oxford and Cambridge Recognition’s in Information Technology are part of myself re-entering study in 2001.

The Honorary Degree is of the highest order achievable in the Social Sciences for Business Studies and Evolutionary Psychology. I own several Blog and interactive sites: such as Linkedin, G+ and Facebook. Take a look at my website. It will show you exactly what I can achieve for You, your Business or Group/Company. It is completely Self built with attention of knowledge and common sense. You can find the website at the end of my profile. It involves unique studies into how Tardive Dyskinesia from medicament can cause inner psychosis and confabulation.

These achieved states includes Self-help (S.B.A) of high achievement in research for the Social Sciences, but includes Neuro Psychology of the body/brain barrier such as Dopamine and other Nutraceutical vitamin supplements.

Three excellently written E-books, two are my streetwise knowledge. For you I can prepare and publish your E-books. This is via conversion to all the major eReader devices on an international basis. I have comprehensive conversion software that can adapt a manuscript document giving you an international command in the E-book market.

The third academic E-book sample explains how the Taste/smell of Coffee affects the Medulla Oblongata (brain) via inner/outer Psychosocial situations. This is how ‘Homeostatic’ Script (Erving Goffman) causes Adaptation’s in Globalism. So writing at academic levels has already been attained. I can prepare blogs from these unique works into the cause of Tardive Dyskinesia caused by medicament. Little is known by American MD’s and U.K GP’s of the latter symptoms of the medicament induced state of an Abnormal to be Normal!

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