46+ Best The Punisher Quotes: Exclusive Selection

The series revolves around Frank Castle, who uses lethal methods to fight crime as the vigilante “The Punisher“, with Jon Bernthal reprising the role from Daredevil. Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah, Jason R. Moore, and Deborah Ann Woll also star. Profoundly inspirational Punisher quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous The Punisher Quotes

We are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is. We’re just fighting not to be alone. — Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll)

All the things that I’d done. Memories, they never hurt me. The past is more than memories. It’s the devil you sold your soul to. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

I’m not gonna let you die today. Dying’s easy. You’re gonna learn about pain. You’re gonna learn about loss. Every morning I look for ’em, Bill. I look for ’em but then I remember. It’s gonna be the same for you. When you look at your ugly, mangled face, you’re gonna remember what you did. You’ll remember, Bill. You’re gonna remember me! —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

I leave this as a declaration of intent so no one will be confused. Number one: Sic vis pacem, para bellum. Latin. The boot-camp sergeant made us recite it like a prayer. Sic vis pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war.

When we first started this, it wasn’t about the dead, it was about the living. —  David Lieberman / Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach)

Afghanistan is the simplest place in the world, once you stop trying to change it. —  Billy Russo (Ben Barnes)

Their laughter dies out all over the world. They know. They laugh at the law. The rich ones who buy it and twist it to their whims. The other ones, who have nothing to lose. Who don’t care about themselves, or other people. All the ones who think they’re above the law, or outside it, or beyond it. They know all the law is good for is to keep good people in line. And they all laugh. They laugh at the law. But they don’t laugh at me.

There are always more guys. Somebody always wants to get paid. —  Billy Russo (Ben Barnes)

If you’re gonna look at yourself, really look in the mirror, you gotta admit who you are. But not just to yourself, you gotta admit it to everybody else. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

The only way to get by in this world is to step off it for a while. —  Billy Russo (Ben Barnes)

If you’re guilty, you’re dead.

Stay in any war long enough, it’ll get dirty. —  Billy Russo (Ben Barnes)

punisher quotes

I hope he remembers everything. So that when I stand in front of him, he knows I played my part. —  Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah)

You have to do whatever it takes to take care of the people you love. —  David Lieberman / Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach)

The only way out is to find something that you care about. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

Sometimes I think the only way to get by this world is to step off it for a while. — Billy Russo

Badass Punisher quotes  number Just some guys who are about to walk into a diner for the last time.

Shit is a lot easier when you can kill people. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

You shouldn’t play with knives.

Make Castle DEAD! I don’t care what it takes, what it costs. Call the Russian.

I still talk to God sometimes, I ask him if what I’m doing is right or wrong, I’m still waiting for an answer, and until I get one, I’ll be waiting, watching, THE GUILTY WILL BE PUNISHED!

If you beat a dog long enough, it goes crazy. Doesn’t matter how good it was before. After that happens, the dog that you knew is never coming back. —  Billy Russo (Ben Barnes)

There’s nothing like a nice smile to let them know you give a shit. — Billy Russo

Pain. You can get used to pain, Lieberman. You can adjust to it. You can adjust to pretty much anything. Just as long as there’s routine, right? Routine. Human mind, it craves it. Needs it. But if you take that away, that’s when you start to lose your shit. When you take away day and night and food. No water, no patterns. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

You decide someone deserves to be gone, and b/ang, they’re gone. No second thoughts, no qualms, no conscience. And then on you go, happy and safe on your… I guess at least borderline psychopathic, merry way. — Dina Madani

Nobody wants to be themselves anymore. Internet, social media, goddamn talent shows for assholes… Everybody wants to be somebody else. Nobody is happy just to look at themselves in the mirror, see themselves. —  Curtis Hoyle (Jason R. Moore)

I caught a glimpse of heaven once. The Angels showed me. The idea was I’d kill for them. Clean up their mistakes on Earth. Eventually redeem myself.Tried it. Didn’t like it. Told them where to stick it. So they brought me up to heaven, to see what I’d be missing. A wife. A son. A daughter. I hadn’t seen them since they bled out in my arms. Then I was cast down.Back to a world of killers. Rapists. Psychos. Perverts. A brand new evil every minute, spewed out as fast as men can think them up. A world where pitching a criminal dwarf off a skyscraper to tell his fellow scum you’re back is a sane and rational act. The angels thought it would be hell for me.(Said dwarf hits the ground with a splat)But they were wrong.Welcome Back, Frank. Says New York City.

Remember it is ruin to run from a fight, so take open order, lie down and sit tight and wait for support like a soldier. Wait, wait, wait like a soldier. — Lewis Wilson

People think that torture is pain. It’s not pain. It’s time. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

There are worse things than dying, Bill. I wake up most mornings and I want it. I hope for it. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

Believe it or not, I actually care what happens to you, which makes precisely one of us. —  Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll)

Close the club. Bring everyone in. We’re going hunting.

Happy is a kick in the balls waiting to happen. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal

Maybe I am going to hell. I sent many deserving criminal souls to their doom. I have no regrets. They’ll be waiting for me. When I arrive, they’ll wish they’d sent me to heaven.

The only crime in a war is to lose. —  Billy Russo (Ben Barnes)

I just I wanted to be with them. But that day, we went to that park, and the kids were too old for that stupid carousel, but that day they just laughed, you know? They were laughing. We were all laughing like idiots. And then And that laughter, it stuck with me, you know? After I lost them, it would just It would echo, you know? It was over and over. And it wasn’t just in my dreams. It was, like It was in my heart, you know? And I just I wanted to hold onto it. I wanted to live in it and just hear that laughter, but thing is, I can’t hear it anymore. It’s all I had. It’s gone. — Frank Castle

When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains, And the women come out to cut up what remains, just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your God like a soldier. Go, go, go like a soldier. — Lewis Wilson

I’ve studied you… as I study everyone I might have to meet in combat. I anticipated your actions. I could put the next bullet between your eyes. I’d rather not. You’re not evil… merely soft. Stupid.

Pissed off beats scared every time. —  Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal)

You sit here and you’re all confused about this thing but you have it. You have everything. So hold on to it. Use two hands. And never let go.

Some of us get to have the family life and some of us get to protect it. —  Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah)

Soldiers can’t question legality or morality in the moment. That’s a way to get yourself killed. — Billy Russo (Ben Barnes)

You hit them and they get back up, I hit them and they stay down

You just point and shoot. There’s no safety. If you run out of bullets, it probably means we’re both dead. — Frank Castle

Frank, you can’t just kill people when you feel like it. — Dina Madani

How we deal with disappointments is what decides the person we are. —  Farah Madani (Shohreh Aghdashloo)