54+ Best Puzzle Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational puzzle quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

Famous Puzzle Quotes

Each episode is going to have a number of puzzles for viewers to solve, and there are six or seven different subplots swirling around. It’s really going to be something that rewards the attentive and patient viewer. — Wentworth Miller

If your job all day is disallowing insurance claims, you can still spend an evening playing games with your friends, and you can be faced with threats and puzzles that are far more exciting than anything you’ve ever imagined facing at work. — Michael A. Stackpole

I think when I started to write ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ that I had that kind of thing in mind – the notion of having to be able to solve puzzles and riddles because enormous stakes rode upon your ability to do that. — Trenton Lee Stewart

What puzzles me is the way that some of the smaller, unknown chateaux imagine that because Chinese millionaires pay ludicrous sums for the great names, they can overcharge for their own inferior fluids. There is no trickledown effect in wine prices. — Simon Hoggart

It really puzzles me. We get our hits with runners in scoring position, but they’re not driving in runs. — Lloyd McClendon

Nothing puzzles me more than time and space; and yet nothing troubles me less — Charles Lamb

I have a really hard time connecting to music that doesn’t feel like I’m somehow solving a puzzle that applies to my life. — Andrew McMahon

Im going to be eighty soon, and I guess the one thing that puzzles me most is how quick it got here. — Roy Acuff

A doctor has a stethoscope up to a man’s chest. The man asks Doc, how do I stand? The doctor says That’s what puzzles me! — Henry Youngman

Nothing puzzles God. — Chinua Achebe

He puzzled those who knew him and worked with him, and who often disagreed violently about his merits and abilities. He puzzles us. No man’s mind is so hard to enter and dwell within. — J. J. Johnson

It puzzled me that other people hadn’t found out, too. God was gone. We were younger. We had reached past him. Why couldn’t they see it? It still puzzles me. — Frances Farmer

I am for Gov. George W. Bush, but it puzzles me greatly that they haven’t employed what you would refer to as your thermonuclear weapon, — Ken Duberstein

She’s always been a very sweet girl. It puzzles me why there is so much animosity around this girl. I don’t know. I think people are jealous. — Tom Moffett

But that the dread of something after death, the undiscovered country from who bourn no traveler returns, puzzles the will and makes us rather bear those ills we have than to fly to others that we know not of? — William Shakespeare

It is really a puzzle what drives one to take one’s work so devilishly seriously. — Albert Einstein

You don’t see the symptoms, and that’s one of the puzzles of the moment. — Neal Soss

Most of the places I’ve been, I’ve been a main piece of the puzzle. — Eric Davis

Math, it’s a puzzle to me. I love figuring out puzzles. — Maya Lin

Golf is a puzzle without an answer. — Gary Player

We are always looking for ways to add fun and an element of discovery to our customers’ personal Starbucks experiences. Whether solving the puzzles alone, or with someone whose company they enjoy, the next six weeks should be a lot of fun for Starbucks customers. — Brad Stevens

It’s the people we love the most who can make us feel the gladdest … and the maddest! Love and anger are such a puzzle! — Fred Rogers

Why are cancer patients so hard to buy for? This question always puzzles me. When people are healthy, things are so simple, including gift buying. A jaunt to the local mall or a day in front of the TV watching QVC can be just enough for all the loved ones on your list. — Jenna Morasca

It keeps your mind active. Puzzles are good for your mental health and for fighting Alzheimer’s. — Nancy Frazier

I’m that sensitive, honest guy who likes people, wants to know why, and who puzzles everyone by continually putting himself in harm’s way. — Poe Ballantine

I don’t really understand why everybody doesn’t want to direct. It’s an absolutely fascinating combination of skills required and puzzles set on every possible level, emotional and practical and technical. It calls upon such a wide variety of skills. I find it completely absorbing. — Hugh Laurie

I’ll never get why the earth is a puzzle that i’ll never fit. — Kid Cudi

Endless puzzles made up on the spot, all fresh and original. — Wayne Gould

Whilst I love still hiding… games and puzzles to play, I’m not as imprisoned by that need to fill every corner with detail. — Graeme Base

Getting old? … I don’t believe it. I mean, possibly, but I don’t think so. I mean, I know I came in the same shape and have worked hard and haven’t slacked off. That’s what puzzles me. I’m not quite sure what led to this. — Jason Hanson

Tell the truth so as to puzzle and confound your adversaries. — Henry Wotton

The print material that are being distributed at parties and social events have been extensively tested for the appeal of the adolescent market, including the Jamaican cartoons and parenting crossword puzzles and word games, — Elizabeth Ward

We’ve questioned everyone we could, ran down every lead, and we still have no answers. What can we do? There are pieces of these puzzles missing, and we just don’t have them yet. — Frank Garcia

Why are people afraid of ghosts? ‘Ooh, no, I wouldn’t want to see one! I’d be too scared’ – accompanied by a tremolo of fear in the voice – is the common reaction. This puzzles me. I’d think anyone would welcome he opportunity. I’ve never heard of a ghost hurting anybody. — Dick Cavett

The problems of puzzles are very near the problems of life, our whole life is solving puzzles. If you are hungry, you have to find something to eat. But everyday problems are very mixed – they’re not clear. The Cube’s problem depends just on you. You can solve it independently. But to find happiness in life, you’re not independent. That’s the only big difference. — Erno Rubik

Life isn’t a puzzle to be solved. It’s an adventure to be savored. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Love your enemy. It will not only puzzle him, But finally illumine him. — Sri Chinmoy

If I wasn’t a writer, I would probably be a watchmaker. I like putting puzzles together, and that is what a watch is, figuring out how all the gears and everything else works together. I’m patient and good at focusing on a single task. — Karin Slaughter

Sometimes we go to the playground and play together, or work puzzles together. We also work on her ABCs. She is also learning my language (Arabic). — Dr. Alsharif

Looking back, it puzzles me that my parents decided to stay in Shanghai when they must have known that war was imminent. But the cotton works were my father’s responsibility, and duty then counted for something. — J. G. Ballard

A cat is like a puzzle with no solution. — Anne Campbell

For example, some boulders seem to have just disintegrated on the surface. We’ve also seen that some of the fine surface material moves downhill, filling low areas and creating flat surfaces in craters, even with Eros’ low gravity. These are big puzzles and we need to get a better look. — Joseph Veverka

I think these days an SF connection would be a boost to other books; I’m sure more people have read my two little detective puzzles because of the SF connection. — John Sladek

We don’t bring anything that puzzles anybody. I don’t think you can look over a six-game stretch and say this is why we won or lost. To me, it comes down to making a play. I thought our goaltending saved us. — Mike Hastings

If you’re successful doing genealogy, there’s a necessity to be organized. I also love working jigsaw puzzles and our genealogy is a great big jigsaw puzzle. And buy a computer with lots of memory. — Bonnie Brothers

The Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge is an exciting opportunity for me to share my lifelong passion of puzzles in a new, interactive way. Whether you’re a seasoned crossword enthusiast or new to the game, this contest offers something for every level of puzzler. — Will Shortz

It sometimes puzzles me that so many people want to manage a football club, … But fortunately that is the case. — Gordon McDougall

The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle. — Richard Dawkins

Directing is the best job going. I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t want to direct. It’s an absolutely fascinating combination of skills required and puzzles set on every level – emotional and practical and technical. It calls up on such a wide variety of skills. I find it completely absorbing. I just love the whole process. — Hugh Laurie

Where nothing in a person’s earlier years lends itself to an old age devoted to continuing intellectual and physical pursuits, a late-life interest in Tolstoy or even crossword puzzles is unlikely to appear, no matter the urging by well-intentioned social workers or people like me who write books about it. — Sherwin B. Nuland

To me, families are puzzles that take a lifetime to work out – or not, as often is the case – and I like to explore how people within them try to connect, be it through love, duty, or circumstance. — Khaled Hosseini

I don’t think there is a hidden purpose to the universe that you have to puzzle out. — Robert Fulghum

He’s extremely intelligent. Things just click with him, whether you’re talking about crossword puzzles or football. He’s the type of guy that can skip class for three weeks, then go in on the day of the test and do well. — Jeff Backus

People love solving puzzles, and you always love it when somebody smarter than you is solving puzzles. — Rebecca Eaton

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