Qualities of a Good Man: What To Look For In A Guy

After terrible experiences, most women have asked themselves this question, what are the qualities of a good man?

Ever been in an toxic relationship?

As in, nothing moves him. He didn’t just break your heart but shattered it.

Or perhaps you have had no luck at all with the relationship stuff. You have gone to several relationship mentorship programs yet nothing worked for you.

Then after long consideration, you decided to give it another chance, but only this time you are looking for peace of mind.

You have a number of men seeking after you, but you want to understand the right qualities that will help you avoid heartbreak. Moreover, you want to know signs he’s husband material.

You have heard people try to describe the qualities of a good man, but you are finding it difficult to patch things together.

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Bets Qualities of a Good Man

What Actually Makes a Man Good?

Now we’re going to go through the 12 best qualities of a good man, keeping in mind what an average woman wants in a relationship.

  1. Honesty

The first attribute of a good man is honesty. He tells it as it is.

Honesty establishes trust. I mean, if they are not honest, how can you trust them in the first place?

Honest men hardly cheat in a relationship. They are open-minded and straightforward; hence they find it difficult to cheat.

Honest men will choose integrity before other things. They know how to build trust in a relationship. So, they have peace of mind, and they give their partners peace of mind.

It is healthy to date an honest man.

  1. Attentiveness

Men that pay attention to details are good at heart. They don’t look down on people.

They have been proven to care more than others. They are detailed and understanding.

They make great partners once in a relationship. Their attitude towards their partner can mend past hurts.

They also help in building self-esteem. They make their partners feel special and needed.

They are reliable and always ready to pick you up when you are down. When necessary, they would give up their comfort for yours.

Some of them are sometimes broken and may need attention as well to keep them from total breakdown.

  1. Respect

Respect shows maturity.

Respectful men understand that you have an opinion. They communicate properly, that is, they don’t use signs and expect you to understand.

They see their partner as a soul to be loved, and not an object to be used.

They would listen to your contributions and consider them carefully, even when they think your ideas are wired.

And when they disagree, they disagree respectfully.

They won’t try to coarse you into believing the same thing they do if that is not what you want, that is, they may suggest ideas but won’t push your boundaries.

  1. Self-confidence

Confident men are secured, and sure of their abilities.

They are rated better than those that feel arrogant. Hence, self-confidence is seen as good quality.

Self-confidence is what makes a man walk up to a woman of his dream to express his feelings.

Confident men know their strength. They fight their way up.

When they fall in love, it is genuine. And they have a positive influence on their partner.

They are born motivators, bold and fighters, they fight for their spouse.

When you get into trouble, you are sure they are coming to rescue you.

  1. Passion

Passionate men are more enduring, curious, and when they love they love truly.

They are mostly misunderstood due to their inquisitive nature which is seen as desperation and weakness.

Their commitment to a relationship is total. They can offer limitless sacrifice to make their woman feel happy and loved.

They believe their spouse is their queen and treat her as such.

They don’t back down easily once they see a woman they love. They believe in fighting for love. You would be amazed at what they are ready to endure to finally win your heart.

Passionate men are open to communication, they share secrets with their lover, and they trust easily.

Passionate men are a gold mine.

  1. Support

Men that can support you can stand for you.

They assist you emotionally, physically, financially, and so on. They provide words of encouragement and ensure your well-being. Also, this is what makes a man attractive.

Their happiness is seeing their woman happy and healthy.

They are builders, relationship builders. They make you feel at home knowing that someone has your back.

They work to see your dream come true. Most of them are purposeful, and they always see the future from the start.

Supportive men are generally known as being selfless, they may sometimes forgo dreams to help achieve yours.

  1. Generous

Generous men have a heart of gold. They give without expecting anything in return.

The first thing that comes to mind with these men is that they are selfless.

They are generous with their time, materials, love, and everything so far they believe in you and your dreams. Or so far they love you.

Their commitment, in most cases, is reciprocated by their spouse, hence making their relationship grow in love.

Generous men would nurture and bring out the best in you, something you never knew existed.

They help achieve more than you could ever have achieved.

  1. Faithful

Faithful men are always conscious; like they can avoid taking heavy drinks with friends if they think their spouse would doubt their loyalty.

This set of men keep to their promise.

They don’t womanize. They won’t hurt their spouse deliberately. If they think they may have hurt their spouse, they retract immediately and apologize.

Most faithful men have boundaries. This makes them one most disciplined set of gentlemen.

Their commitment to their spouse is carved on solid rock.

They persevere through tribulations with a strong will and sticking to their vows.

  1. Romantic

Another attribute of a good man is being romantic.

A romantic man showers his partner affection daily, the way they call you, talk to you, chat you, text you, the way they look at you, their passionate kiss, their special care, attention, and so on.

Romantic men ask and care about you, and how you feel.

They know the best romantic names for girlfriend that will make them feel loved.

They send love text and good morning message for a lover to make you feel special.

They also show affection through their actions and gestures.

They can be romantic through the gifts they offer to their woman.

They know what will make their spouse’s day. Something she has been longing for.

These romantic men put a lot of work building their relationship, and if they get lucky, their significant other will appreciate and eventually replicate the same measure of romantic lifestyle to appease them.

  1. Sense of humor

Every man needs a bit of some sense of humor.

Having a good sense of humor makes a man more desirable by his lover.

These men may not be comedians but can twist words to get people to cheer up.

People that find them funny stick around them.

  1. Humility

Humility makes people more accessible.

Humble men are easy to work with or to understand. They stand out as they are not compelled to egotistical show of power and material possessions but by reason.

They are down to earth. They go out of their way to help others.

When they fall in love, they put in a great deal of work, humbling themselves to show concern to their woman.

They are open and would willingly share secrets. They would also share their weaknesses and are never afraid to ask for your help if they need to.

They never take credits for your achievements but respect you for them.

They accept their wrongs, duly apologize for them, and try to make an amendment.

Humble men won’t let their relationship suffer for their mistakes but would do all they can to fix things beforehand.

They heed even unsolicited advice so far it is more compelling.

They say those words that most people find difficult to say like, I’m sorry, thank you, it is my fault, et cetera, once they believe they are at fault.

  1. Morality

Men possessing high moral values are humble, faithful, attentive, supportive, generous, respectful, just, et cetera.

Their actions are not centered on what they would get but what they believe which is rooted in moral principles.

Most men of faith are committed to their wives because they believe that that’s right.

In fairness, men with high moral principles commit more to their spouse than those without.


For you to determine the good men from the not too good ones, you must, first of all, ask and answer questions like why do you need a man to be good?

Have you been hurt by dishonest men or was it the unfaithful ones that hurt you? Was it a trust that was lacking in your past relationship?

Maybe you want a courageous, supportive, respectful or passionate type of man? Do you like generous men?

Would you rather go for romantic ones first? Or you would choose morality over every other?

Or maybe you need all of these qualities in a good man.

Answers to those questions should guide you to who you should be talking to.

What other qualities do you think I failed to mention? What are your past experiences? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Qualities of a Good Man