88+ Best Ralph Lauren Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Ralph Lauren KBE, pronounced LAW-ren, (né Lifshitz; born October 14, 1939) is an American fashion designer, philanthropist, and billionaire businessman, best known for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. Profoundly inspirational Ralph Lauren quotes will encourage growth in life, make you wiser and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Ralph Lauren Quotes

My dreams are my work. I design out of the things that I love. — Ralph Lauren

More than ever I’m proud to be an American, to live in a country that respects the rights of all to marry whomever they love. The Supreme Court decision gives new meaning to the freedoms we cherish. — Ralph Lauren

Fashion is transient, trends come and go. I believe in style, not fashion. — Ralph Lauren

We all have to fight to maintain our unique style and taste in a world that would have us conform. — Ralph Lauren

I have always been inspired by the dream of America-families in the country, weathered trucks and farmhouses; sailing off the coast of Maine; following dirt roads in an old wood-paneled station wagon; a convertible filled with young college kids sporting crew cuts and sweatshirts and frayed sneakers. — Ralph Lauren

I’ve always been about style for people, not ‘You’re going to wear this outfit,’… It was the way you put yourself together and the imagination, not buying this number off the rack, but the way you wear it — Ralph Lauren

I have always done what I love myself. My philosophy was that I never had focus groups. I did what I wear. — Ralph Lauren

Black is not as good as Purple. — Ralph Lauren

I like romance, I like glamour and I like realism. I think that’s a great combination. — Ralph Lauren

I am not looking like Armani today and somebody else tomorrow. I look like Ralph Lauren. And my goal is to constantly move in fashion and move in style without giving up what I am. — Ralph Lauren

Cars are like children: It’s hard to say that any one is more special than the other. There are little things about each car that you come to love, whether it’s the look, the steering wheel, the way it drives, or even the way it drives differently when you put the top up. They all have identities; they have spirits and characteristics that are truly endearing in some way. — Ralph Lauren

I believe in style, not fashion. — Ralph Lauren

It’s the kind of clothes that mothers and daughters can wear, in terms of concept… It’s not about age. It’s about taste, and it’s about lifestyle. I believe women of all ages can wear anything. — Ralph Lauren

I’ve always admired a woman who can dress for all occasions-someo ne who’s not fashion crazy,but you always want to look like her. — Ralph Lauren

Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Thomas Edison I don’t design clothes, I design dreams. — Ralph Lauren

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you. — Ralph Lauren

He is a class act and I have the most respect and admiration for him. We are both friends and business partners. If the U.S. was looking for another president and Roger were available, I’d pick him. — Ralph Lauren

The clothes that I design and everything I’ve done is about life and how people live and how they want to live and how they dream they’ll live. That’s what I do. — Ralph Lauren

I think I’m very fortunate to be born in America. And lucky to be able to have lived and had the opportunity to do what I want to do. — Ralph Lauren

There is a way of living that has a certain grace and beauty. It is not a constant race for what is next, rather, an appreciation of that which has come before. There is a depth and quality of experience that is lived and felt, a recognition of what is truly meaningful. These are the feelings I would like my work to inspire. This is the quality of life that I believe in. — Ralph Lauren

Love the fun of clothes, not the status of fashion. — Ralph Lauren

I don’t like it when a woman looks like a fashion victim. — Ralph Lauren

I try to design into a world that is constantly moving, and moving me. — Ralph Lauren

Some women think that if the look this season is minis, they have to wear minis. If you don’t have great legs, there are plenty of alternatives. — Ralph Lauren

I like magazines. I love to look at a magazine. But the magazines have got to get better. Everything pushes someone else to get better. So the Internet pushes the magazines. — Ralph Lauren

The fabrics, whether it be hand-painted prints at the end, or whether it be new knits and stretch fabrics … sort of make the whole world. — Ralph Lauren

We are pleased with our performance in the quarter, given the challenging economic environment, … We continue to strive to be an innovator in the industry by constantly updating our products and merchandise as we seek new customers, while remaining faithful to the traditional Polo customer. This strategy, balanced with sound business practices in a competitive marketplace, is what built Polo Ralph Lauren and made it a leader for three decades, and this strategy will take us into the next decade. — Ralph Lauren

I wanted to show the dimension and the international image of my work. — Ralph Lauren

I’m interested in longevity, timelessness, style – not fashion. — Ralph Lauren

I don’t think women should look like costumes. I don’t think they should look like fashion victims. I think these (clothes) are for women that want to look sexy. They want to look smart. — Ralph Lauren

There is a short length that I’m doing … and I’m doing some cropped pants and some long dresses and long skirts at the same time, — Ralph Lauren

It’s sport utility done in a dressed-up way, — Ralph Lauren

I think the people who work with me are people who love style themselves. I’m leaving the office and they’re still working. They’re passionate. — Ralph Lauren

Fashion is a function of lifestyle, and style a function of quality, integrity and timelessness. — Ralph Lauren

I have had a lot of good things happen, but I’ve also had a lot of terrible things happen. — Ralph Lauren

When I create a collection, I approach it with a cinematic point of view-I am not designing clothes, I’m creating a world. — Ralph Lauren

As I started to buy cars, I didn’t know that I was building a collection. I just wanted the cars I was dreaming about. Once you drive a good one, it is like having a fever. — Ralph Lauren

Breast cancer is not just a woman’s issue – it affects all of us: the brothers, husbands, fathers, children and friends. — Ralph Lauren

My father was an artist. When life was harder and he couldn’t get jobs, he painted houses, but he was artistic. When I went to see his work, it was special. Somewhere along the line, I felt I was special. I didn’t know why. — Ralph Lauren

We all get report cards in many different ways, but the real excitement of what you’re doing is in the doing of it. It’s not what you’re gonna get in the end – it’s not the final curtain – it’s really in the doing it, and loving what you’re doing. — Ralph Lauren

Some days I have a knot in my stomach because I’ve got to sit down and come up with something in womenswear that no one else came up with. — Ralph Lauren

I am constantly drawing inspiration from everything I see-the places I travel, the people I know and the movies I see. — Ralph Lauren

When you think of the blur of all the brands that are out there, the ones you believe in and the ones you remember, like Chanel and Armani, are the ones that stand for something. Fashion is about establishing an image that consumers can adapt to their own individuality. And it’s an image that can change, that can evolve. It doesn’t reinvent itself every two years. — Ralph Lauren

When friends enter a home, they sense its personality and character, the family’s style of living – these elements make a house come alive with a sense of identity, a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and warmth , declaring: This is how we are; this is how we live. — Ralph Lauren

We’re making a major move of the Internet, and runway.polo.com is a natural extension of both polo.com and our collection business. — Ralph Lauren

For me, style is about quality, integrity and timelessness. It is free of trends but always feels fresh and new. — Ralph Lauren

Glamour is an attitude-it’s the expression of a certain kind of confidence. A glamorous woman is always elegant, but she also possesses an air of mystery and excitement. She’s dramatic-almost untouchable. — Ralph Lauren

You have to create something from nothing. — Ralph Lauren

I think the accessories look very modern and very exciting. These big earrings, these big hoops. I think the girls are sort of falling in love with… collars, neck collars. — Ralph Lauren

People ask how can a Jewish kid from the Bronx do preppy clothes? Does it have to do with class and money? It has to do with dreams. — Ralph Lauren

What’s interesting about fashion is it’s a world, and I think that’s what I’ve done – I’ve made a contribution and I think I’ve built a world. The world is beyond just clothes. Taste and style is beyond clothes. It’s in food; it’s in quality. — Ralph Lauren

The key to longevity is to keep doing what you do better than anyone else. We work real hard at that. It’s about getting your message out to the consumer. It’s about getting their trust, but also getting them excited, again and again. My clothes.. the clothes we make for the runway.. aren’t concepts. They go into stores. Our stores. Thankfully, we have lots of them. — Ralph Lauren

My life has been a dream. If someone had to write a story about it, it would seem a little unreal. It’s the kind of story I would read and say, ‘Nah, that’s not possible.’ — Ralph Lauren

It’s easier to follow fashion than it is to have personal style. — Ralph Lauren

I’m a fan of people that have quality, that do what they do and that are not into the showbiz. — Ralph Lauren

I started in the men’s business, so I always sort of have a touch of menswear in terms of where I’m going, … And I think one of the sexiest looks for women, instead of wearing a low cut thing, sometimes a man’s suit is more. — Ralph Lauren

They know they’re going to look beautiful, and I don’t think women should look like costumes. They shouldn’t look like fashion victims. — Ralph Lauren

Enjoy your family. Do things that you like to do. Stay strong. That’s the secret to remaining happy. — Ralph Lauren

I’m designing what I want. If it’s a man’s coat with a pair of skinny-leg jeans, I’ll do that. It’s whatever my mood is. But it’s about style, and it’s about an understated taste that’s cool. — Ralph Lauren

I have always loved things that are timeless and get better with age. — Ralph Lauren

Success isn’t based on ‘look what I can do!’ but more on an inner sense of self and believing you have something to say in your own consistent way. And I think we all have to fight to maintain our unique style and taste in a world that would have us conform. — Ralph Lauren

For me accessories create and define a woman’s personal style. The bag she carries, the watch on her wrist, her jewelry, her sunglasses, her shoes all define a look that is her signature. For Spring 2014, my accessory collections are about a clean, graphic boldness creating a new dimension redefining modern classics. — Ralph Lauren

I don’t design clothes, I design dreams. — Ralph Lauren

I have always been drawn to the beauty of things designed to function. Mixing technical pieces with more traditional prints and patterns creates not only a quality experience, but a look that is unique, and for me, very exciting. — Ralph Lauren

I don’t like the word [‘classic’]. It makes you think we didn’t do any work. — Ralph Lauren

I believe one can live many lives through personal style. Every day is an occasion to reinvent yourself — Ralph Lauren

I can drive a certain car one day with great pleasure, and the next day I’ll be disappointed that the experience isn’t as good as the day before. These cars have moods that change with the weather, or with the driver’s own moods. — Ralph Lauren

The best thing you can do is go away from this saying, ‘I can do this too,’ because it’s all possible and I’m living proof. — Ralph Lauren

I have a vision for living. It’s about elements of style. It’s about all the things that I love, that I believe in. — Ralph Lauren

My day is pretty much busy. I do 15 million things in the course of a day. I’m holding up I think. I don’t know how I look, but I think I’m holding up. — Ralph Lauren

I went to my boss, and I said, ‘Look, I’d like to design these ties because I think they could be new.’ He said, ‘The world isn’t ready for Ralph Lauren.’ I never forgot that because… I thought that was a compliment. — Ralph Lauren

Our kitchen is warm; it’s who we are. And it has everything. Honestly, I could get rid of the rest of the house and just live in the kitchen. — Ralph Lauren

Books open windows to the world and have the power to transform lives. — Ralph Lauren

Personal style is about taking a risk, trying something unexpected, and having fun with fashion, but always being true to yourself. — Ralph Lauren

I exercise at the gym with a trainer. I feel it’s very healthy, very important – important for everybody. I feel it’s good for you. It makes you feel better. It loosens you up a little bit. — Ralph Lauren

I went through the extremes of amazing notoriety and also the dreaded things that you never thought you’d have to live through. Not everything works the way you want it to, but if I sit back and think, ‘Am I happy about this?’ Yeah. I wouldn’t have done anything any better. — Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream. We were the innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle. — Ralph Lauren

I think where we are in our time right now, everything has gotten homogenized, (and) I felt that the sort of self- expression was very important. — Ralph Lauren

I don’t think I’m the gift of the world – I just do what I do, and I love it and I’ve been lucky. — Ralph Lauren

Personal style is about a sense of yourself, a sense of what you believe in and wearing what you like. — Ralph Lauren

I’ve never wanted to be in fashion. Because if you’re in fashion, you’re going to be out of fashion. — Ralph Lauren

Each day is an occasion to reinvent ourselves — Ralph Lauren

What I do is about living. It’s about living the best life you can and enjoying the fullness of the life around you- from what you wear, to the way you live, to the way you love. — Ralph Lauren

I was very influenced by movies; I was very influenced by a world that had a sense of dream. — Ralph Lauren

My wife Ricky is my muse. Her personal style and natural beauty have always been my inspiration. — Ralph Lauren

Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever. — Ralph Lauren

I never went to fashion school. I didn’t know what a designer was. I knew I had something, but I didn’t know what it was. And it could just have easily been nothing. — Ralph Lauren

Every time I design clothes, I’m making a movie. — Ralph Lauren

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