A rather chatty introduction

Greetings lovely readers of BayArt

I got an amazing opportunity to share my thoughts with you on this blog amongst these wonderful people and I am truly honored. I hope you will enjoy my posts as much as I will enjoy to write them for you. I hope with time I will become your helper, your healer but mostly your friend.

This is the first post I posted on my blog and since I am new here I want to share this introduction with all of you.

Since I am a Newbie here I gave a slight thought on how should I make my first impression here. We all know  first impressions are so important and they stay rooted in our mind for quite a long time. But I came up with nothing. Nothing but storm of ideas, thoughts and words squished together.  And well there you go, that is my whirlpool of a brain and that whirlpool is constantly spinning and dragging along more thoughts every passing second.  That is one advantage of having an anxiety, you constantly think and calculate everything. Therefore I am comforting my somewhat damaged mental health with an idea of my own. The most creative people have anxiety…so if you are one of them, well congrats to you cause by my theory you are one amongst most creative people.

Since I touched that topic, I want to give you a slight glance into my notebook of ideas and topics ready for this blog ( whilst I type this that shinning notebook sits looking rather so marvelously empty on my desk ) but no worries my mind is ready but my hand was just too lazy to write it on paper.

One recurring topic will most defiantly be mental health, I have been through quite a lot and when I needed help, the professionals that were there to help did nothing but sit my but on that chair and ask questions such as : „Are you okay?“, „Why do you feel like that?“, „Don’t be so harsh on yourself, sweetie.” And they would end that amazing beneficial session with a good old: „Its all going to be okay.“


After all that therapy was that I was just another name in their computer, another butt on their chairs, another zero on their paycheck. I am not saying that all of the therapists are like that but mine were. They were doing it for money and money in my opinion splashes mud most things in life. Honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful to those therapists. When I came to my therapist the last time, she was talking to her fellow worker about where she will go on her holiday. I understood that I am not going to waste another minute of my life there. I spotted how the sun peaked through old black windows. I understood that life awaits for me out there, not here. I am in control of what I see. What I feel and what my thoughts are. I can sit here, locked amongst these cold plain walls. Constantly spin around my problems or, I can accept them go outside feel the warm sun on my skin. Look at the colorful trees and see how my thoughts change. So I want to help you, be here for you and tell you that you can help yourself. You are the king in your head, you are the ruler. Therefor If you can be the destroyer and damage yourself. You can for sure be the healer and fix every crack, because you know where that crack is hiding.

To end this post I will say : Talk to the sun about your problems and it will warm and mend your wounds, talk to the trees about them and they will whisper the truth.

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  1. Welcome! It’s good to have you here. I also post about mental health issues and personal growth, so we already have something in common. 😀


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